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Total mayhem!

Tonight CCP ran a public stresstest on the new cluster. Some issues were found but after a while the cluster seemed to run very good.

It was total mayhem in oursalert, rens and jita which in total had more than 1600 players at peak!

I think it's mostly clientside lag left now.

My mega did get a dent.. (it actually survived this strike and I warped out but with 50% structure)
2006.02.20 02:24:52combatKurenin [EVOL]<BOB>(Revelation) strikes you perfectly, wrecking for 8222.8 damage.


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Lag Fest on :

LOL... I got pwned by carriers last night =(. Those fighters aren't healthy for mah Luvboat.

Suladriel on :

OMG, wtf did Kurenin hit you with?

Elfaen on :

Great fun, and I want your ship setup. You kept beating me on damage.

Xenios Alfar on :

Well, if you look at the ship type, its obviously a Dread gun that did that. Mmmmm retrofits inty to harbor a dreadgun = Roflpwned ;-p

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