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Psychotic carebears

A friend of mine shot someone down and got this thrown at him:
I'm not afraid name and shaming such people and it shows what kind of behaviour will surface at one type of carebears.

The log can be found in the extended story, but will not be shown on front site.
porano > Why did shoot me you fucking pirate?!
porano > Just to piss me off asshole?
porano > I don't even remember who shot me
porano > What if i petit for whoever shot me pissing me off
porano > If you will kill me i'll come to your house and kill you motherfu**er
porano > I'll kill you in real life
porano > I'll come to your house and i'll slaughter your nerdie little face with my butcher knife
porano > Then i'll watch you crawl and dying
porano > Then i'll take your eyes out
porano > And when you'll scream, i'll laugh so hard
porano > But i won't let you die just yet
porano > I'll first break every arm in your body
porano > Make you scream harder, making it a slow painful death
porano > And i'll laugh even more
porano > And then you die nerdie and i'll be happy
porano > You seem like a fat, gay, american kalbin
porano > When i'll come i'll cut you stomach too
porano > Nobody likes you, you are a nerd and a nobody, you are stupid, you put your lives into eve, you don't have any money
porano > And unless you drop you glasses and get out there get a girlfriend a job, move out of your mom's house, then maybe you can make like 100ISK (eve money loooser)
porano > I pay for this game and because of people like you who kill me and all my merchendise i have to start all over again and it's a pain in the ass that i don't even bother and i stop playing, it's like i paid for nothing
porano > When you start making me waste money in real life because you sorry ass are bored that is when i start getting really pissed off
porano > i swear i'll kill you one day in the real life
porano > Even if it will be the last thing i will do
porano > Before i go to jai
porano > You better start locking the door
[ 2006.02.26 21:17:43 ] porano > You better tell you mother and father to watch out
porano > You are infesting this game with your pathetic behaviour
porano > Yeah the knife and i'm coming over
porano > Tell me how old are you, 40? fat? unemployed?
porano > I'm sure all of you are losers, putting glasses and disband of sociaty
porano > You seamen is of very low quality <<<----- WTF!!!
porano > Someone should have cut your balles while they had the chance
porano > Well i'm off you can stay here and waste your life in eve you sore losers
porano > That if you bug me one more time
porano > Just one more
porano > I'll kill you and your whole family. And i'm resourceful and i'll find out where you live
porano > I'm sure people are beating him at school
porano > I am not going
porano > To waste another minute with you losers
porano > Bye


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Anonymous on :

lol, just lol

Anti-Pirate Dude on :

I hate pirates too.. but that was nuts, I really hope your buddy petitioned that guy for harrasment

Swethren on :

I hope you reported this guys, this takes smack to a new level and should not be tolerated, IRL death threats are nothing to joke about.

tails52 on :

Aye, i'd be sure to report it to the proper authorities and get this silly little carebear all shook up when the police come to his house. :-)

Kotori on :

LOL. Beats ne threat ive ever been given... grats ^^. Bet you had a nice laugh out of that :-P. I dare you to go kill him agen, see wot kinda smack you get this time. Hate generalising idiots that think were all 40 year old fat guys with no life who live with our parents still :-).

Anonymous on :

1) roflmao

2) hope you did report him, if they ban him it might be better for his mental health

3) wrote his name down just in case he doesnt get banned, should I encounter him, I'll be sure to kill him and tell him "Smile, you're on" Others are encouraged to do the same, of course ;-)

Gray on :

What system was it? I'd love to pod him and say "Name and Shame -, fag"

Imuran on :

Im a carebear at heart but was in system when both conversations took place. This guy was WELL out or order and have to say the members of the corp this was aimed at behaved with great dignaty and restraint. Salute!

Cutie Anja on :

Awesome! Though I'd still petition him and supply the log file.

What did you blow up? A frigate?

I'm a Carebear myself, but getting blown up is part of the game. The tutorial of this game clearly states to never fly a ship you can't afford to lose.

Though the suggested repeated ganking of him is bad behavior for a pirate. Once you blow someone up or ransom them, at least give them time to regain their wealth. It's not worth your time otherwise.

Kreemy on :

Gratz! What a great chatlog.

That chatlog is worth more than 100 million isk, in my book. Better than any ransom.

I love internet tough guys; I hope porano moves to essence so I can get me a piece!

PikeyUK on :

Shocking reading, repeated ganking maybe not the answer but i'm sure he just made himself a target for everyone who read that. If for nothing else but to laugh my arse off at his next rant.

So very ironic, a Eve player saying "then maybe you can make like 100ISK (eve money loooser)" when his entire rant is built around losing the stuff lol, does that make him less than a loser?

Sufice to say he earnt himself a mark on my bad list ;-)

Lady Ariness on :


Ajora Palazzo on :

haha whaaaaaaaaaaat
this right here is worth at least 1bil. better than any ransom for sure.

Pyrostasis on :

I would love to see this guys expresion when he logs in today, Im sure he will have several very interesting eve mails to read.

Spathi on :

Heheh I log in to find him in my home system again. (The chat log was from me btw). I will post the latest edition from porano later.

We offered him the chance to pay to escape. Cost: 1bil :-D Obviously he wont pay and we dont really want him to pay (hence the price).

Dirlewanger on :

He talks like a psycopath. Report him, this can't be tolerated anywhere.
If you ransom his ass you'll just teach him to hide it better.
Damn it, just how many real life sickos find their way here?
Somehow I can really see him on the other side, busting ass and smacktalking the victims - except he writes dumb. Wouldn't become effective nor be accepted by a decent crew.

Amun_ra1 on :

porano > Tell me how old are you, 40? fat? unemployed?

thats the funniest thig yet!

Fey on :

Interesting... porano is clearly not an American and probably isn't from Western Europe either. His set of insults comes from a non-Western culture -- Arabic, maybe? He says "fat, gay, american kalbin" -- kalb means dog in Arabic, a traditional insult.

Which system does he live in..?

Ant on :

Amazingly he still exists! Apparently he's a member of the Merchant Marines. Anyone know where he hangs out?

Alteer on :

Sounds like petitioning him would be for his own benefit. He says he is wasting real life money playing Eve and loosing; well a petition would get him a ban then he wouldnt have to spend said cash anymore :-)

Sirnobody on :

Woulda been funny if you told him to go out and find a job and quit wasting his time yelling at players smart enough to only use ships that can be replaced.

Simeon Antrates on :

OMG .... and I thought PhantomMenace was had an unhleathy obsession about our Corp!! This beats the biscuit lol

Ghostwish on :

Wow. I'm a carebear too, but next time I spot this fudger, I'm definately taking a few shots at his brow.

lightfoote on :

thats nuts. i would report his ass to ccp for harasment. those kind of threats are serious...especially today. ive gotten a few nasty locals and mails... but thats insane. this guy belongs in a padded cell with a special white jacket. talk about nucking futs

Gedscho on :

Im a bit lazy to read the EULA ... but there got to be rules like "if you do shit like this, we have to report you to the police".
which - in my opinion - should really be done.
especially when someone goes like "im making clear this is an RL threat" over and over again.

Hawk Pryde on :

Wow I almost cant believe he said all this without any response from the person he was saying this too. Even I would have to say something back at him. Where are the responses to his banter?

Bent Boner on :

That was hilarious, I hope he's not in a npc corp so that I can dec his ass and get a similar response. It's goat farmers like these that make the game worth the $15 bucks a month. My only compliant w/ this read is why didn't ur friend respond in the end? Woulda been great to see how much more hate u could milked outta this guy lol.

Klaus Lehmann on :

porano > I'll first break every arm in your body

After two that sounds kind of hard

Outingyou on :

As long as game names are open season here, I'd like to add that Ashley Sky and Wynona stay docked until they find a vulnerable carebear and it's their sole purpose to humiliate and destroy those who they deem UNworthy. It's the only time they engage. And, I have it on reliable authority that Wynona is actually an unemployed, middle-aged man who has been living in his grandmother's basement. So Wynona's comment; "I actually have a real life with real interaction (take that you monitor tanned losers)!" is actually his wishful thinking. I would suggest that for angered carebears, that rather than getting violently miffed, (like Porano), that they learn how to get even, and target these head cases with nothing better to do when they finally undock, and obliterate them. You might be waiting for awhile...but wouldn't it be worth it? Kind of like finding a cure for cancer. The research takes forever, but you'll be a hero when you find the cure.

emma on :

Awww did da widdle piewat get scared?

What, did you expect to say thanks and offer to suck your 1inch dick?

DGB on :

I cracked up at
"I'll first break every arm in your body"

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