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Smackers united?

00:01:26] Commander Nikolas > To every Snigg member in local. This is by and far more disgraceful then saving Gingers POS. I guess when Verone left he really did take Sniggs ighting spirit with him
[00:02:34] Commander Nikolas > *** have a long history of breaking ransoms, logging off during PvP, and every other disgrace act that alt pirate corps commit.
[00:03:09] Commander Nikolas > What happened to your integrity? The days when you used to kill pirates who broke ransoms? ... What happened to you...
[00:03:17] Commander Nikolas >
I am done now

We didnt bother to respond. sigh But yes, smacktalk is bloody annoying.
And then he died...


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Swethren on :

Double post?

Ander on :

Yes, fixed now.

Commander Nikolas on :

It is interesting how you call that "smack". Esspecially since none of you would admit in local you enlisted the help of a pirate alt corp to fight us when Shamis was online.

The pirate alt corp that Snigg contacted for help was Knights of Chaos. I used their ticker in my original post which apparently was *ed out.

Ander on :

well, two reasons I edited it out.
1, you wrote the wrong ticker.
2, they werent contacted by us. They contacted us and kindly asked to be allowed to join in and shoot at you guys without getting shot at by us temporarily.

Spathi on :

Commander Nik likes to find a conspiracy in everything. Some of them are quite entertaining too.

Lady Ariness on :

I was convo'd by people in Knights of Chaos asking if Snigg wanted their help. I told them to contact Shamis. Shamis told us we won't be 'allying' anyone and we'll deal with you and your corp on our own. As far as I'm concerned, that was the way it was kept. If they decided to attack you, it certainly wasn't due to anything Snigg have said or done.

You Wish :P on :

Thats why Contraband, Broken Dreams, Knights of Chaos and Sniggerdly all banded together was it? So that Snigg could do it themselves? ;-)

Xenios Alfar on :

lol. glad to see your war with snigg is going well Commander ;-)

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