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Dishonesty among carebears, common?

Today I heard an interesting story where RHN had invited an Interstellar Corporate Alliance (ICA) member to an 1vs1.
They accepted but once the fight was off, they brought in 6 other people and jumped the Royal Higerian Navy member.

Dishonourable? Call it what you will, but I think it is.

If you agree to a 1vs1, you keep your promise no matter what.
Trustworthiness is all in EVE, without it you're worth no more than a 10k NPC rat.


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Renegade L. on :

I agree entirely with Ander on this subject. 1 on 1 encounters that are agreed upon by both sides STAY one on one........In my eyes this is a serious breach of dishonor!!!

NightfallGemini on :

Not just dishonorable, downright pathetic.

Malka Badi'a on :

Honor? Last I checked I was a murderer, not here to collect badges and respect. Even still, the acceptance of a 1v1 is nothing more than a matter of semantical argument. Allow me an example:

Local: omfg 1v1 me
murderer: Meet me at planet 1
Local: lol gunna pwn you noob
Local: omfg there r 125 of u
murderer: I never agreed to a 1v1, you simply obeyed my command.

Semantics, semantics, semantics. I'll reserve the honor for those that need the ISK and need the respect, for lies and deceit are the backbones of evil. Something I openly embrace.

Lurker on :

Good to know ;-)
If jou ever manage to jump on me I'll be sure not to pay ransom Malka.

Malka Badi'a on :

Good thing I don't ransom ;-) I go straight for the kill.

Vegas Gold on :

I agree with Ander and Malka. If you are going against an even opponent (such as same time in game +/- a couple of weeks), and you gang gank him: you are worthless. However, if you are going against a far greater opponent, then you can use whatever means you have available.

Kahor on :

If both player agreed to a duel, and if this is true (proof my friends), the word should spread around a bit and the names be released so those of us that still want to maintain a decent level of 'honor' can track the trickers.

Scanning, hunting and killing someone at a belt (or even gate camping) is a lot different than gaining trust from someone, and betraying him.

Quoting from a popular comic, 'to take damage from someone you trust, betrayal is the deepest wound of all' and shouldn't be left unpunished in my opinion.

Swethren on :

I tend to agree with both sides actually.

Lets think about this a real lifr perspective and roleplaying as well. In real life, if you challange someone to a 1v1 in what ever, and then you bring 5 mates and kill the guy... he's never going to be able to tell someone you didn't keep your end of the bargin and being a bad guy, I don't think you really care about honour and stuff

On the otherhand, this isn't real life and it's a game and you should honour your agreements. I agree that the persons name should be spread around, in fact...

Ander in the air of this, and the knowing how you feel about this and pirates taking ransom then killing. I suggest we create a sticky in the forums with all the pirates names that are not to be trusted under any circumstance...

Malka Badi'a on :

My question still remains: Why should I care about honor, ingame? I don't need my victims respect or for them to know I'm "trust worthy". I'm not here to ransom. I'm not here to make deals. I'm here to destroy their ship and that is all they need to know.

What good then is your crusades of honor and marking those for death who do not care about the same lines as you? You warn people that we are untrust worthy, so we continue killing them anyway. You come to hunt us because we give piracy a bad name, but we will continue cloning and playing the game as we see fit. It is better, far better, to keep your own values and morales to yourself, because in my line of work they have no place or use.

Lurker on :

I find #7's suggestion a very good idea.

Don't try it in the official EVE boards though, everyone will abuse such a thread to make his "foes" look bad.

Lurker on :

Malka Badi'a on :

And by "hunting" me and others, something I highly doubt possible due to mobility and skill, is going to give you a better name? Please, explain to me how everyone is going to start trusting "honorable pirates" again just because they are killing griefers and murderers?

The entire galaxy is suddenly going to forgive you and say "Wonderful job! Wow! I'll let you ransom me anytime!"? I don't think so.

People are slowly, but surely, starting to realise the profit in killing everything in their path. Ransom or not, it is far easier and quicker to vaporize someone and hide than it is to ransom, wait, continually ping the scanner, hope he pays, and then hide.

Those who want a better name for piracy are in the wrong game, for piracy has never been about honor and "keeping your word", as far back as Zombie and m0o.

Zethe on :

Malka is right, we pirate to plunder on the innocent, if i pirate choose's to honour an agreement upon ransom and does uphold his word then i suppose that pirate is "honorable" to an extent but that word does not attach itself to all pirates. There are other pirates who simply prefer to kill, from what Malka was saying i think he would prefer to just kill his adversary rather than ransom him as it takes less time and effort. For the pirates who ransom then kill afterwards they are not "dishonourable" as they never had honour to start with they are just people who exploit the game to its full extent, as i am a pirate myself i cannot call these people "evil" or "dishonourable" as i hold no moral high ground.

The simple fact is we are pirates, we kill, plunder and ransom the innocent to make a profit, how we do this is up to ourselves.


Lurker on :

Nah, I don't think killing you will give pirates a good name all of a sudden. In fact I wouldn't even want that. Being liked I mean.

Killing you would just feel good because you do something I don't like.
If there is another aspect to it (as people willing to trust in pirates to honor ransoms) then that's a welcome bonus.

Malka Badi'a on :

Then bring your dreams of insanity to me and I'll deliver you a quick release from such unrealist ideals of "feeling good".

Anonymous on :

CounterStrike in space, indeed ;-)

"I owns joo"

Swethren on :

Malka, I see your point to your very right in your points, but one thing you haven't touched is how your actions effect your fellow pirates and how others will then percieve them

For instance, you are challanged to a 1v1 at a planet, you accept. You warp to the planet the and the fight starts, you have the guy scram'ed so you call in some buddies to finish of the job. This player now doens't have a very good perception of pirates keeping thier words. So when another pirate player comes along to challange or ransom, that player is going to tell the pirate to stuff off, cause pirates are dishonrable and if he pays he's going to get killed anyway.

So by all means, go about being dishonest, its with in the game and your rights to do so, but be warned, that eventually, you will have you fellow pirates looking for you...

Malka Badi'a on :

-but be warned, that eventually, you will have you fellow pirates looking for you...-

Bring it. Bring your ships, bring your ISK, and bring your spirit so I can crush all three. You are pirates not royal princes, act like it. The day EVE needs an honorable pirate is the day the Amarr decides that slavery is the work of the devil.

Swethren on :

Btw, I see the forum section has been created, thank Ander :-)

Anonymous on :

Malka, that's just up to us if we think those kind of behavior is tolerated or not, we decide for a little community if cheap betrayal as such have become ok or not.

If not, we then need to enforce our opinion with post like those on board visited by many peoples, giving us an impact on the community. (pirates and others). If the word spread around, maybe it won't become ok anymore to break their words without counterparts.

If you do not agree with our opinion and think this kind of behaviour is ok, feel free to use the same tricks, and maybe suffer the consequences (I don't know).

Haiyooo on :

HAHHAHA he got his arse kicked and he whines!!

It was me who ganked the ganker!

PS I dont ransom either :-P

Ander on :

Once you lose trustworthiness you wont regain it easily.
I doubt people outside ICA would ever trust you =)
and I dont think you'd be welcome if you break 1vs1's anywhere else.

Carebear ;-)

Dano on :

I have to say, If you agree to a 1v1 and you have some level of professionalism or respect you really should stick to it.

Its about as gay as ransoming and killing the guy after.

Comanche26 on :

um... well in defence RHN do the same thing. They even let the NPC rats take shots at us first lol.

Say what you like... but RHN don't desurve to live. End of.

requiescat on :

say what you will, but when we're out hunting, you're the ones who bring a dozen and a half guys in battleships and maybe a noob or two in a cruiser or something, and camp us into a station for an hour. you make us out to be bad people... the way i see it, we're just... liberating ships and other valuable items from slutbag dictators like haiyooo (who recently resigned).

go hop in your procurers and tell yourself everything is alright, wannabe pirates

Comanche26 on :

You can talk! DEFECT ALERT!!!!!
At least, we don't switch sides... we stick our guns, and if any defects come accross our path... they shall die to ICA hands.

Also, haiyooo resigned out of good will.


req on :


son, i dunno if you could ever hope to kill me :-)

dead guy on :

I've had 2 bad experiences with this... the first was mostly my fault, the second, too

I invited a 1v1, stop shooting at structure... I found myself webbed, and outnumber by severals HAC's...

The second, I was invited to a 1v1, I declined, citing my previous experience... he said he wasnt a jerk, he would kill me...

At least he had the honor to blow me up by himself, and not brining in reinforcements

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