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Snigg - The Comic Strip #1 & #2

Snigg -

Comments, suggestions and critics are welcomed.

Mulla Nasrudin


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OrangeAfroMan on :

Hey wheres the comic showing all their stabs? =p

teh shaz on :

needs more smack talking

Xardrix on :

Haha, I remember that Frieghter. We actually held him alive at 2% hull for 10 minutes before he logged back on...

Just to logoff again.


mulla on :

A week later, the freighter pilot convo'd me:

JIraiya Mitsukashi > oh u forgot u blew up my obelsik already!!!???
mulla nasrudin > oh
JIraiya Mitsukashi > its cool
mulla nasrudin > that was you
JIraiya Mitsukashi > i got another
mulla nasrudin > why didn't you talk in convo?
JIraiya Mitsukashi > i thought i could log out
JIraiya Mitsukashi > but that didnt work

mulla on :

Please post some nice comments on the actual comic (site

I only received insults from angry people, it isn't really encouraging.


felnick on :

that was great freighter kill i laughed my ass off for a while over that one

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