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Reminder from Stora ( Source:

Where else will you get a fully equipped Cerberus?

Or one of many other booty bags containing: a Zealot, an Ishtar, an Eagle, a Tempest, a Raven, a Navy Slicer, a Navy Comet, a Skiff, a Flycatcher, a Ferox, an Oneiros or - our amazing BOOBIE PRIZE (!) a Cormorant

Well, you can - on SATURDAY 6th MAY @ 19:00 EGT (Eve Game Time) if you arrive on time for DJ stora's 2nd DJ Birthday Party. Everyone is warmly welcome to take part.

ps: We can now add an eris and a hound to the booty bags!


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Speed Devil on :

me wants a thrasher :-(

GruFF on :

hmmm, just listening to this eve-radio replay. Just thinking, it's so cheesy it actually embarrass' ME just listening to it. Not worth staying in on a saturday night for :-\

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