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KoS alliance members plays the log-off tactics

Okay, I'd consider logging off at a safespot when camped into a system alright. But logging off at first sight of enemy is plain shameful.
I was shooting at this guy called Sean Dillon who is a member of Shadows of the dead [S O D] in KoS alliance.

I'd think using these kind of tactics wasnt low enough, even for a KoS-member. But I suppose I was wrong.
This day when I locked him and started shooting him I got through his shields in no-time. And he was soon into half-structure when he suddenly disappeared. I thought it couldn't be that quick to kill him, I was right.

He had logged off at the sight of me and I had managed to shoot him into strucuture but he had logged off before I got my first shot off.

This was infact the same guy that had logged off when he warped straight into our warp disruption bubble. He was part of the KoS ganksquad we had caught inside a system.

Distasteful and shameful!

A couple minutes later he logs back on and I see his ship warping back to the gate. But I can't lock it. It was impossible to do anything to his ship and it soon warps off again. Just like our first encounter when he warped to our warp-bubble.
He had logged off.

I've sent a letter to his CEO with a complaint and demand for punishment, and I suppose I will soon find out if their whole corporation are dishonourable fighters.

(I forgot to add my demand to be allowed to pod 15 nubile virgins.. *sigh*)

Oh and remember, logging off to save your ship is shameful. But it's still alright by CCP since they cant prove that you didnt log-off to save your ship. Hopefully if more people complain about this, they will change it.

Log-entry: 2006.07.12 22:47:24 combat Your 200mm Railgun II hits Sean Dillon [S O D]<KOS>(Caracal), doing 71.0 damage.


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Not pathetic on :

How pathetic of him

JonGuilliantane on :

I don't think it was any more pathetic than flying around to go 'pirating'.

Does CCP actually say logging off is abusing the game system/is it a bannable offense?

Ander on :

If you dont like pirating.. well, how's "PVP" then?

This guy was part of a squad which entered our system. They were driven off, and he logged during the first skirmish our two forces had.

Karn Caranthyr on :

:/ Sucks to be in his corp right now. When the serve ris back up i'll be having a little moan at him.

Not all of us are dishonourable, just some are complete morons.

freaky on :

Did you not have him scrammed? I always thought as long as you had them scrambled, they wouldn't just warp out after they logged.

My old computer would freeze sometimes when playing. One time I started to kill a guy and we had both scrammed each other and my computer froze. I logged back in and my ship was still engaged in battle with his and I actually ended up winning the fight.

I've had people log out when I engage them but I still get a kill because they are scrammed and cant warp out. Then when they log back in they convo me asking how I could kill them when they logged out just as we started fighting.

Of course I could be wrong about it, but I always thought, if you're scrammed prior to logging out, then you're stuck.

Ander on :

If they log before the scrammer goes on the PVP-timer wont activate. I was alone and couldnt dish out enough dmg to kill him in 30seconds with my ship before he dissapeared from space.

freaky on :

Ah got ya. That makes sense to me.

Cov on :

Many people that use that to avoid death, one guy did it 4times the same day, we had his shield down and still it was impossible to stop him..

chisla on :

What's pathetic about it if he doesn't want to PvP anyone? Seems like the smart thing to do.

Etherael on :

So if you hate PVP and don't want to have to deal with griefing pirates, just log out when they come firing and you're golden?

Please confirm anyone?

Oh, and sucks to be you, I'm amused that you're whining about this. Nevertheless, thanks for the tip.

Ander on :

Well, most likely pirates will still blow you up before the ship disappears. If you're in a freighter, the ship will most likely be killed within 30 seconds if they got a couple of battleships.

Etherael on :

So, so long as you can survive for 30 seconds you're ok? Seems fair for someone totally uninterested in anything to do with pirates or pvp'ers at all, seeing as they weren't going to pay a ransom they didn't have or even bother trying to fight back, I'll be adopting it as a tactic from here on in and just tanking up as heavily as I can to last that long.

Shadoo on :

First of all apologies for KOS member performing an apparent logoff in combat.

We try to teach our new PVPers of the tactics that you should not perform, even though the game mechanics today allow this along with logon traps and myriad other "tricks".

Perhaps as a lame excuse -- KOS members are well used to fighting against tactics like these, given the hostiles we have in the area... thus it's unfortunate that some of our members learn them from the enemies they fight against.

Please, do not hesitate to report such instances to me personally via EVE-mail from KOS pilots and I will make sure I'll personally educate the person in question.

For now, I believe you have been offered 10 exotic dancers to "sacrifice" in a mannor you'd prefer, just let us know the delivery details :-).

Personally, I consider logging off a lame tactic no matter what the circumstanses are. If you're stuck in a system and you're boxed in by the group you came to hunt -- imho it's very bad mannor to logoff even in a deep SS... You went there and got caught by the other gang outmanouvering... so now make your exit as well!

I've yet to perform such a manouver, even when stuck and I hope I never will...

Anon on :

Perhaps you guys need a life or similar, but sometimes when you're trying to get somewhere, and some deadshit pirate who has nothing better to do starts to chase, its about the only thing to do to save your ship. How about you rethink your stance and wonder why you're so pathetic as to go after someone thats not putting up a fight? You're fairly sad losers if you go after anything that moves, great challenge there. Why not concentrate on someone putting up a fight, or are you too pathetic to do that?

techwood on :

totally agree anon if i was after pvp i would go looking for it and i would have a ship thats rigged for pvp. i get pissed about so called pirates that have nothing else to do but sit in gangs by gates and roid belts waiting for some noob or trader to pass by. there is a lot more to eve than playing like a twat. i will from now on if ambushed SWITCH OFF.

Dasfry on :

The log off tactic isn't new to MMO's, a lot of games get this.

it is something difficult to ban, because there are players that simply get disconnected often, due to have poor internet connections where they live.

In your point of view he did it on purpose. But did you bother to find out if he wasn't simply disconnected?

I'm not defending the log off tactic, but i would not want to get banned because i happen to get disconnected at the wrong time either.

Neil on :

hilarious. in a game that espouses it's 'darwinian' inspiration you still have people trying to tell you what's right or wrong.

thanks for trying to take the moral highground though. heheh. classic. i was furious at a wardec til i thought this one over. in eve i have no right to tell anybody that logging out is not a valid tactic, in the same way nobody has any right to tell me that holding pod's for ransom and taking cash hard earned over a period of time is any worse.

at the end of the day there is no right or wrong in this game, or good or bad. and they have gotten that part of their darwinian inspiration spot on.

Njord on :

In a legitimate fleet- or 1on1 duel, I'd probably despise logging off or ppl who do - for sportsmanship. If my adversary deserves the kill, he should get it, just like I. Even if ganged by WTs.. thats life!

But if there are any(!) means to avoid being wasted by noob ganking, gate camping cowardly pieces of crap like you so-called "pirates", the hell I will use them, and encourage everyone to. (including methods that are illegitimate in game mechanics, such as logoffski or even actually illegal, such as logging YOU off :-P )

Thanks for the kind advice!

Njord on :

I just realised how outdated the whole post is.


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