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Skills dont always equal kills

I like to steal ore. I steal from everyone from macroers to large player corps. I even war dec some corps I think are ripe for the picking. This time however the tables were turned on me.

I awoke earlier in the week and logged into Nexa for a bit. I see my mailbox is flashing. Hmm...hopefully more hatemail from admirers. It was not to be so. It was a letter from Concord informing me I had been war dec'd by Trade and Research Technology, call sign TAART.

I search through my killmails as they don't ring a bell. I see no kills to their corp. Hmmm...they're based in Baviasi though. I remember them now. There was one of their members mining and I stole ore from them. They never said a word, they just kept mining. I even sat and waited out the timer each time I stole and no one came to defend and still, not a word was spoken. Usually I get an evemail from the person or their CEO calling me names and offering plenty of threats. Not this time. They mean business.

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So I do a bit of research. They have 18 members. I manage to track down about half of them through recon. All pilots are a year old or more. Most are 2 years old or more. This could be trouble.

A few days go by and it's relatively quiet. I see a few of them in local, but never actually run into any of them. I spot them in a Megathron and a few AF's. Definitely not something a almost 4 month old pilot could handle on their own. I don't surrender though. I can stand a few losses and I would like a little fun to be had.

So this morning I log in and see that one of their members is on, Shunned One. He's in the same station as me too. Hmm, I wonder if they fancy a tango with me. I undock and see them in their Apocalypse. I am in my Dominix. I had scanned all of local before undocking so he looked to be alone, and none of his other corpmates were showing logged in.

As soon as I undock I see him and the pulsating waves of his sensor booster eminating from his ship. I proceed to lock him and the dance begins. I unshackle my drones to do my dirty work as I dish out a hefty serving of some ECM goodness.

Looks like he is using heavy pulses and some hammerhead drones as his weapons of choice. At first he takes the lead. His lasers munch my shield like a fat ass on a Whopper(tm) at Burger King(c). He's got me down to 80% armor and I am barely into his shields at this point. It's not looking good.

Suddenly it looks like he has turned his drones at my drones hoping to murder my many mean minute mates. Alliteration FTW again! It didn't help him worth a lick. His armor was dropping fast now as my own was holding firm at 60%+.

Sure enough I reached the peak of Mount Victory and planted my flag firmly in my opponents arse. I prayed to the space gods that he would be disoriented from the loss and not warp his pod out fast enough. His nubby pod eluded me though. Oh well. At least I might have some decent lootage to console myself with. I quickly transfer his can to my cargo hold. I could see a heavy laser and 2 1600mm plates. Not too bad. I dock and empty my cargo into the hangar. Totally crap loot really. No t2 items, no named gear. Bah!

They were a good opponent though, and great sportsmanship. Congratulations were offered back and forth in local. I convoed the pilot, which turns out was a she, and we talked for a bit. No cyber though. She said if I wrote a letter of apology to their CEO and reimbursed their losses, they would probably stop the war dec. I declined of course and wished her a merry day.

So next time you see that way older pilot in their big bad ship, don't be afraid to give it a go. You might get lucky.

2006.07.20 12:59

Victim: Shunned One
Alliance: None
Corp: Trade and Research Technologies
Destroyed: Apocalypse
System: Tash-Murkon Prime
Security: 0.8

Involved parties:

Name: Nexa Necis (laid the final blow)
Security: -0.1
Alliance: None
Corp: The Really Awesome Players
Ship: Dominix
Weapon: Berserker I

Destroyed items:

Dual Heavy Modal Pulse Laser I
Dual-sheathed Adaptive Nano Plating I
N-Type EM Hardener I
Heavy 'Ghoul' Energy Siphon I
Heavy 'Ghoul' Energy Siphon I
Dual Heavy Afocal Pulse Maser I
Dual Heavy Pulse Laser I
N-Type Kinetic Hardener I
LiF Fueled I Booster Rockets
Hammerhead I (Drone Bay)
Gamma L, Qty: 5 (Cargo)
Heavy Nosferatu I
Multifrequency L
Multifrequency L
Multifrequency L


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patoff on :

always love your story, im into little ore stealing operation too ill try to do a little story this weekend!

Rasitiln on :

I know Tarrt use to order cyclones from them they do good work. To bad they dont pvp as well as they build

freaky on :

The war has ended and the final tally was I blew up one of their Apocs, and stole some ore, and they chased me in vain and blew up a few cans of ore I had stolen from people.

It was fun as it added a certain element to the game where I had to constantly be on the lookout for them.

The last full day of the war they all surrounded me in a system with a Vexor, Scorpion, Arbitrator, Ferox and a Cov Ops, but they weren't able to catch me though. They just killed a few cargo cans.

The good thing is I ran across a few other corps that would benefit from me war dec'ing them. Hopefully I will have some good stories to post from those wars.

aquontium on :

hmm. what a sucky apoc setup. she should read a ship setup thread -

dominoes for the win!

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