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Attention carebears! Do not shoot pirates at the gates! :)

So once again I was peacefully traveling through the systems when someone tried to shoot at me.
Now, one may think he'd have a good chance if he was in a heavy battleship. Instead this guy is in a thorax and shoots at a non-outlaw pirate.

Needless to say, the thorax got shot down and I was 2 alpha hull expanders richer.

So a short guide:

A pirate with Yellow or transparent box.
DO NOT SHOOT! Sentries will shoot you.

A pirate with Red flashing box.
You may shoot, but you'll probably end up dead anyhow if you dont have backup.


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Kerm on :

Hehehe thats pretty funny. I have no clue what she was thinking doing that. One reason i can think of is that her overview was bugged and showed you as flagged.

Still, even if you had of been flagged and it was legal for her, a Thorax Vs a Domininx? Dont think so.

have2laugh on :

heh heh, must have been something in the water yesterday, someone tried to gank my geddon at a gate with a destroyer, go figure lol

Psychobrain on :

Ssshhh don't talk about this secret.

The pvp versus a pirate.. engaded by a carebear is not so a rat in a belt.. or a level 4 :-)

So.. dear carebear.. don't engage pirates .. but... let be engage and prey God and think to prepare money for ramson :-))))


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