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Ferox Shield tank

This is my setup for my PvP Ferox

High Slots: x5 Markuth Heavy Missile Launchers, 2 Medium Nosferatus
Medium Slots: x4 Large Azeotropic Ward Salubrity Shield Extenders, 1 Warp Disruptor I
Low Slots: x2 Warp Core Stabilizer Is, x2 Shield Rechargers
Drones: 1 med and 3 lights.

This is an awesome Shield tank with over 11700 shield points. With the recharge rate increased this is a tough nut to crack. This was my setup when taking down a pirate Ishkur with tech 2 fittings and tech 2 drones. Your drone compliment can vary.

Cleared ofr publication by: Ander


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Hawk Pryde on :

I made a mistake on the shield extenders I use. They are actually x4 F-S9 Regolith Shield Inductions. I just wanted to clarify.

yuckyduck on :

Lose the WCS and get 2 ballistic controls. Otherwise good setup.

Anonymous on :

lose the stabs i agree what are you a carebear most pvper`s i know dont use stabs

happyapples on :

interesting setup - i wonder though, would it be worth it to sub a web for one of the extenders? it would seem like you need to rely on your opponent's bad decisionmaking to kill anything faster than you.

Hawk Pryde on :

Actually thats whats good about having drones but even against the Ishkur i was able to hit for about 60 damage with each missile. I used the drones to take out 3 of his drones then sent thedrones after him which gave a me the advantage. Also I found out last night this setup does not work against a Minmatar Munnin. The player used tech2 drones and other tech2 weapons. I waited too long to warp away and I could not break his armor tank. Just an FYI dont assume the pic of the ship is what you think. Read the description. I would never have stayed as long as i did if i had read it. He ended up with a couple mil in shield extenders but not much else.

Gottschalk Ridenhour on :

Do a search for 'shield power relay' and I think you'll find what he ment.

And yes, this setup and modifications of it thereof can be quite good defensively.

Shagoh0d on :

What about fitting one or two assault launchers for the smaller sig radius ships?

And BCU's instead of WCS's will make a decent difference as well.

kirklandio on :

passive - over 110 recharge / s.
nerfs cap.. but thats what a ferox dosnt need.
5 X malkuth - 1 med nos, 1 small
1 invuln, 4 x shield ex 2
4 X shield power relay 2.
13.2k shield, amazing passive tank, jus lacks dps, enjoy.

kirklandio on :

that is t1 sprs, t2 dont exist + this is a gang ship, not solo piracy.

Marak on :

Nice setup, but as you're using a passive tank, I would recommend switching out at least one of those nos's for an energy neutralizer. And as the others said, definitely use bcu's unless you can't stand not being able to jet when you're losing. Otherwise, very nice job.

Zanaraxtarus on :

Try a BlOx instead...
Blaster Ferox is great for solo PvP

And run your Ferox as a resist-tank (in other words, worry more about things to kill the other guy than about things to give you more shields)
Use the ship bonuses (Ferox gets + to resistences; that frees up slots to fit webs, scrams, and prop mods instead of extenders)

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