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INCIDENT RESOLVED! Previous report of pirates that didnt honour a ransom is now resolved.

This incident has been resolved, "teh darkside" has pledged to honour ransoms and the player has gotten his isk back.
It seems as third-party member of the piracy squad refused orders and shot even though asked to cease fire.
In this case "teh darkside" corporation has not done anything wrong, possibly returned the isk with a little delay. But it's been done in a good fashion.

Here follows a short conversation with a representative from "teh darkside" and an explenation for the incident.

[01:28:42] ApophisXP >
[01:28:43] Ander > hi there
[01:28:47] Ander > how can I aid you?
[01:29:01] Ander > Ah yes
[01:29:03] Ander > teh darkside
[01:29:09] ApophisXP > i see your post on your site
[01:29:17] ApophisXP > which i read quite often
[01:29:36] Ander > Yes. I've a few reports that
some members were letting another corp do the actuall
[01:30:28] ApophisXP > nope we where all 3
engaging at first. we demanded a set ransom price and
the guy agreed. assoon as we recieved the isk we
ceased fire however golden boy didnt
[01:30:42] ApophisXP > after warning him several
[01:30:51] Ander > alright. Was the isk returned in
timely fashion?
[01:30:55] ApophisXP > also stated that if he did
pop the guy that we wouldnt be able to ransom ever
[01:31:27] ApophisXP > ransom wasnt returned earliy
but was returned
[01:31:33] Ander > Yes it's a problem, Im taking very
seriously on common incidents since I'm trying to help
piracy become a prestique profession.
[01:31:37] Ander > Alright. That is good.
[01:31:47] Ander > What was the reason you didnt
return the ransom rightaway?
[01:32:11] ApophisXP > we got chased about by his
corp after which inturn lost a ceptor or two lol
[01:33:00] Ander > Still you know as well as I that
pirates should honor ransoms. If you accidently kill the
prey, always return the isk. (At least that's the way Im
living after)
[01:33:26] ApophisXP > thats the way i wouldlike it
too...and i appologized to him for such a mess
[01:33:42] Ander > Very well. Which player was this
[01:33:50] Ander > I'll put a resolve status and post
an updated post on the site.
[01:33:56] ApophisXP > i would like to state that
myself and the rest of teh Darkside regret that such an
incident could happen
[01:34:02] ApophisXP > the guys name is Golden
[01:34:06] Ander > Is it alright if I use this
conversation in the post?
[01:34:20] ApophisXP > np at all
[01:34:27] ApophisXP > you're sites a good read
and well love it lol
[01:34:40] Ander > :-) I'm doing it to provide a fun
read for everyone.
[01:34:53] ApophisXP > yup and a good damn job at
[01:34:54] Ander > Even carebears grin
[01:35:02] ApophisXP > lol
[01:35:06] Ander > Btw, if you guys got anyone
who want to become an author, we're still recruiting.
[01:35:21] ApophisXP > cool well i would be
interested in that :-)
[01:36:22] Ander > sweet, it's entirely neutral site
(even though it's a bit onesided atm)
[01:36:33] Ander > I've invited some DNA people to
write for the site, but they are busy with other things.

The original post:
2005-07-31 01:12
Reports say that the members of an anti-pirate corp, now also known as "wannabe" pirates do not honour ransoms.

According to these reports "teh Darkside" pirate alongside of pirate-corps and accept ransoms. But let the other pirate-corp kill the victim anyhow. Even though they are both hunting together.

If anyone from either corp would like to explain these incidents/reports. Please do so, but for now I advise nobody to pay ransoms to members of "teh Darkside" or "Celestial Apocalypse".


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Random on :

"Making piracy a prestige professional?"

Returning isk when accidentally podding someone?

WTF is this garbage? I never thought it could be possible, but it sounds like there's a group of do-gooders out there steadilly carebearifying piracy.

Miners are sheep. We are wolves. Wolves don't apologize or pay sheep back for accidentally killing them.

Remove this nonsense before you make real pirates gag.

Ander on :

Call it carbearify to be honourable pirates?

In this case they accepted a ransom and promised not to shoot, but one of the gangmembers still did.

If they didnt pay back it'd mean others ransoming would be affected in such a way ransoming would be impossible.

Loot and pillage all you want, but keep your promises.

Random on :

It's obvious you're missing the big picture. Your myopic view of piracy extends to keeping ransoming and other forms of skullduggery as viable professions. That's all fine and well.

What you fail to realize is, by advocating artifices such as "honor" and "code", you're essentially being a carebear. You're no different from the masses of carebears. The main distinguishing characteristic of carebears (a term which even most of us pks/pirates/griefers can't agree on) is their adherence to some form of proprierty towards, respect for, desire to live equitably with other players in a game. They bring rules and ethics of coexistence into a gaming world and cry foul when others decide to break their moral.

A true pirate is one who does not bound himself by rules or honor, which are nonexistant in a game. A true pirate does indeed seek ISK, but that is not the end. What a true pirate seeks is power--power to determine and exercise their own fate as wel as of their victims. That is the greatest reward for piracy--the feeling you get when you murder a victim's pod after he begs and pleads with you to spare him--for no other reason than, YOU CAN.

Mark my respect for you, Ander. But I question whether you are truly a pirate at times, or just a carebear in wolves' clothings.

Ander on :

I respect the wish to destroy and wreck havoc. I've done that on many occasions aswell without offering ransoms.

Sure, it is still up to the ransomer to decide if he'll "honour" the ransom. However, he will also decide for himself if he wishes to mark himself as such a pirate who do not honour ransoms.

In this case the pirate wants to be able to ransom in the future, and for that he shall be respected. Just as if he'd wanted to use a one time opportunity to scam someone for a ransom and then blowing him up.

Call me carebear if you wish, Ill still honour my ransoms cause it is way more profitable for me to this day. If I do find someone who I can trick out of a ransom one day and still make enough isk to settle for life. Then I'll probably chose not to honour the ransom. But until the day it makes me more profits to honour ransoms I'll keep on doing so.

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