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Alt War vs Farmers

Hey all again..

I have had alot of fun out in 0.0, and Privateers have been a pain to get stuff down to 0.0 from empire.. but that isn't the point of my story this time around.

This time, it was me on one of my alts... My alt Imma Trit and the corp he had joined that fights against macroers.

We were hunting some targets and someone had reported a full CNR (Caldari Navy Raven) with a full Dread Guristas setup. So I headed to Motsu to play bait.

Well. one of the people in a CNC undocked and I aggroed, almost blew so I ran. I did not have any stabs or anything. no scrambs and the what not. I led him on a chase through out the system to wait for a domi friend. I had a drake friend but he wasn't aggroed or was wardecced against him.

After my Domi friend got there, he scrambed, nossed and pulled out the holy drones to help with my puny Punisher and my T2 Pulse lasers. Well, he popped after a min or 2, and we didn't get the pod. But we were happy with our kill when we pulled off loot of a Dread Guristas Heat Dissipation Field, Beta Reactor Control: Diagnostic System, and an XR-3200 Heavy Missile Launcher.

Then his buddy undocked and aggroed me, with my job as bait, he aggroed me second after hitting my drake friend. So he had a Drake, Punisher and Domi on him and he went down faster then the first CNC.

After which I grabbed the loot in a hurry after someone MWD'd to the can to check it. I docked and put the loot in the station, thus ending my station camping spree. I used my experience in PVP to help with the kills. :-P

well. I didn't get any final blows, but I did get the kill assists, all in all, it was fun and the corp we dec'ed is out maybe 500 mil+ and waiting on the response of the 2 Bil Ransom after scanning the CNR with the full Dread Guristas/Pith setup... Also note, he had a Pith X-Type XL Shield Booster, so that was a massive factor in the ransom.

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