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Dishonourable CCP employees?

It recently came to my attention that an employee of CCP had his character in RKK (BoB corp).
I dont mind that CCP members play the game, but what does bother me is that they revealed their true identity.

It gives a corp who knows they have a CCP employee among them an extra "ego-boost".
Not only did this CCP employee reveal his name, he seemed to have offered a job position to another guy in that corp.

I'm sure there're more of you out there who've seen the leaked conversations.. I can't link to the whole discussions since it may or may not be against the EULA.

My personal opinion is that this whole situation stinks. People may think that by having a dev in their corp, they may have had unfair advantages. First hand access to event information and more which could've improved their standing in game.
They impose rules on their volunteers that they cannot reveal who they are , but they do it themselves...

For those of you who dont know, BoB which is the alliance this corporation belongs to is among the most influencal alliances in the game.

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ScrotzaN on :

Well, that's just wrong, plain and simple. WRONG.

Anonymous on :

I agree. Employees of CCP should be allowed to play but be bound by terms and conditions by CCP and if they are found to abuse their position then they should face disciplinary action or fired in the same way that all large companies do.

I'm sure CCP would have something like this in place and thus if anyone sees this in game they should report it.

Folk who take the game too seriously, i.e. hack or other illegal activities in REAL life need to get a grip because they will be in danger of prosecution.

Don't had out your real life information goes without saying. I read months ago about some guy that was knifed to death after giving out his details on a forum to a person he thought was a friend and they later had a disagreement. Online it's harder to know who the nutters are.


Anonymous on :

"I can't link to the whole discussions since it may or may not be against the EULA."

This is a 3rd party site, CCP's EULA is irrelevant. Stop acting like CCP is your mom :-)

ander on :

You may or may not know, but we have to accept CCP's eula since we're on their fanlist.

If they ask us to pull content, we have to do that or face delisting.

So far, they've ignored pretty much anything and I know their web-administration interface is broken. So they cant remove anything or add anything for that matter atm.

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