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Station jockey.

Allright, I'm sure we have all at one point or another been faced with many many hostiles camping you inside a station making it pointless to undock, but thats not this.

I met this one guy, who we shall call Friend A. I met Friend A about 7-8 months ago in a rp corp I was dragged to and we hit it off... shortly after I joined said rp corp, I pulled out, along with others and Friend A joined. NOw Friend A and myself, along with other corpies, have gone our seperate ways. Friend A still keeps in contact through our public channel.

Now Friend A goes ahead and joins this other corp, we will call them Corp 2. He is liking it in corp 2 so much that he donates 500 million ISK to the corp wallet, a decent chunk of change. 2 days later Friend A is kicked out of Corp 2 and recieves a message from the CEO saying "wish you could have flown with us more". Now Friend A has a real life, a job etc etc. But he isn't upset, he understands. He asks for his money back from Corp 2 since they kicked him 2 days after he donated half a bill to this corp. The CEO responds with a message saying fat chance. Now friend A is a little miffed.

He starts talking to his old friends, who just so happen to be in a Pirate-esk corp. He tells them his story, and needless to say, the Pirate types were non to pleased to hear their friend got robbed of 500 mill. So we went ahead and laid plans to war dec Corp 2 to get our friends money back. But the CEO from Corp 2 that did the kicking, well he up and empties the corp wallet and hangar and starts another one, robbing all of the former members. Now your starting to see what kind of guy this is. Nice guy right?

Anyway, now the Pirate corp is really annoyed cause thats another asshat like thing to do, so we go ahead and war dec the CEO's new corp, which has a name of Violent Intentions, normally i would substitute that name aswell, but thats a pvp like name right? we thought we were gonna have a fight on our hands, so we got excited. We like a good fight on our hands, we dont like straight ganking... allthough that has its place aswell.

We go ahead and war dec this guys corp, and when the war is active, all of us ( a whopping 5 members) go and camp the CEO's station. I wouldn't undock then either, so whatever. But then when only one of us is on, They sit in station aswell. I even tested it, I camped their station in a shuttle. just your standard Caldari shuttle, no officer shuttle with a mega-death-ray-cannon fitted or anything. I camped them in a shuttle. For 6 hours. I went out to the store, stopped off at the bar down the road, played a game of pool, stopped by a friends house and watched a movie. Came home expecting, hoping, maybe even praying that I was in a station with a clone activated, but i wasn't. I was sitting right outside the station. They all sat in station for 6 hours hiding from me and my scary... shuttle.

Anyway, of course after several days of this came the smack talk, and then several days later came the dim-witted resistance. The reason I'm posting this story is because I want to know what your opinion's are. Should we keep the war going indefinatly, make them constantly worried about having us on the other side of the next gate? or should we cut our losses and not waste anymore isk on the punks.

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Klaus on :

Keep it goin till they disband, make the morons miserable for as long as you can. The CEO in question should donate a couple of his corpses for your hanger, guys an ass for pulling that.

Anonymous on :

simply demand that the CEO pays the 500mil back to the guy who he truthfully owes it.
if he responds with anything other then grace then camp him
if he moves
re-dec him
gits like that need to learn that FREINDS a concept he clearly does not understand should stick up for each other.

Make Him Pay

Ore theives are funny
corp theives that are low in rank are even funnier
CEO Theives are just stealing hard earned credits.

Cece on :

Keep camping til he pays up...500mil is a substantial amount of isk for most of us Eve'rs.

May The Schwarz be with You

Drachen Sturm on :

Camp them until they pay not only the 500 million, but compensation for all the time you had to camp their asshat selves. Say about 10 mill a week or so. I'd say more, but you can camp them and play pool at the same time, so there's clearly a tradeoff.


Angel Vengen on :

Hey all, thanks for the comments, we are def going to keep it going, but We merged into a friends pirate corp, to double our effective combat numbers, so We are going to re-war dec them. Just need to take care of an alliance first( or hope to atleast :-P )

Dark on :

I would continue the war make them real miserable until they give up the 500mil even if it takes forever hah

freaky on :

Do like I did. I dec'd a guy like this a while back. He ran 20 jumps away and hired merc corps to do his bidding while he hid.

I let him think he was off the hook. 6 months later he has 2 POS and a 75+ man corp. Guess who lost 1 POS and has another in reinforced and ready to die? :-)

I'll be posting that story this weekend I hope.

Keep the war dec going is my vote. If he quits corp and joins a new one, first inform their new CEO of this persons past actions. If they don't give him the boot, war dec that corp and make them suffer. Of course if he is the CEO, dec away!

Pretty soon, no one will touch this guy. We've done that to a few people already and it's very satisfying to see them sitting in NPC corps for the past 6 months while mining Veldspar in Tash. :-)

vulor on :

Can't wait to see that story :-D

nam the psp on :

yeah, i wanna read this 2 pos thingy, i was never part of a seige, mabey you could throw in some pics too

ps i love the gigas

Hu Jars on :

Don't ever let him off the hook.

Pirates are bad, but at least most are honest thieves.

Klaus on :

Pirates aren't bad! you guys are the ones hurting all of the Dense Veldspar, for shame Mr. Carebear! And besides the guy isn't a pirate, just some CEO who decided to take total advantage of a situation.

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