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Another attempted gate gank

Well, I'm back! I was on a road trip in 0.0 to raise my sec status. My first day back hunting wasn't so bad :-) , but now after today i cannot get back into .7 systems again :-P . It started off with the usual rounds around the systems. Killed a brutix out of a group of many in a complex, others warped away. About an hour later (after we completed the complex) i go to another nearby sustem with a complex and start scanning. An apoc warps to the gate, then back out. This is where i think he is going to try and gate gank me, so i play along. I let him lock me and i stay relaticely still. He opens fire. He is 30 km away and hits me very hard. I am down to 30% armor and i think, this isnt such a great idea. I break transversal and he stops hitting me. He launches drones. Heavy's no prob. I can hit them and kill em in seconds. I am slowly zig zagging towards him. my armor is repping up, and i get to within 15 km rom him when he warps to a planet. i tell myself, what the hay, he has no armor, no drones, is flagged, and in half structure. I warp to the planet at 15km and i'm right on top of him :-). I scram and take him to 15% structure. I procede to attemp to ransom him.

Outcome: Ransom successful 50 mil

On a lighter note, this is the third time a person or group has tried this on me. The first was a group which consited of a wolf, deimos, and apoc which where slaughtered with the help of a ceptor and munnin. The next time was a raven. And now this. I cant believe some people. i know that the only way to gate gank is to pick your fights; and they all picked the fight with the wrong person. Also each of these attemped gate ganks were in assault frigs. The enyo and Ishkur.

Ahh, and the freighter i saw on my alt:


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