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UPDATED: Battle of F-TE1T - epic capital ship battle (With CCP screwing up again - put your tinfoil hats on!)

A few days ago a player owned station with a running production job which was so long that there was no doubt what they were trying to build there. A TITAN. The POS itself was owned by Band of Brothers.

It was set to come out of reinforced 20:41 EVE-TIME and both fleets had assembled massive capitalship numbers and support-fleets.

The stage was set, the BoB allied side had most of their numbers already in system when the first waves entered system.

What could only be described as chaos at first was a great deal of lag that was threatening to ruin this battle when over 100 capital ships faced off in an epic battle.

The anti-BoB coalition jumped into the system and started pounding on the POS. It's only mission was to kill the baby infant of a titan being built.
BoB was waiting with an equally sized (if not bigger) fleet of capital ships and support. But a steady stream of coalition ships kept jumping in. Many more unable to jump in to the system caused by apparant lag and jumpqueues.

A battle ensued which was won at the end by the coalition who achieved their goal to bring down the POS of the titan.
The Titan and the material used in construction was blown up. The goal was achieved but in the process 37 capital ships of the coalition went down to massive BoB gunfires. These consisted of 32 dreadnaughts and 5 carriers.

(These numbers are still being updated as of the posting of this article.)

The capital ships were appearently all insured while the BoB titan being built could not have been. (It simply cant be insured while building)

A massive amount support ships also went down in the line of fire. Inside the system and the surrounding.

Each capital ship will yield 100% mineral cost in return for the cost of 500mill and the t1 capital ship setups. It remains to see what the actual figures of losses on each side will land at.

Originally by: Asariasha
I think the most interesting part of todays battle was
the somehow extremly fast blocking of the POS system not
even concerning the numbers of combatants. So what happened
was that CCP lets coalition cap fleet jump in without support
and just closes the system while the major support fleet
is barred from the fight. So we had 700 in system. ~200-300 coalition
giving a rest of 400-500 BoB+allied while the insane
amount of estimated 500-700 other coalition fighters
are just not allowed to enter.

Tinfoil hat? Maybe, but the fairest decision of a GM
would have been to contact the FCs, ask for the numbers
each fleet has. Then just let 600 players move into that
system while concerning the apportionment of both fleets
in percentage.
This would have been a fair decision instead of just
excluding more than 60%! of the coalition forces.

With regards

In the aftermath it turns out that CCP had limited the number of players in this system to a total of 700. In truth this would explain why only a handful of the coalition capital-ships were ever able to jump in and the support fleets were locked out. I can only think of what the outcome would have been if BoB had managed to keep the system cap entirely locked. Winning by default due to caps on a field would be horrible. We'd turn into planetside where imposed virtual limits determain the winner of the day.

Picture-source: Shamis Orzos (Sniggerdly)


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Aertaka on :

Dang, that's incredible. I'm not familiar with the construction of capital ships though . . . are they constructed in stages, like a SW Death Star? If they are, than AWESOME :-P

Either way, awesome job on that, guys. Keep it up. Sooner or later, BoB will crash.


Sicks_Strings on :

Awesome. I like the update on the war for New Eden. I almost always know when something big happens, but this is great for the people who don't have friends in the war. I think everyone should know what's going on. You can learn a lot from these players.

Thanks for the great article.

barvo on :

Heh - our little roaming fast frig gang got butchered by a goonswarm fleet in A2- last night, and shortly before that we had seen many coalition capitals forming up in Gehi. It certainly was an enormous operation from both sides, and I think CCP dropped the ball by not reinforcing the surrounding systems as well.

I'd caution about your ranting at the player-cap though. There's two sides to this. If they don't cap the system, they get everyone jumping in and the server melts, as in JV1V, and the attackers seem get the priority when logging back in. OTOH, if the system cap is imposed the attackers complain because they are only filling out the few spaces left after the defenders were already in place.

You would propose that CCP kicks everyone out of the system, and load in a set number of attackers and defenders to represent the ratio of the total attacking and defending fleets, if i read you correctly. It's certainly worth discussing. How do they do this, though?

1. Do they get the Fleet commanders to sit down and go "I want him, him, her, him, all these capitals, that wing of battleships and that wing of tacklers"?
2. Do they randomly pull in x number from each side (and just wait for the screams of "omgwtfdevhaxploits!!eleventyone1" when the bob fleet contains all BS and there are a number of BC and cruisers in the coalition fleet)?
3. Do they pick certain ship types only (all the capitals and then the rest of the spots are filled out by bs's for instance)?
4. Do they pick an equal percentage of each ship type (say bob have 40% numbers, then 20% of their allowed members would be capitals, 60% battleships and so on, and the same ratios would hold true for coalition)?

Honest and open question - How would you do it, and how would it not just turn into some massive scale version of the caldari tournament ( :-P ) ?

barvo on :

Probably worth mentioning that a node crash would also have benefitted bob, as the POS wouldn't be being shot while the node was down and would be recharging its shields naturally.

Also, it's worth discussing what happens when people start dying. Do you allow more people from the dead ships' side join in? because that's skewing the battle in favour of that side. In my view you can't then let more people jump in because you've made a representative selection of ships based on the two fleets, and if you then let more join in you are upsetting that balance once more.

One thing I would say is this, though. It's clear that it should be CCP's number one priority to reinforce their infrastructure and make adjustments to the code to allow them to handle more reinforcement of nodes. I don't want walking around in stations, and beautifully rendered ships if I can't play the real game, tbfh.

flashfresh on :

Absolutely incredible. Keep up the pressure on BoB guys; I hope they fall so all power to the Coalition.

MinithJin on :

Best report on the war I've had yet :-)

And tbh, the 700 player cap is fair really, advantage goes to whoever alreday had position, which in this case was BoB.

bobin on :

Well the coalition didnt know there was a limit to how many was in system we definatly knew something was up when we got there if we had known that only 700 can fit in there we could of filled it all there was over 2000 coalition players 800 in first jump eith side 400 in systen round about and quit a few other gangs trying to get in.

Owell now that we know ccp will put limits in we will definatly be in first theres over 16000 people in the alliance battling bob lol im sure we can put a measly 700 in it,

Armag3ddon on :

imo the coalition should have split there forces and attacked all of BoB's capital construction arrays, with the number of cap ships they had it would have been more productive move. plus server caps bad move imo

cmi on :

Tbh Snigg was way more fun when they were doing their pirate business and not this "fight of the lawful against teh ebil boD". Missing your stories Ander :-( now also providing crying about the "omg we couldn't jump in our rapetrain. we all were expecting a lagfree 1xxx vs. 500 :(" and calling 47 capitals (which were lost) a "only a handfull" is kinda.. um.. yeah.

Ander on :

Smack by BoB-alt.

You do realise that I rarely write anything about Snigg-business on this site?

Secondly, I welcome any pro-BoB posts but to date I haven't seen a single post.
Does that not tell you anything about the state of things?
BoB lacks the public support and most of their support tend to come from a group of their own people...

cmi on :

Don't call me BoB-Alt Mr. Ander :-( I'm not in BoB and will most probably never be. I'm Anti-"Mr. Blobby"-Rapetrain though. :-) Oh and I'm no Alt (this is my nick which I use everywhere, not my ingamename. Does this make me an Alt?)

I'm reading this site for... hm.. more then a year now and donated ISK for your EON-add. I'm just missing your old stories.

Just don't like to read about "big politics" in this site and it's just my opinion that it's sad to see Snigg fighting alongside the rapetrain. On the other hand this was the only entry about this until today, so ok.

Call this smack, I don't bother.

Ander on :

Then I apologize for calling you bob-alt.
However, that doesnt change the fact of what eve-pirate is about. It's from our daily lives in EVE.

If it's a period of ingame big politics then so be it.

Note that I did cover a war up in the north roughly one year ago. It was for a period of time during the war. Cause that's what snigg do apart from the pirating. Snigg ARE mercenaries. We loath BoB and that's why we're enemies of BoB.
Have BoB pay us 50 billion isk and we might withdraw. It's about making us love BoB. Nothing else :-)

The old stories will return, and still occur. I accept several peoples submissions every week.

Did you miss my ganking of the ice-miner story?

Ander on :

A note. You yourself link to a blog which cover MOSTLY big politics in EVE :-)

Ydnis on :

i missed this fight *sobs*, just to let you guys know, there are still pirates in BoB =]. If they told me there was a titan to defend i woulda gone XD. PVP BADGER!

cmi on :

I will send you an evemail, so you know my ingame name then.

The Yzzergirl on :

WTS: Clue to ander

1) their was closer too 50 dreads down on the coalition side than your reported 37.

2) Their was no titan being built thier

3) I agree this website should be about personal opinion but taking sides in this "war" is a bit harsh considering you run one of the most entertaining eve communitees?

Disclaimer: im not a bob alt, i am bob, anything you find offencive in this comment i apologise for but i dislike personal attacks and properganda/lies from people who have heard information second hand.

Mynxee on :

Thought it was an interesting post and cool picture. I enjoy hearing about battles and events associated with EVE's "big politics" but wow, am I glad I don't play in that part of the game.

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