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Cheats and Lies

Ten minuets online and the first unlucky victim was on the wrong side of my Firetails rockets... Yes, thats right I was pirating in a Republic Fleet Firetail, named Moth.

The Moth was a fast ship, but wasn't easy to fit, nor was it much when it came to damage. But it attracted people, as I was attracted to their lights. The last evening I had a Hulk attempt to kill me. I got 3/5 of its Tech2 drones, but when I left he didn't wait around.

Anyway, a (semi) defenceless hauler was still and easy kill. I continued on the hunt for another target and soon came across some people I met the night before also.

The encounter I had the night before was a tough one, my Firetail almost didn't survive and if the 'Rex pilot had have used his drones it would have met a explosive end. But here I was again, "stealing" their ore.

They were not happy, but today they where at least a little more prepared. My Firetail exploded, this time I was on the wrong end of a Republic Fleet Stabber, a fitting end to a Firetail no less.

It wasn't a problem, undocked in my Hurricane to try and catch them, as I undocked the Stabber docked. Shame. But I got an industrial right out side the station, and a Kestral in the belt.

Not long later a member of their corp decided to pick a fight with me. He was outside the station and I met him in my Rifter. A Drake was waiting, so I decided to let him Agro and then get my Hurricane. All worked and he shot me after I took his can. I docked to see 4 more of his members in the station. I didn't want to risk getting ganked in my Hurri, so I left in my Typhoon. The Drake was dead before he got through my shields.

I decided I would fit my Fleet Stabber and see if I could get the other pilot to 1v1 me, win or loose would have been a fun fight. So I undocked once fitted and dropped a can and waited.

Cleared for publication by: Ander
Sorry for long delay on publication.

Xary was sitting with me in a Dominix at the time, but the Fleet Stabber pilot wasn't around anyway. Seems though someone else took a fancy to my Stabber, a pirate named Zankii, with a 6m bounty and a -2.1 sec status.

Ofcourse he may not have seen Xary there so Xary started shooting, I docked to get me something a little more even. As I undocked in my Typhoon he docked, having not shot back at Xary. He comment in local about me swapping, not smacktalking, and we laughed about the fact we both knew he would be able to tank Xary for long enough to kill a Stabber and have time to dock.

He was only a three month old character, so I offered a 1v1. Myself in my "Domi like" Typhoon, that can out tank/damage a Dom except I don't have Tech2 heavies. Anyhow, he accepted so after a quick refit and upgrade my 'phoons weapons and tank, and after a short Rifter 1v1 (which I lost, my standard T1 pirating fittings are not so good in a Rifter 1v1), I undocked to challenge the Dom pilot.

It started off quite slow, I had 10 Tech 2 Warriors, and 5 T2 Exp. Heavies. (in hindsight Exp. was the wrong choice, but it was short notice).

I ofcourse had to lower his Drone DPS so set about poping his mix match of Heavy drones with my faster Lights, web and 4 Autocannons. Tanking them relatively easy and Nos-ing the Dom this where looking fine.

The pirate didn't like the fact I was shooting his drones and not him, but knowing that he would have little to no damage without them it was the best plan to ensure a win, despite the lower skilled pilot.

His drones poped one by one, he pulled them back now and then, and I swapped to use my heavies on him. Then he would let some smaller drones go and try and even the score, but I took the heavies back and pounded his lights with mine.

It was a slow fight. My not have been the most effective way of doing it, but I felt it was the safest and with a semi T2 fitted BS, along with an increasing number of onlookers, that included ex-war targets of only a few hours (That remained docked thought the war, claiming they where miners with an '03 -10sec CEO...) and out other pirating targets of earlier.

The fight continued and I could see that the pirate was out of Heavy drones. All the better since I was out of Cap Charges. But I could tank the remaining 3 light/medium drones and I turned my fire onto the Dom.

In and out of the fight I got jammed a number of times. 20seconds each. Didn't do my cap any good, I guess my 3 NOS matched whatever NOS he had (later to find it was 2 Heavy and a number of Mediums, practically a full set).

The fight had been slow and long, but I enjoy a "calmer" fight now and then. Xary was back in system watching. By now I was out of Cap charges and had been for a while. At one point I was jammed and NOS'd that everything including my Damage control went offline. I had no missiles for my single Assault Launcher but I was hanging in there.

Then something unexpected happened.

A can appeared. Containing Cap 800 charges. Owned by our recent pirate victims that where hanging around in ships that I could not take at the time. Within a few minutes the charges where replaced by a single unit of antimatter ammo...

Yes, that's right my Pirate victim had run out, and called in help and (that according to Local) where now communicating on Vent with out other pirate victims.

Karma, some might say, my previous victims saving this pilot from his pending death. But as some of you readers may remember, this was an agreed 1V1, that doesn't always mean people will honour it, but thats what it was. If it wasn't agreed then Xary would be out in his Raven throwing some Tech2 torpedoes into the Armor of the Dominix, wouldn't he?!

But cap charges would just keep him alive, I could now tank him so long as I didn't get jammed for too long. He still didn't have drones... For now.

Few minutes later a Maelstrom BS approached our little arena, and unloaded a full set of Ogre I drones. Yes, thats exactly what happened, and seconds later the Maelstrom docked. I scooped up one of the drones myself, but Zankii got the others. Seconds later I was jammed and 4 heavy Ogre drones where pounding at my Armor. Without cap charges I was dead, Xary could have supplied some, along with some missiles I was missing.

That would have been a bit pointless, the fight had already lasted ages. Local was in a mess with past war targets and be-grunted pirate victims along with the Dominix pilot all smalktalking and accusing Xary of supplying me with cap charges. All this while trying to lie about the fact that he too was in fact being supplied with items.

I decided that I was not going to loose my 'Phoon to a cheating pirate. So since I was jammed, I waited, and I docked.

If I was loosing fairly I would have gone down with my ship. Nothing wrong with loosing to a better pilot, or a better fitted ship. Hell I lost a Firetail earlier receiving a mear 100k insurance. But I will not sit and face death by the guns (or drones in this case) of a cheater.

I will be in contact with Zankii's CEO. Maybe nothing will happen, but I'd like a rematch where I can kill the guy without him being supplied by other people.

Its a sad day for pirates when a clear pirate has to cheat to make himself look better.

Myself and Xary waited out the angry cries from local, or more like the smack talk and continued on our way.

This now can just be a notice to all that Zankii is not an honorable pirate.

On a sad note I tried Pirating in a 150m isk Curor... It got a single Caracal kill before it meet its doom against a Pilgrim. Time to stop pirating in the Faction Frigates for a while I think.

(ops, looks like correcting spellings removes it... sorry)


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Klaus on :

Good story (and bad judgment ;-) [firetail lol]), pretty pathetic about that 1v1 though, make sure to pod those guys next time around. Improved your writing style since your last story also, looking forward to reading your next. Happy hunting!

Xary on :


Zankii's corp war dec'd us :-) Which was/is fine with us as we were going to put one in on them if they didn't give Ilea a fair 1 vs 1.

Anyways first day of fighting resulted in Zankii getting whipped pretty bad by Bootstrap, one of our corp mates.

He was in a Mega vs Zankii(Domi) and another Domi pilot from Zankii's corp.

The excuses immediately started flying in local even though it was a 2 vs 1.

Below is one of the more enjoyable quotes.

[ 2007.04.22 19:01:17 ] Zankii > the only reason he even kiled me was from exploiting lagg

Klaus on :

[Edited][ 2007.04.22 19:01:17 ] Zankii > the only reason he even (Kiled huh?--> )kiled me was from exploiting skill.

I really do love excuses, especially when you offer someone another fight and they have something of the utmost importance to do even though they've been sitting in a station arguing with you for the past hour. Have fun with the war, post some screenies ;-).

Hynd on :

Good story, mate.

"It started off quite slow, I had 10 Tech 2 Worriers, and 5 T2 Exp. Heavies. (in hindsight Exp. was the wrong choice, but it was short notice)."

But you should have used your warriors instead of your worriers. :o)

MinithJin on :

Good read, I similar thing occured to me, I was taking down a brutix in an interceptor of some sort, when he started getting remote repped by friendlies :-(

Ofc that wasn't an agreed 1v1, but was still annoying :-)

Xary on :

Well after having the war go on for one week...and them continuing the smacktalk in local with the help of local smacktalkers...they undocked a grand total of one more time.

This was done in a dominix that sat on top of the station. This was just for show of course as this member docked once we fully engaged him. (we had nothing to bump him at the time)Still took him into structure. Funny after that he still smacked in local how we couldn't hurt him.

Anyways they cancelled the war (let it expire). We've since not heard from them anymore.

Back to some real wars.

Anon on :

What I dont understand is that pirates arent supposed to be honorable. Your lucky if you meet one who will play "fair" but to expect a fair fight is foolish.

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