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Sunday evening and I'm back home, eager to log on. 30k people online which means there are lots of people in empire so for me thats a good thing bringing more possible targets.
I chat a little in corp with the other guy in Oyst and then soon after I get another application, we are now 3 pilots which sets me in a good mood. A quick tour of the Cistuavert area shows that there not so many mining ops with a can and I end up back to Scolluzer. Belt 1 empty, bet 2 has a retriever can mining. I check the pilot (Norwegian| or something) and his corp and I figure he must be alone because the description of the corp says they are a small miner corp based in Metropolis. I chekc the attributes and they are under 10 people.

My vexor warp in, closes the gap, takes the can and all the ore becomes mine. 'My peanut' is how I call my cans :-). I see no reaction at first and decide to move on not feeling like hauling. Than local chat starts flashing. Norwegian| is ranting about me stealing his ore, the guys in local encourgae him for whatever reason and he starts threatening my life. All the other belts are empty and I set standings to his corp to better see if any are in local. He is alone.

I warp back in and he gets out 3 scout drones and gets himself flagged. I get closer, release hobgoblins, kill his drones, he is still threatening in local and calling me names. I start nosing him too and hitting him with my drones and blasters. He goes down, reaches hull and than he goes like: "No, not my ship !!!" I say nothing but call in the drones. Check local, still quiet. He goes: "Not my SHIP you Dick head" and I blow him up. Why the hell did he have to call me a dick head ? I get 2*strips and cargo expander 1. Dock and leave my loot and move on.

Local is flashing again and he is going nuts, he will kill me, he will obliterate me, so on and so forth. I'm apparently a TWAT besides being obviously a dick head. Local guys start telling him o cald the heck down and leave it be and soon they change sides being obviously anoyed.
I warp back to the belt and find him there in a Celestis (the tech 1 gallente ew cruiser). My peanut is gone and he took back all the ore. I get closer and he gets out 3 drones again, this time meds. I use nos, web, scram, blasters, kill his med drones with my hobgoblins and procede to kill him. Than I think I should try and randsom. Convo him, he accepts, I say 'Hi', it's a randsom and he has '30 secs to pay up 2 mil'. He says nothing. I ask again,he doesn;t even say 'hi' back. I blow him up.

It turns out form local chat with other people and him (I never said a word in local after the dick head and twat calling because I didn;t feel it was worth it) that he was so sure he would kill me that he did not insure his celestis and he had no more isk for a mining cruiser, he was back at frigs.

I scored 3.5 mil isk from the barge and cruiser loot. I had a laugh being first time called names in local. Too bad he was so sure I was gonna die.

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Equium Duo on :

We get people like that all the time, sometimes you can persuade local to change sides, we got 3 guys in frigs taunting these russians and then amassed quite a few spectators, in the end they just flew off muttering thins in local.

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