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Path to covetors

So I find myself bored with mission running. I check the long path of learning and skilling in front and decide it's time for something more exciting.
Vaere has a nice sky and a familiar layout, best place to start on my way. The trusty old incursus is renamed: 'stinkursus'. old Dihania's Vexor is renamed: 'vexocraptor'. Than stinkurusus leaves the ship hangars of the station and flaots silently in the space through the undock.

Not much point for scannin I reckon and there is no one else to argue with that, alone. Belt one, empty,belt 2 empty, belt 3 empty.. by now I'm asking is this is the right thing to do, but than, vexor mining in a can. I get closer , jetisson 1 piece of antimatter and than switch the minerals in the can.
The 'victim' stops mining and I stay and watch, will it agress? will it obliterate me ? will it just start mining again ? DRONES COME OUT! I try and scramble and target the drones, I soon realise I have no chance and run. Yes, run. No point in loosing a ship and the crew when you can fight another day. But it's not just that....

Soon the vexociraptor leaves the station towards the belt. I can't wait so I start scanning this time and yes, he is there. I slowly move towards the enemy hsip blinking red. I check info, he is in a much much large corp (mine has only me :-D). I try quickly to asess local and find he has 2 mates in the area. Still, no time to back off, time to see some action, much needed action.

1, 2, 3 small nosferatus engage the enemy, 1, 2 small neuts soon follow. web is in full effect and the scrambler makes it's second cycle. nothing can change my course now. I target his dornes and start killing them with my trusted wave of warriors. A couple minutes later he has no drones and has enagged the self destruct sequence. I check local again, he has no more mates in local.. some corp, I'd rather be alone... The timer counts down but just as I'm about to lose hope, he reached hull and soon becomes cosmic dust.

Not much was gained fomr the wreak, but it has sealed my path. The vexociraptor docks and Vaere goes silent yet again.

A new day begins and the excitement of the kill is still echoing. Time to roame the belts again and find more, much more targets. But Vaere is silent, 20 in local, missin running, passing by, reading the news..
So the stinkursus makes it's way to the nreby system of alentene, a better populated system but with only 3 belts.
This proved to be fruitfull, as in the second belt a huge gang is mining in a can. I stick around and observe as in slow motion the cycles of the covetor reaping teh asteroid of it precious ores and miner drones serving their master. As time goes by I notice the iteron III coming out of warp and aproaching the can, then moving away, and warping off. Time to check those contents before the beast gets it all.
I make haste and burn the ships afterburners to full speed on a colision course with the covetor near the can, and bang, direct hit. The huge ship moves a bit and I have to reaproach the can. 1 peace of antimatter goes in space and a new can apears on the overview. Soon after the old can explodes in cosmic dust.

And than I wait. The modules are on, prepared to be fired, the blood fills the veins and the pulse goes like a crazed drumer on votka. And than the gang moves, the miner drones are called back in and soon new drones come out of some of the bays. And sooner than I think I'm in armor, and the repper is barely cycling when I'm reaching hull... phew, emergency wapr iniated and I'm safe at a planet. The stinkursus docks and I go stare at the alentene sun and figure this out.. yes, must get the vexociraptor here asap. Shuttle, undock, warp, jump... time slips away and the vexociraptor reaches alentene local.

As I search the bookmarks I realise I have none. This is not good. I make haste and soon the out of warp land me 10 km away form my taget. I can't believe the covetors is still there, but not only that, it is mining peacefully like nothing has happened. Timer is in full check and I can pound the ignorant fool for the next 4 minutes. Plenty of time to travel the 10km and destroy him.
Nos is active, neutralizers are active, scrambler and web are go and 5 hammerheads exit the drone bay.
But wait, the iteron beast has returned and has just taken the contents of my can. AND I just got myself two targets :-)

In no time I hit afterburner and hit the industrial, switch the scrambler fomr the covetor to the iteron and the covetor explodes leaving a wreack just for me. And in no time the iteron follows. I've sent tthem to ship heaven.

And yes "'strips' come from a can, they were put there by a man" :-)

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Equium Duo on :

Well bloody hell i was up in altene the other day.. could have teamed up...

unless this story is old...

LJ Roos on :

You accidentally the english language.

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