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The ones that fought back

After looking for new setups for my trusted incursus class frigate I neded with the following desired: 3*ions, 1mn mwd, sram, web, mapc, 200 rolled tungsten plate. Unfortunately this is not possible for the time being so the compromise gods made my setups be this:
3*electrons with antimatter
1mn ab, 7.5km warp scrambler, web
sar, 200 reinforced steel plates

Quite a bit toned down and I am nervous about it but must give it a go. So as a new day begins the incursus class frigate undock from vaere station I call home and belts are being checked top to bottom. "This system is too quiet, again"
After the search is complete it's soon obvious there will not be a fight here so the best action is to move to the nearby alentene system. rinse and repeat but this time luck hits me and in the last belt a retriever is working hard, drones are out, and the can is FULL.
A new jet can apears in the emotyness of space and I think of naming it "My Peanut". Soon after "my peanut" is full of plagyoclase (if the name was memorised correctly). A cargo of 426 units of plag makes me 15k isk. So I figure out that the full can must be very valuable. Unfotunately, after many bumps and warp offs the retriever moves away.
I decide to leave the can in it's place and hope someone will bite. But to no avail.
Than out of boredom I decide to convo the original owner of the miners and try ransom, but as he put it: "I WILL NOT PAY FOR MY ORES!". And I blow up the can.

As time passes , warps after warps, waiting and waiting, no one is willing to fight for the ore and I'm frustrated: "should I move to low sec for good ?! maybe it's the incursus; this area is borring.."

I move to the nearby system of Scolluzer. Belts are in my overview and I start chekcing them fast. Another retriever mining full speed and yet again the can is full. I move quick and all the ores become mine, "my peanut". But as before the retriever moves. I check his name, his info, his corp, a 17 man corporation (if memory doesn't play tricks on me). And I wait again, waiting for boredom to set back in.

A npc corp iteron mark III apraoches "my peanut". Overview shows him flashing red and the pulse fills my ears, eyes focus, modukes are go and soon he has no more shields, blasters are hiting point blank in the armor and I remember releasing the hobgoblin.
Overview shows another ship, a caracal class cruiser aproaching the battle at full speed. I soon realise it is a trap as the owner of the vessel is teh one the ore belonged to just a couple of minutes earlier.
Gatling Afocal Maser I starts firing on my ship from the iteron mark III.
Heavy missile fomr the Caracal hits my armor but it's not as bad as I was imagining. Than two Hornet IIs start orbiting me and I realise it's a fight I will not live through.

Without blinking or hesitation I cycle the repaiere once. Than all power goes to weapons and make sure again the hobgoblin is shooting the iteron. It is going down and I still got armor to spare, but for how long ? Hull is reached and I pound it as hard as I can. Web goes offline as the enemy stoped trying to move. Cap is good for another cycle of the repairer and as the cycle ends the iteron mark III vessel explodes blanking out my screen.

And soon after the hornets start hitting my structure as I desperately try to warpout. Warping is not possible as I am warp scrambled. Insurance pays in.

Nice trap was laid down but the loss of the enemy is greater than mine. They sure got a - standing so I can spot them in local now :-) A GF was said in local and I moved back to station.

Cleared for publication by: Ander


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Kha0s on :

Nicely done. As you said, you dealed more damage to them than they did to you, and loosing a ship in one of their own traps must have been a bit of a kick in the balls for them as well. Then when you add in the fact that they still didn't manage to retrieve their ore....I think you did pretty well.

As for heavy missiles, you are quite lucky when you see these heading for you. Due to your small sig radius, these hit for only a fraction of their full damage, and when you are going fast, even less.

Tech 2 light drones are always going to be a problem, and if it's a caracal pilot using them, you know he must be pretty well skilled as most caldari players ignore drones until much later on in game.

One thing that a different setup might have changed was that you may have been able to escape. Having a MWD really gets you outa there fast, and even while webbed it can help.

I'll always remember one of my wars. There were around a dozen targets in system whist I was there alone. I knew they had been camping outside the same station day after day (the wrong one) and when I warped in at my save spot several hundred KM away they weren't there for once. Apart from a punisher of course.

I had a feeling that this was a trap right away, but I decided to have a little fun. I swapped out into my incursus and warped to my bookmark right on the undock point....right on their punisher. As soon as I dropped out of warp my drone was released, and he was locked, scrammed, shot and webbed. Even though he had a full t2 fit he still went down relativly quick. Not quick enough though. I saw my overview light up red as the rest of their guys, in a variety of cruisers, bc and bs undocked. I grabbed the loot and set a manual course to keep transversal high, to buy myself a few seconds. Thanks to the nos, I only had a few units of cap left. The last of them were spent on one boost of my MWD. It was risky, as with the increased sig I was dead if they fired any cruise or torps at me, but luckily I managed to get just outside of web range, with the rest of my boost getting me clear of their scramblers. Off I went into warp, back to one of my deep space safespots. Apart from the fun, I got some nice loot, and congradulations from a few people in local who had witnissed it :-P

Shame about your loss, but I think you did pretty well for yourself. Keep it up.

Anonymous on :

Congratulation for this nice kill.
The key with this ship is damage. It's a gank ship.
I recommand you to fit a mag field stab to increase your DPS in place of the repair.

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