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My pirate days - from excitement to dispair

Heya, some time since I posted my doings, so here I am:

It's Saturday, my first weekend in teh city after a longtme, so it's best time to try and recuperate the lost eve weekends. I log on and decide to go to low sec for real fun and better fights. Done, incursus is ready and away we go, a few jumps and I hit Ostingele. I don;t really like this system because it has only 1 belt btu still. I search and nothing (going to get those scan skills and probes, then you'll see filthy mission runners). A few jumps here and there I find a megathron mining with 5 ogre Is out and I decide to give my incursus the chance to prove it's worth.
So I BM near the mega, warp out acting 'scared' and then land back right on him. And I start to pound at the ogres, but to my surprise they hit me better than I thought and before I manage to kill one ogre I feel the sudden need to warp out, and so I do. I even had a nice chat with the guy in local, proved he was a nice pilot. So I decide to go get my vexor and give it another shot, because my ligh drones should shred those ogres to pieces and I go to pelille and get a vexor. Start moving back but by the time I get back he is no longer there :-(

I roam some more and jumping through a gate I see a blinking jaguar being not so close to teh gate. I start aproaching and taregting and to my surprise he does the same, OK we have a fight ready. So I get into eb range and hit the module, also scrambler, 2 medium nos and release the drones. His shield starts going down but he is gettign his web on my droens and starts killing them. I keep retracting to done bay adn the releasing and so on but still with the web on he manages to slowly kill my drones.
At this point I could call for some help as a couple of guys in the corp just loged on, but decide this is to fun to be spoiled even if I miss the kill.
So we keep hittign each other, reapairing, hitting droens, retracting drones, releasing drones untill I am left with 3 drones. At this point I realise my mistakes:
1) I have tech 1 hobgoblins which give hav thermal damage and tech 1 hammerheads :-(
2) I have a full nos setup, if I had some guns he would have been dead long ago
So this is a stalemate and dowtown shutdown counts to 1 minute. We have a nice talk and I'm givem soe good points on how to kill a Jaguar next time I meet one. I dock and servers are off.

Later in the day, servers are up for a couple of hours at least. Log on, Start moving again and I find a newby in a thorax ratting. I warp in, close the gap, nos, this time I have some small rails on 125s, web , scram, hit him with drones. He is going down and fast, half of the spawn starts hittign me, my npc advantage is not valid anymore. Convo comes up, mm, I intended to kill, oh well, guess what, I know the guy :-) not know in rl but I know the guy and this is how I do another mistake for the day: I stop my modules, to let the guy warp, he does not warp for whatever reason, I think it's a good time to warp, but nah.. so the NPCS KILL HIM ! I will never, ever, again let a target go no matter what. Well I still got the loot, the named rep and ion blasters.

The rest of the day goes without many inteersting things , I kill an incursus in my incursus, but he's a coupe of days old newby so nothign interesting there.

Corp chat starts to get more and mor alert, we got 5 peopel online ready for some action, plus a new recruit whos application has just been accepted. So we form up a 6 man gang and decide to roam high sec space, flipping ore cans and gettgin people agroed. We got a gang of: 2* incrusus, 1 minnie destroyer, 1 maulus, a merlin I think and maybe another incursus. Wine if flowing and gang is moving. We keep going and make maybe 10-11 jumps all over the verge vendor region and than back. Not many feel liek fighting back for their ore adn the night seems dull. But then from one of the belt the signal comes out to the rest of the gang: WARP IN! a quick inspection shows a VAGABOND is our enemy. The guy goes for the nearest target as 5 other pilots land a few meters fro mhim and soon 3-4 web are on the vaga. A little group of drones hits him from all the parts and little guns pound at his shields. MY remote sensor dampners mu make a nice show also and by the time any of us is in any real danger he is dead. HELL YEAH, 5 frigates adn 1 destroyer with all t1 gear and more lack of skills than skills manage to kill a vagabond by good use of tactics (and blobing). We lost one frigate to concord as one of our guys targeted the wrong pilot and shot during the fight, while the same guy targeted me and shot and met teh same fate under concord guns. Seems he was trying to aid the vaga but did not realise the vaga took from our bait can and he can not help. Oh well, nice loot for us, neting at a quick look over 15 mil. Plenty of frigates I'd say.

Sunday goes well but with no real interesting fights for me, some kills for my corp mates and one guy comes out with a new tactic from empire: 'free mining drones'. Yeah, he talks to people in local about the weather, than asks subtle about drones and then offers the drones for free. Well, not quite free...
Drones are ejected outside station or belt. You can guess the rest.

So monday starts and we're about 9-10 people working in a gang, now without me who's recruiting and too tired to respond in proper manner to coordination of any sort. So I roam lone wolf through low sec seeking targets while talking to people and spaming the recruitment channel and pising some people off.
Not much is on scanner but a caracal, oh wait, two caracals. Nice target I think and decide to scan a bit more and try out my luck. But I have no luck at all adn decide to risk it: go to belt, see nice 175k battlecruisers, start killing them, keep scaning. I kill one bc, than killing the other bc adn a caracal is on scanner. A caracal apears on overview. He is well at 25km from me but I act newby and wait while killing the npc battlecruiser. The distance between us starts to shrink and when he is almost 10 km I hit apraoch and turn on the afterburner. He targets and we're on. Warp disruptor is on and I call back my light scouts and release the hammerheads but this time I do not target the npc but the caracal. He hits me with heavy missile and I get him in web range and nos all his cap away. Shields gong down and I still got armor while tanking both him and the npc. I hit his armor well and soon enter hull. I now realise he has a damage control on because his hull is gong down slower than normal. I'm almost in hull myself and by the time I kill him my hull is 80%.
Emergency warp initiated and while aligning I call back the drones which manged to back in due to the small distance between his wreck and me. Once the drones in I warp to safety only repair my armor and assess the loot: nice 2.5 mil named heavy missile launcher and some normal stuff but in all close to the prioce of my ship, including the npc reward :-)

I move on and get rid of the loot and keep roaming for about an hour and a hlf withtu geting any more atention and then I get a guy in an ishkur in the same system I roam. He is much older, skilled and -7 or something. I keep seeing him in local and I keep realising why the number of tarets is low , especialy when I get this in local "xxxxx please don;t kill me, please man". Competition. Now I land on a gate about 30 minutes later and I see this guy landing there also so I jump into Ostingele. Stay claoked, he jumps also. I hit afterburner and target and nos but he quicly runs out of nos range and web, he has better speed in the ishkur than me in my vexor.
Five tech 2 hobgoblins come out and I web one, kill it, nos the other drones hehe and so on but this guy is at like 58-59 km from me. I could easely warp out a my armor repairer does not keep up with the damage I get but I still have hope and I keep shooting the drones. I kill another drone and see the ishkur close to me as my armor hits 40%. I can stil lwarp but I don;t.
Noses are on the ishkur, web is on drone and guns are on drone. Scrambler is on ishkur. Drone is retracted despite web and then soon released. So it's that retarct and release game... And it's gettign clear I am dead but I still do not try and warp away. Oh well, I almost reach hull and I start spaming the warp button. But I die before I manage to warp and then see the message: I was scrambled in the last part of the fight.
1) plenty of time to warp, but I do not
2) I have 5 lights and 4 meds in dronebay but use none
This is more or less what the guy wrote in local after the gf and normal stuff: "you should probably ge tsome sleep mate" Yeah he was right, I am using a drone boat and do not release the drones during about 5 minutes fight. I deserve to die !

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BR on :

Jesus fucking christ that was hard to read. I didn't even make it all the way through to the end.

Tell me again why it is that eve-pirate accepts submissions from fucking retards who don't know how to construct a coherent written thought (much less how to work a spell checker)? I mean I know there are some 12 year olds who play Eve, but why is this site accepting their inane ramblings?

Ander on :

I don't know. I'm not a native englishman but I can still read Dihanias text just fine.

If you don't want to read a wall of text, then don't read "Articles".

Articles are usually lengthy submissions or so called "wall of text". :-)

MinithJin on :

I can't stand people who seem to thing english is everyone's native language: it isn't. It can also be a difficult language to learn.

I do agree however that that was hard to understand in places, and if you can't write reasonably comprehensive english, don't.

Actually that looks like it's fresh from "Google Translator" :-D

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