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Mission Jinxed and also looking for a place to settle

Hi, me again :-) this time losing ship after ship.

So it's thursday evening and I am bored. Corp chat is quiet.. well I think to myself maybe I should run a mission or two, there is an agent available so why the heck not. So I run some missions and get even more bored.
So than I run into lwo sec with a light neutron blaster setup and 1600 rolled tungsten plate setup thorax and a friend in an incursus class frigate. We roam a bit starting from Dastryns to Pelille and than start moving north. We jump a few systems and I manage to scan icredibly quick a drake. We warp on top of him and start pounding and releasing drones and hitting him withh everythign we got. So far so good.

Than all of a sudden I am webbed and his drake has nos fitted so I'm out of cap and some light t2 drones eat at my armor between the missile hits. I realise there is no thign we could do and this was clearly how I am losing my ship and crew. I engage emergency gang warp and my friend lands in safety while I watch helplesly my hull vanishing. This is the begining to disaster (also know as a really nasty series of loses).

Ok, no point geting discouraged, that was one hell of a battlecruiser but surely better times will come.

So I use another cruiser and find another drake and I do not learn my lesson. I jump on it with the nec kdry and itchy fingers and while this battle is not going in my way it would be premature to worry and just keep hoping as the enemy shields also go down slowly. So perhaps I lack in skills and proper sized guns would be different but I just have to try and get this one. Besides I am not webed and not warp scrambled. And than my early days in eve acquaintance Zero Threat coes along in a megathron and blows me into peaces.

Still, nice fight and no point to lose hope. Many good battles will come. Yeah my ass.

So I go into empire and fit an incursus and start ore flipping when I land on an hiperion. Cool. I has drones out and just stays and guards teh can. No point to challange this guy, he is obviously there for the show and by his age he may very well be knowing what he is doing. I just innocently select all in his can and than order by type. Which mind you is a flaging act and iend up dead. Lesson in game mechanics :-)

Soon after this I engage a guy in a drake in some Caldari system and I get obliterated again, this time in my vexor. I had a gravietric ecm fitted and it had no effect what so ever through the entire fight. I mean not once did he lose target on me. Must have missed the threads about the ecm nerf.

By now it is already weekend and we chat in corp and make a raid or two but with not much success, seems working as team can get hard with people not knwoing each other.

We decide ore flipping is getting quite old and we should move into low sec space for good. And so we do. We each pick a place to scout and get an idea about. I am going to Passari :-)
Destination reached and scanner is online. Belt checks turn out a 14 day old newbie corp vexor. Than a kessy jumps in. Than I decide to jump in. And all seems fine untill my early scans in mid warp of the belt start showing other ships. This is what happened:
1. newbie vexor warps to belt. 2. kessy pirate jumps in afetr him 3. I warp towards them 4. in the meantime other pirates warp in
So we end up with: vexor - kessy - me(vexor) - maller - thorax - crow - crusader and by the time I warp out in a pod I think an ishkur was there also. Now wtf ?!

I equip an incursus quickly and give it another go. I manage to find a merlin rattgin and quickly kill him but by the time I grab some loot a deimos warps in. I run but leae stuff behind. As soon as I get out of warp so doeas he. I warp again and again he is after me adn than I try and pull a trick and wap into a cluster of things but when I warp out he is right behind me. I try grab some stuff and warp but he has me locked down quite good. So I die again.

Yeah, I guess a pirates life can be more than exicting at times, keeping you alert and blessing you with thrills. But for a newby pirate in a newby pirate corp it can be very frustrating. High sec empire is making us nice isk while low sec empire is drying our wallets.

So where is a newie pirate going to settle ?

I think I was junxed by running that mission and with one tiny little kill I feel better but I'm still looking a loss > win situation. The number of vet pirates is very high. So is the number of good vet anti pirates. Somehow I need to get back to getting kills and not losings ships state.


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