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T.R.A.P.'s is recruiting

T.R.A.P.'s --- The Really Awesome Players corporation is currently recruiting. We've had some players move on to new pastures after a long stint in our corp and we are ready for some new blood.

We are mainly based in Empire space, specifically in the Tash Murkon area, but we do venture all about.

We are mainly an Empire war dec corp. We dec for fun first, profit second. Occasionally we take a merc contract now and then as well.

We are spread out all over the world. We have players in the USA, UK, Australia, and other parts of the world. All nationalities are welcome.

We don't mine though some of us occasionally run missions between war targets, we also engage in all sorts of piracy.

We don't have many rules in our corp. Basically have fun, do what you want, participate when you can and enjoy Eve. The only real rule is no cheating, lying, scamming or smack talking.

We value fun and friendship above all else. We don't have cliques in this corp. Everyone is treated as an equal and you will get out of it what you put into it, just like everything else in this game.

I am not going to bullshit ya with a bunch of phony promises like some of those corps you see out there recruiting willy nilly, using you to further their corp wallets via corp taxes.

Here's what we look for in a pilot.

The ability to fly BC or better.

The ability to be self-sufficient.

The ability to work alone or in a group.

The ability to read/understand corp chat and emails.

Prior PvP experience is always a plus, but if you're lacking and can follow the previous requirement, you shouldn't have a problem.

Here is what we are not looking for.

Co-dependant people who can't function without a group or without some serious hand-holding.

People who whine about being outnumbered or losing ships or being camped.

People who don't fly their ships because they're afraid to lose it and can't afford a new one.

People who constantly brag or act like retards over simple things.

People who grub ISK, mods, ships, or assistance from others.

We don't offer a lot in the way of ships, mods, insurance or any discounts on items. We don't have corp hangars. We don't have a POS. We don't have guaranteed low sec or 0.0 access.

What we do have is a friendly bunch of people who enjoy playing Eve. We offer constant war targets, of course we can't guarantee they will undock or log in, and we can't guarantee a victory in every encounter. We offer a casual PvP, pirate and griefing environment. Of course you can be as hardcore as you want though. Most of us are pretty laid back.

You will likely not get rich quick in our corp. A lot of people read my stories on Eve and think we are just killing and looting to no end. That can happen now and then but a lot of it is cat and mouse so for some people, it's a bit more fun, and for others, they might find it dreadfully boring. It's not for everyone.

I highly suggest you read a few of my stories on Eve Click my author name at the beginning of the story to see all of them.

Alts are welcome, your main's privacy is assured of course. So if you're looking to try something new or different, give us a whirl. We might be your cup of tea.

If you have any questions, please convo me or email me in game or out of game at

Do not just apply without talking to me first. Any unsolicited apps are rejected and I don't even look at them. Anyone who want's to join a corp without bothering to ask any questions or have questions asked of them isn't likely to be a good corpmate. That's just my opinion. Of course you could just apply randomly with some large allianced corp and get in a lot easier. Of course, we might be war dec'ing them shortly so you may have a chance to fly against us. :-)

Also we posted this on the main Eve-O forums. If you like my stories, please hop over to our
post and give us a lil bumpage and say hello!


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Jarduin on :

Nooo. I was just about to make coffee and get ready for another good read, but realized this is only for recruitment :-(

I'm sad in the pants...

freaky on :

Don't worry, I should have a new read up by this weekend.

I am dreading going thru my logs to find all the funny crap. :-)

vult on :

I flew with traps for about 8 months and it was the best 8 months of eve i've had, in a way i kinda regret leavin but i wanted to try somethin different. Me and Nexa are still good friends now so traps really is for life :p.

What he says is true... there is no preasure to be on every minuite of every day, its all about havin fun and killin carebears(YARR) so if you wanna pvp and have a good laugh join up

Vultureian o7

Huliganka on :

Good luck Nexa ^_^

Vult, we already told you why we wouldnt fight you, you do the math from here... but you can continue talking shit if you must...

Anonymous on :

You've come down in requirements a bit since I tried to apply - 5 months ago i think.
Back then it was 1yr+ at the least. :-(

GL and I'm sure you'll get some good recruits.

PS: The article/recruitment flyer is very well made and shows that this corp asks for a mature individual.

freaky on :

Well the previous requirements, 1 year old pilots, was more of a general guideline.

Mostly it was there to stave off the ridiculous amounts of apps we were getting from 2 day old characters, always just after a new war started. :-)

The sad thing is, I have already gotten a large influx of applications from people who are nowhere close to meeting any of the guidelines.

Obviously, if they actually read the post they would understand we wont take them, but this is exactly why one of the guidelines states you have to be able to read chat and understand it.

It never ceases to amaze me that people will still apply and then act surprised that we won't take them.

Ki An on :

Top class corp in every way. You won't be staring at a POS for 8 hours every day, and you won't have to mine for a quota. You just do whatever the hell you want, and fight wars against idiots and sane alike.

Join for the PvP, stay for the fun and friendship.


Not Stated on :

I was in BoB for a very long time learning my trade and generally having fun, during this time and after a good few months of reading Nexa's posts i put an Alt i had into Traps for a little while. I have to say it was the most fun i've had in EvE ever during that time. Inevitably i had to have my Alt leave TRAPS due to wars just being started and having my priorities fermly with BoB however due to the recent desync problems and so forth i've recently left. My first and only choice as a place to go is TRAPS and im now there enjoying the targets and the fights.

If my post in any way inspires you to consider joining please be sure you make the requirements :-)

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