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We Have a Winner! Opps, I Mean whiner!

That's it folks. It's all over. We have found the biggest whiner and carebear(s) in all of Eve. It's true! Don't believe me? Read on and tell me you've seen such depravity in other people before, in a video game no less.

You might've read some of my stories in the past about people like Admiral Denzark, Psycotic1, Soul Finder and other odd fellows who make for quite an interesting read.

I'd like to introduce you to Beck Altarr. He was featured on the tail end of my last story on Eve-Pirate.

He's one of those guys who makes you wonder what the fuck is wrong with people. I mean we're playing a video game here after all. Aren't we? Some people like to take things to the next level. In his case, he takes me along for the ride with him.

Now unfortunately there are not a lot of screenies here. It's text intensive. However what it lacks in screenshots it makes up for in substance. Do you like to see people whine? Do you like watching them self destruct as their video game world is rocked from under them? Do you enjoy reading about carebears who question a pirate's character and ethics, who then turn around and get caught in lies doing the same thing they're accusing someone else of doing?

You may learn a lot here. I know I did. I actually read the EULA and TOS, as well as a bunch of the FAQ's on the main Eve website. I also had recent contacts with GM's in regards to something other than reimbursement, this time it was for harassment.

This story is still unfolding but if you like to see people get what's coming to them, I suggest you read on. I hope you find it as entertaining as I did.
Although I went over this a bit in my last story, I will recap for those who missed it or who just forgot.

First a bit of background about me and our corp. We are The Really Awesome Players. Sarcasm anyone? :-) We basically war dec corps in Empire space. We do 0.0, low sec, and high sec obviously. Some of our war decs are random. Some we have reasons like another corp smack talks us, steals loot from kills or tries to disrupt a camp by bumping us and dropping cans around us and shit like that.

Sometimes we make a little money from it, some times we get a lot of kills, and other times our opponents run, hide, quit corp, perma-dock, and avoid us at all cost. Sometimes they fight back. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Overall though our main goal is to have an awesome time playing Eve.

Some people are surprised to find out, after dealing with us, that we are an honorable bunch. Now I use the word honor as in keeping ones word. There are many definitions but that is the main one I strive for is keeping my word as well as those of our corp members. If you take other definitions of that word, we will likely not fall into that category, but we do keep our word. There is no mistaking that. Hence you can search all you want, you will not find any mention of us in any forums failing to keep any agreement we set forth with any of our opponents. We have an impeccable record considering we are quite public about our life in Eve, especially here on Eve-Pirate and even a bit on the main Eve-O forums. I don't frequent them much, but I know my corpmates do.

If you read some of my previous stories, you might see people calling me a liar or saying I photoshop screenshots and edit chatlogs to better my image or to build support for my cause. Of course, all of those people spewing that drivel have yet to show any proof. No surprise there to be honest.

I am not bragging when I say my stories are pretty popular thanks to this website, and quite a few people know about me and my corp and our antics. I feel I have been in this community long enough to probably tell a story and have it believed even without screenshots or chatlogs. Never once have I lied or tried to misrepresent myself or the corp. Granted, there are two sides to every story, and this is my side.

Disclaimer--Some of the chat logs are edited for consumption, and I will give examples why editing is necessary when posting in a forum such as this. Beck and his friends felt that since I left out a few lines of chat I was hiding something and using it to make myself look better. You can read my dissection of those logs and decide for yourself.

Beck said in a comment on my last story....

Wow, what an amazing story and so cleverly edited too. You would make a very good writer too, fiction of course. You seem to be missing some parts of the chat log there as well as other info

During the course of this story I will be pulling quotes from the comments in my story as well as quotes from Beck's website forums here. I will also be taking quotes from the Eve EULA, Eve TOS, Eve's Banning Policy as well as quotes from their FAQ Section.

So here's the deal. We had 3 war dec's against a few smaller corps. All 3 were quite boring to say the least. Since we were constantly without targets for a week or two, I decided to build up a bit of faction so I could use more locator agents. I started grinding out level 4 missions like a mofo.

Every few missions took me to Nafrivik. It's a small and quiet system a few jumps from Tash Murkon Prime where we normally hang out. While I was running a mission, Beck Altarr decides to make a comment to me in local about my bounty.

Here is a excerpt from my last story....

At first he says nothing. He sits in local trying to recruit people.

[ 2007.07.18 05:29:54 ] Beck Altarr > Hey you all in a Corp?
[ 2007.07.18 05:30:10 ] Mara Angharad > yup
[ 2007.07.18 05:31:01 ] Mara Angharad > you recruiting?
[ 2007.07.18 05:31:17 ] Beck Altarr > we are. for this system.

Now you may say "Hmm is that the full and complete chatlog? I wonder what Nexa is leaving out. There HAS to be something he is leaving out!"

You are correct. I admit it. I am caught red-handed. Here is the entire chat log from that time period....

[ 2007.07.18 03:17:48 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Niarja Local Channel
[ 2007.07.18 03:19:18 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Madirmilire Local Channel
[ 2007.07.18 03:20:46 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Romi Local Channel
[ 2007.07.18 03:20:47 ] Maria Jin > o/ Nexa
[ 2007.07.18 03:21:05 ] Nexa Necis > :-)
[ 2007.07.18 03:22:42 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Bhizheba Local Channel
[ 2007.07.18 03:23:58 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Tash-Murkon Prime Local Channel
[ 2007.07.18 03:25:34 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Yanuel Local Channel
[ 2007.07.18 03:40:25 ] Nexa Necis > nice to meet you sean
[ 2007.07.18 03:40:33 ] Nexa Necis > sorry i was late to meet your armageddon
[ 2007.07.18 03:44:32 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Taru Local Channel
[ 2007.07.18 03:48:30 ] Nexa Necis > evening guys :-)
[ 2007.07.18 03:50:05 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Yanuel Local Channel
[ 2007.07.18 04:18:52 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Taru Local Channel
[ 2007.07.18 04:19:11 ] Nexa Necis > sup dunky
[ 2007.07.18 04:19:59 ] Nexa Necis > or do you prefer Dark Star?
[ 2007.07.18 04:20:39 ] Dunkler Stern > say what you want nexa
[ 2007.07.18 04:21:03 ] Nexa Necis > just saying hello is all
[ 2007.07.18 04:21:41 ] Dunkler Stern > good morning nexa!
[ 2007.07.18 04:29:24 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Yanuel Local Channel
[ 2007.07.18 04:57:34 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Taru Local Channel
[ 2007.07.18 05:00:51 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Yanuel Local Channel
[ 2007.07.18 05:02:07 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Nafrivik Local Channel
[ 2007.07.18 05:29:54 ] Beck Altarr > Hey you all in a Corp?
[ 2007.07.18 05:30:10 ] Mara Angharad > yup
[ 2007.07.18 05:31:01 ] Mara Angharad > you recruiting?
[ 2007.07.18 05:31:17 ] Beck Altarr > we are. for this system.
[ 2007.07.18 05:38:14 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Yanuel Local Channel

Busted! I am so fucking busted! Now perhaps you can understand why I do a bit of editing on the chat logs. I don't know about you but I've read stories where people are too lazy to edit them and they post 100 lines of local chat and really there are 5 lines of chat that center around their story.

Now mind you you can see here he is actively recruiting right? He will claim later that he intended all along to leave corp and join Goonswarm.

Here's another example, again another excerpt from my last story....

Then he starts with the comments. Nothing bad really, just stupid comments really.

[ 2007.07.21 08:04:39 ] Beck Altarr > hey can I get your bounty?
[ 2007.07.21 08:05:13 ] Nexa Necis > sure
[ 2007.07.21 08:05:44 ] Beck Altarr > lol, like it would be that easy I am sure haha
[ 2007.07.21 08:06:00 ] Nexa Necis > ill war dec your corp in a few weeks. then you can have at it
[ 2007.07.21 08:06:35 ] Beck Altarr > you might just get surprised then.
[ 2007.07.21 08:06:48 ] Nexa Necis > i love surprises
[ 2007.07.21 08:07:38 ] Nexa Necis > will i get the "you dont know who my alt is, you're a dead man" surprise or will it be something better?
[ 2007.07.21 08:08:15 ] Beck Altarr > no, we don;t use lame alts, mostly miners. We got big rocks
[ 2007.07.21 08:10:09 ] Beck Altarr > I cn't tell what your flying so I couldn;t say
[ 2007.07.21 08:10:37 ] Nexa Necis > Dominix
[ 2007.07.21 08:12:39 ] Beck Altarr > You should bring a bigger ship then.

Of course it's the old, "You don't know who you're messing with so watch it buddy!" line basically. Of course I put in the war vote and wait for it to go live.

Here's the full log.....

[ 2007.07.21 07:29:58 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Taru Local Channel
[ 2007.07.21 07:36:42 ] Nexa Necis > i see you moved newfrag to zeriert
[ 2007.07.21 08:01:08 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Yanuel Local Channel
[ 2007.07.21 08:04:14 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Nafrivik Local Channel
[ 2007.07.21 08:04:39 ] Beck Altarr > hey can I get your bounty?
[ 2007.07.21 08:05:13 ] Nexa Necis > sure
[ 2007.07.21 08:05:44 ] Beck Altarr > lol, like it would be that easy I am sure haha
[ 2007.07.21 08:06:00 ] Nexa Necis > ill war dec your corp in a few weeks. then you can have at it
[ 2007.07.21 08:06:35 ] Beck Altarr > you might just get surprised then.
[ 2007.07.21 08:06:48 ] Nexa Necis > i love surprises
[ 2007.07.21 08:07:38 ] Nexa Necis > will i get the "you dont know who my alt is, you're a dead man" surprise or will it be something better?
[ 2007.07.21 08:08:15 ] Beck Altarr > no, we don;t use lame alts, mostly miners. We got big rocks
[ 2007.07.21 08:10:09 ] Beck Altarr > I cn't tell what your flying so I couldn;t say
[ 2007.07.21 08:10:37 ] Nexa Necis > Dominix
[ 2007.07.21 08:12:39 ] Beck Altarr > You should bring a bigger ship then.
[ 2007.07.21 08:13:17 ] Beck Altarr > well.. depends on your skills I guess.
[ 2007.07.21 08:13:36 ] Beck Altarr > I am about mid way in our corps skill numbers
[ 2007.07.21 08:15:01 ] Beck Altarr > I only play about 2 months at a time.
[ 2007.07.21 08:16:31 ] Freaky Norm > sounds like you guys will have a war
[ 2007.07.21 08:17:10 ] Freaky Norm > fly safe
[ 2007.07.21 08:17:22 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Yanuel Local Channel
[ 2007.07.21 08:18:36 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Taru Local Channel

Man, once again, I am so busted. See all those hidden gems of text? I knew I couldn't hide it forever. Get my point though? I do edit but the meat and potatoes of the story is always there. It's not like I am hiding 2 hours of text showing me calling someone a homo then only posting their response of "fuck off" and saying "look at how he verbally accosted me totally unprovoked!"

That's not me and not my style. If there is something important, pivotal, or essential to the story, I will post it, good or bad.

Now you might say, "Ha, you doctored that! You are a master of hax0ring txt documents and we know it. Try again liar!" Well for clarification I will include this chat log, which is me relating Beck's comments to my friends and corpmates in a Joint Ops channel we hang in with our friends from REPO corp.

[ 2007.07.21 07:46:51 ] Nexa Necis > they popped him in his raven while he was in deadspace. probing ftw and then he quit
[ 2007.07.21 08:06:05 ] Nexa Necis > Beck Altarr > hey can I get your bounty?
[ 2007.07.21 08:06:10 ] Nexa Necis > Nexa Necis > sure
[ 2007.07.21 08:06:13 ] Nexa Necis > Beck Altarr > lol, like it would be that easy I am sure haha
[ 2007.07.21 08:06:19 ] Nexa Necis > Nexa Necis > ill war dec your corp in a few weeks. then you can have at it
[ 2007.07.21 08:07:43 ] Nexa Necis > Beck Altarr > you might just get surprised then.
[ 2007.07.21 08:07:46 ] Nexa Necis > Nexa Necis > i love surprises
[ 2007.07.21 08:07:50 ] Nexa Necis > Nexa Necis > will i get the "you dont know who my alt is, you're a dead man" surprise or will it be something better?
[ 2007.07.21 08:14:12 ] Nexa Necis > i love when people open their mouth and dumb shit comes rolling out. makes killing them even more fun
[ 2007.07.21 08:15:23 ] Nexa Necis > first though, there must be backpedaling
[ 2007.07.21 08:15:28 ] Nexa Necis > Beck Altarr > I only play about 2 months at a time.
[ 2007.07.21 08:15:36 ] Nexa Necis > Beck Altarr > I am about mid way in our corps skill numbers
[ 2007.07.21 08:16:44 ] AntiHero > lol Nexa you talking to yourself?
[ 2007.07.21 08:16:58 ] Nexa Necis > no just sharing the chat i get from retards daily
[ 2007.07.21 08:17:05 ] AntiHero > lol
[ 2007.07.21 08:17:21 ] Icarus Starkiller > Can't wait to see how you write this up. LOL
[ 2007.07.21 08:17:47 ] Nexa Necis > i got a kick ass story coming up
[ 2007.07.21 08:18:06 ] Hans Gates > about repo?
[ 2007.07.21 08:18:16 ] Nexa Necis > you are featured in part of it yes
[ 2007.07.21 08:18:28 ] Hans Gates > \0
[ 2007.07.21 08:18:31 ] Hans Gates > 0/
[ 2007.07.21 08:19:11 ] AntiHero > mention me being the corp idiot
[ 2007.07.21 08:19:16 ] Nexa Necis > roger that

I am sure any of the REPO members in that room can verify the chat logs veracity. While we are friends with them, do not think that they would tarnish their image and lie to protect us. They wouldn't do it and I wouldn't dare even ask something like that to anyone in game.

Anyways, we had a good laugh at his comments and I put in a war dec vote so it would be ready once one of our active wars lapsed.

A few days later I was in the system again and he starts up making comments.....

[ 2007.07.24 05:38:15 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Nafrivik Local Channel
[ 2007.07.24 05:40:01 ] Beck Altarr > so what is a pie-rat doing in the system?
[ 2007.07.24 05:41:56 ] Beck Altarr > so freaky you hunting Nexa?

Now mind you, he is a 3 year old player. Surely he must know that there could be ramifications from drawing attention to yourself. If you're going to goof with someone, why not another miner? Why a pirate?

Well in my last story I figured he did it because he thought he was safe being in Empire and when he saw this bountied "pirate" with positive sec status likely running missions in a high sec system, he thought it was ok to bust my chops. He thought wrong.

Here is what he said on his own forum post....

This guy with a bounty was flying around while I was mining one night, I was bored so I thought I'd do some small talk. He has a bounty which usually means a pirate. e with out getting into trouble with the space police CONCORD.

Looks pretty obvious to me. Typical carebear mistake, "Well I am in safe space so he can't attack me..." thinking this to be true. That's why I love Eve. You're never really safe. Even in an NPC corp I could always get my Amarr spec character to drop a Smartbombageddon next to him while he's hauling or something and pop him.

Now this is what he claims on his website...

So we all have to wait 24 hours before we can leave the corp, well we were already in the process of deciding where to go and who we should see about joining. I had gotten some info about a corp called GoonFleet which is Eve's biggest corp so I had inquired on their site before war was declared on us.

Is there anyone in GS who can confirm this? I would love to see if this was true or not.

Now he starts saying on his forum post that I am concealing/editing logs to make myself look good or something...

Now in this next log is where most of the editing has been done by nexa in his tail. You will notice he cut out everything about his having the ability to declare war with other alt corps he has. Of course the reason for this is obvious, he is a griefer and in EVE griefing is a banable offence.

Here is the logs I posted in my story....

[ 2007.08.08 02:57:37 ] Nexa Necis > man that was quick
[ 2007.08.08 02:57:41 ] Nexa Necis > gotta be a new record
[ 2007.08.08 02:57:51 ] Beck Altarr > Oh the corp is still there
[ 2007.08.08 02:57:58 ] Nexa Necis > hehe yeah alts
[ 2007.08.08 02:58:04 ] Nexa Necis > but you said you were joining a large corp anyways
[ 2007.08.08 02:58:07 ] Nexa Necis > so we will wait
[ 2007.08.08 02:58:29 ] Beck Altarr > well, you can't stop a war with out both parties agreeing...
[ 2007.08.08 02:58:36 ] Beck Altarr > Goonfleet
[ 2007.08.08 02:58:49 ] Beck Altarr > So have fun with that.
[ 2007.08.08 02:59:36 ] Beck Altarr > lol, your a pirate corp picking on a mining corp. Your type says alot.
[ 2007.08.08 02:59:40 ] Nexa Necis > funny thing is my alt was in local and you were actively recruiting a few days ago
[ 2007.08.08 02:59:52 ] Nexa Necis > you said to bring it on
[ 2007.08.08 02:59:59 ] Nexa Necis > i detected no humor
[ 2007.08.08 03:00:11 ] Beck Altarr > I was just posting a link to our website which is not totaly corp related
[ 2007.08.08 03:00:37 ] Beck Altarr > well whatever. your at war with expired accounts.
[ 2007.08.08 03:00:50 ] Nexa Necis > cool
[ 2007.08.08 03:00:55 ] Nexa Necis > ill keep it dec'd
[ 2007.08.08 03:01:22 ] Beck Altarr > yeah, a few more of those and your all out of war mongering so becaful who you declare war on.
[ 2007.08.08 03:01:31 ] Nexa Necis > yeah yeah
[ 2007.08.08 03:01:34 ] Nexa Necis > i hear that every week
[ 2007.08.08 03:02:46 ] Beck Altarr > I can make 11 more trial accounts too
[ 2007.08.08 03:02:54 ] Nexa Necis > thats bannable
[ 2007.08.08 03:02:57 ] Beck Altarr > lock you into war with everyone of them.
[ 2007.08.08 03:03:00 ] Nexa Necis > go ahead
[ 2007.08.08 03:03:05 ] Beck Altarr > no, I'll get you for harrasment first
[ 2007.08.08 03:03:11 ] Beck Altarr > that's bannable
[ 2007.08.08 03:03:12 ] Nexa Necis > no you wont actually
[ 2007.08.08 03:03:15 ] Nexa Necis > war is allowed
[ 2007.08.08 03:03:22 ] Nexa Necis > weve been at this over a year
[ 2007.08.08 03:03:49 ] Beck Altarr > I have been playing far longer. and I save chat logs. You have already stated your intent to harras me.
[ 2007.08.08 03:03:59 ] Nexa Necis > yep via war decs in this game
[ 2007.08.08 03:04:18 ] Nexa Necis > i am petitioning you for admitting to using trial account in a way that is against the rules
[ 2007.08.08 03:04:44 ] Nexa Necis > so enjoy :-)
[ 2007.08.08 03:05:09 ] Nexa Necis > again, should you wish to negotiate, i am online this time most days
[ 2007.08.08 03:05:16 ] Beck Altarr > I am saying I could. Never said I did.
[ 2007.08.08 03:05:26 ] Nexa Necis > nice try
[ 2007.08.08 03:05:32 ] Beck Altarr > Can't get back to the corp, I am locked out.
[ 2007.08.08 03:05:48 ] Nexa Necis > have fun in an npc corp and pray that you werent name dropping goonfleet in a lame attempt to scare us off hehe

Here are the lines I left out. Tell me how this changes the story to any degree. Maybe I should've left them in? I don't think they make any difference at all to be dead honest with you. What do you think?

[ 2007.08.08 02:59:00 ] Nexa Necis > cool, ill talk to my friends there
[ 2007.08.08 02:59:15 ] Nexa Necis > that way they know of the
character of people wanting to join

[ 2007.08.08 03:01:55 ] Beck Altarr > You can only delcare war and be at war with so many corps at one time.
[ 2007.08.08 03:02:03 ] Nexa Necis > yep. 3 at a time
[ 2007.08.08 03:02:22 ] Nexa Necis > on this account, 3 at a time on my other accounts. i can have 12 active wars if needed
[ 2007.08.08 03:02:23 ] Beck Altarr > yep. well... you got 2 left.
[ 2007.08.08 03:02:35 ] Beck Altarr > if you have 12 corps sure.
[ 2007.08.08 03:02:41 ] Beck Altarr > knock yourself out.
[ 2007.08.08 03:02:45 ] Nexa Necis > we keep 3 wars constant
[ 2007.08.08 03:02:47 ] Nexa Necis > we will

I did talk to Goonswarm diplomats. One flat out laughed at the links I sent and chat I posted. Another responded that people do that to them all the time and if TRAPs does war dec Goons, good luck.

The other section is mostly him talking about how he can create alt accounts and keep us busy with those or something. I didn't really understand what tactic he was trying to pull. It didn't make sense to me. It sounded like he was saying he would have alts create corps for him and his friends to hop to and from to avoid us.

I hear a lot of people say corp hopping to avoid war is petitionable. I don't think it is. I have yet to see a documented case of anyone getting in trouble or warned for it. The only violation possible in this case would be the "burning" of alt characters, getting them trained in Corp Managment and then recycling the character slot over and over creating corps and such.

Once again he says I am a liar...

And I mean it. His stories are very well done if not doctored for his purposes.

So how has my "doctoring" so far benefited my "purposes". I am missing it people, help me out here.

At this point he quit corp the second the war went live, meaning he ended his roles the minute after the warning email went out. A bunch of his friends and family quit the corp. Apparently his little bro was in the corp with him too.

No negotiations, no diplomacy, nada. Just basically, "Why did you dec us? You suck griefer. Haha I make new corp. Why you dec new corp? Me petition!"

Initially on his website he posted pics of his chats with the GM's. They were quite funny. The first GM's told him our play style was 100% legal and that he should reread their policies on harassment and griefing. So what does he do? He calls the GM apathetic and rakes him over the coals for not helping rid Eve of scum like TRAPs. So the GM just escalates it for him. No word from Beck on his escalated petitions, but as you read further about his actions, I think he got an answer. :-)

So as he sits in Tash complaining to people in local and poking fun of us as we come and go...

[ 2007.08.08 00:46:05 ] Beck Altarr > ha ha.. poor nexa
[ 2007.08.08 02:29:40 ] Beck Altarr > I hope you "Really Awsome Players" are awesome enough to be at war with a corp for ever and ever and never fire a single shot lol.

Notice the time stamp? He's there an hour and a half tossing comments out. Sounds like a sore loser to me.

He convoes me a few days later....

[ 2007.08.10 02:09:32 ] Beck Altarr > Hi sorry I was getting dinner
[ 2007.08.10 02:11:01 ] Nexa Necis > np im about to get dinner myself :-) but im on for a few more
[ 2007.08.10 02:11:51 ] Beck Altarr > I'm just doing missions. Not safe to mine, so many ore theives around ;-)
[ 2007.08.10 02:12:26 ] Nexa Necis > cool, maybe my cov ops alt can probe out a mission or two and I can grab some loot :-)
[ 2007.08.10 02:13:17 ] Beck Altarr > not unless your salvaging. I am not very good at that yet. The rest I snap up as fast as I can,
[ 2007.08.10 02:14:44 ] Beck Altarr > mostly courier missions so not rocks to toss out of the air lock this time.
[ 2007.08.10 02:15:46 ] Nexa Necis > i got an alt that runs them for faction so i can have him do locates for me
[ 2007.08.10 02:18:23 ] Beck Altarr > I am not that clever, I am just a simply indy minded guy. I do a few misions. I have nothing personal against you, I just hate forced PvP. Stealing a can or what not is a choice and you know the consequences, but random war dec... gets me a little
[ 2007.08.10 02:18:25 ] Beck Altarr > excited
[ 2007.08.10 02:19:24 ] Beck Altarr > but do what you must to survive. Not a part of the game I am really interested in.
[ 2007.08.10 02:19:36 ] Nexa Necis > well guess you will be excited again in 48 hours :-)
[ 2007.08.10 02:19:55 ] Nexa Necis > i also have an open petition for clarification on the matter. i strive to play within the rules
[ 2007.08.10 02:20:41 ] Nexa Necis > afk for dinner bbiab
[ 2007.08.10 02:22:24 ] Beck Altarr > Well we all do what we feel is nessesary.
[ 2007.08.10 03:06:31 ] Beck Altarr > Hey thanks for signing up, we like having differences of opinions and debates. If you like we could do a pod cast interview and you could talk about your position about how you feel your system, Could make for an interesting show.
[ 2007.08.10 03:07:11 ] Beck Altarr > err... talk about how you feel your system is a good one.
[ 2007.08.10 03:19:51 ] Nexa Necis > GM response said edit---link to photo removed-- (Guess part of the rules are you cant link GM stuff even out of game)
[ 2007.08.10 03:20:16 ] Nexa Necis > i filled him in on the situation and sent links to my story, and your forum
[ 2007.08.10 03:25:00 ] Beck Altarr > Yes, until you single out one person, then it becomes griefing. So far we have 3 GM's that agree on that point only. So as long as you don't continue to single me out you are well within your rights.
[ 2007.08.10 03:33:42 ] Nexa Necis > yep just as you are allowed to jump ship, i am allowed to follow
[ 2007.08.10 03:34:59 ] Nexa Necis > should you wish to negotiate a surrender we are more than willing. if not, see you in 48 hours :-)
[ 2007.08.10 03:36:45 ] Nexa Necis > enjoy, im gonna grind some faction for a while and then work on a new story about us. thanks again for the fun and see ya soon. have fun and be safe

Notice he has all his friends petitioning me. Pay attention to that fact. It's a violation of the TOS. I'll show you later in the story. Between the last time he talked to me, I sent a petition regarding clarification on the game rules. Specifically if it was against the rules to war dec one specific person over and over again as they jumped from corp to corp. The GM said it's 100% legal. I did have a screenshot linked, but I had no idea you cannot link GM quotes or screenshots on any website ever. So I took it out.

Now at this point my story was posted here on Eve-Pirate. I also linked a synopsis of it here on the main Eve-O forums.

What I didn't realize was that he posted in the Features And Ideas section of the main Eve-O forums here.

I highly recommend reading his post. It will make you laugh for sure. Look at some of his "suggestions"

. Concord is the story line manager of war system which shoudl require a little more info about why the war started before allowing it to happen. There should also be a limit on how many wars you can start with in a years time.

There should have to be a valid reason to start a war that is loged so that if/when players petition when there is no valid reason, such as never having interacted with the other corp out side of the chat system, the GM reviewing can see the listed reason, see if it is ligit and if after a "concord" review can sanction the war or not.

So he wants people to submit petitions to start wars and limit the number of wars per year a corp can declare. :-)

He is really going to town here. Sinking so low as to cry about the address list!

You should also not be able to add people to your buddy list that you have declared war on. This is a serious disadvantage, it works both ways, sure I can see the guy that is griefing me is online, so I am just going to sit and station train until my account expires.

My only complain about the address book is that I wish it would refresh properly. Do you know how many times I located someone and it turns out they're offline because the book doesn't update correctly? How hard it that to fix CCP? We're going on 4 years with this shit. His complaint is absolutely laughable.

Needless to say he got zero posts supporting his ideas. Most people ridiculed him. Even in the comment section of my last story here, people who hate me and my corp even said he was a fucktard.

He says on the Eve-O post he is quitting. He said in our chat he will stay in an NPC corp. None of which appears to be true as he is still trying to petition me and he is creating new corps which we declare war on of course. His last one was PVE Corp. Why is he creating corps and upset about war decs if he doesn't mind life in an NPC corp? He said on his website....

I have no problem being in a NPC corp because there are only 2 other people I know that play Eve and one is currently trading his account for money

I digress... Nexa I am sure has figured out it's pointless to bother with me, once I have my second account up to indy running skills and such I'll be self sufficient and happily in a NPC corp.

So he hangs with people who sell characters for real money? Hmm, that's against the rules. If he's so upstanding, why isn't he petitioning his friend? Lack of ethics would be that answer my friends.

Let's take a look at his corp history, shall we?

I wonder why he bounced around so much in and out of his Tyrancy corp. I wonder if someone dec'd him and he ran then as well. He's already quit his PVE Corp and is sitting in an NPC corp.

I think one of the main reasons he became so upset was because in his rush to quit corp, he didn't have a backup character as a placeholder so the CEO-ship defaulted to an inactive account according to him. That corp name was also the same name as his wanna-be gamer radio station and web site,

The website is nice, but unfortunately it promotes selling of ISK and in game items. He makes money from the ad revenue for the ads from ISK sellers. Quality fellow, huh. Look at Ander for example. He loses out on cash because his ethics dictate that all ISK selling related ads are bullshit and he shouldn't be forced to have them as sponsors. Props to Ander on that!

So his site is bleh. ISK for sale ads, crappy forums with 100's of posts all by the same 3 or 4 people. Maybe the radio show he runs is better? You would think with his career in FM radio he would have a well produced show with entertaining content right? Wrong. Take a peek at his "kick ass" radio broadcast on Youtube.

Honestly, how bad was that promo? Maybe it was a joke promo showing how bad they can be. Not bad as in good, but bad as in bad, sucky, shitty, craptastic even.

He decided to post his own story on his website forums here. I really can't believe he actually believes the stuff he and his friends are saying.

He claims the GMs are instructing him on how to build up cases against us....

Honestly it is pretty lame, I mean there are a couple of us working on this "case" and we have so far found GM's do not all play by the same rules, which makes it interesting. Mine was some what supportive, still waiting to hear from the next one. Psi has contacted 2 and one was totaly apathetic and could care less, but the last one he got had some really good suggestions.

Basicly, and this guy is reading the forums, he is all talk right now and CCP doesn't look into past actions with out cause, so we just have to supply CCP with oodles of info about this guy, what he does and how he does it.

Again he says he and all his corpmates are petitioning. Now I can see him petitioning since I said I would follow him to any corp he jumped to, but why would his corpmates petition when I never talked to them and promised them anything and I didn't even have their names so I'd have no clue who they were. So again, I ask you to note, they are banding together to flood CCP with petitions against me.

He brags that he and his friend Psi took down the game Auto Assault. I never played it but according to others in Eve who have, know of Beck as Tyrant in Auto Assault and remember him as an asshat who thought he was super cool because he had his radio site.

Psi and I take more than some of the credit for killing Auto Assault. The game sucked and we said it and NCSoft lost a lot of it's community leaders and the new people that tuned in got the facts not the proped up propaganda NCSoft spewed.

So he and his friend are to blame for ruining a game I am sure hundreds, if not thousands of people enjoyed. Sounds like a griefer to me. :-)

He claims to have an "inside" media scoop that CCP is changing mechanics due to the pirate menace of corps such as TRAPs.

So pirates like this are not worth their subscription payments because they cause more people to leave the games than they pay. CCP is slowly losing subscribers to pirates, the only think keeping the numbers looking good is the trial accounts which are counted as payed accounts for their duration.

From talking to some friends who have a bit more info, media wise, there is some movement into looking at changing certain aspects and mechanichs of the game in relation to the growing pirate problem.

Yeah. Uh-huh. Ok. Right. Got ya.

He admits to making money from his website, which also happened to be the same name as his corp. Twisted Radio.

I do have to thank him though, He has linked to this site and the traffic has gone up, should be a few more dollars in my google ad account. Might get a few new members too which is never a bad thing. I am sure the guy is not all bad in person, just plays a prick on Eve.

Did you know that if you're a business and you play Eve and try to make money through in game promotion, it's a violation? Yeah read on.

He goes on to say that they are in the right here because CCP values money the most and since him and his friends have more accounts than me or my corp, they should be given some sort of preference...

Of those 11 account I spoke of eariler, only 3 ever petitioned, that's nearly 3:1 loss over notification. So add the 3 other accounts lost here, plus maybe one or two of my own, that's another 15 paying accounts.

How many accounts does Nexa have? 4? Lets do that math, potentially 26 acconts each paying their monthly sub, vs 4. In the end CCP WILL do something. When they do it is up to them, how they do it is up to them. I am sure they don't want to lose Nexa's 4 accounts so they will probably fix the bug or flag Nexa with a warning/temp banning if he continues.

He claims he has nothing against me.....

I have nothing against Nexa, or anyone else in game. I am above all a community person, I am a gamer and I do not go around hating people I don't know. I do understand the whole pirate thing and it is appealing for some, but not for me. I enjoy interacting with a community which is why I have spent my time, effort and money to put this together. Too many other radio's I have worked for become all about profit and not about fun and community.

He has nothing against me, yet him and all his friends are petitioning me with every war dec. Sure, no way he has anything against me.

He says that the only reason he didn't get into Goonswarm is someone thought he was spy....

As for goonfleet, once you war dec's me I with drew my app with them staing the isse and that I wouldn't bring it into their ranks. It was AFTER that that I got any support and about a solid page of people wanting to war dec you and a couple offers to sponsor me. So really if anything it would have been you that would have gotten me into GF.

But one of them got it in his head that I am a spy... not sure how but some of them got quite racist and such and I think in the end they are not a corp for me as I do not apreciate that kind of stuff especially when totaly uncalled for and posted as a troll/hijack.

Any GS folks out there able to substantiate his story? Personally I think he is lying.

So after our dec against his latest corp PVE Corp goes live, his little brother convoes me trying to "negotiate" Now I say negotiate like that because usually it involves people making offers in some fashion, but in his case, he offers nothing....

[ 2007.08.12 17:35:12 ] Liam Krosz > Hey
[ 2007.08.12 17:35:18 ] Nexa Necis > sup
[ 2007.08.12 17:35:22 ] Liam Krosz > What is it you want out of Beck?
[ 2007.08.12 17:35:33 ] Nexa Necis > not sure what you mean
[ 2007.08.12 17:35:42 ] Liam Krosz > Beck Altarr
[ 2007.08.12 17:36:40 ] Nexa Necis > and how are you related? besides being a former member of his corp
[ 2007.08.12 17:36:48 ] Liam Krosz > to leave him alone
[ 2007.08.12 17:37:02 ] Liam Krosz > Brother who's getting annoyed
[ 2007.08.12 17:37:13 ] Nexa Necis > big or little bro?
[ 2007.08.12 17:37:21 ] Liam Krosz > younger
[ 2007.08.12 17:38:02 ] Nexa Necis > ah well he should talk for himself since he is the ceo of a new corp we just war decd
[ 2007.08.12 17:38:07 ] Nexa Necis > invite him into the convo
[ 2007.08.12 17:38:18 ] Liam Krosz > lol theres a reason im asking you
[ 2007.08.12 17:38:52 ] Liam Krosz > cause i play eve to hang out with him and a friend of ours and i know what hes like all i wana do is find out how to end it
[ 2007.08.12 17:40:22 ] Nexa Necis > well make an offer, you probably know we dont really care about ISK and will keepo wars going ad infinitum. so make an offer and we can see what can be done
[ 2007.08.12 17:43:51 ] Liam Krosz > well i can guarantee i dont have anything you want im creeping on 5 mil isk myself and even what little he has you wont get out of him i just want it over
[ 2007.08.12 17:45:39 ] Nexa Necis > well then we are at an impass. you have nothing to offer, and since he has made this a personal war by petitioning me and my corp for playing within the rules, i can continue as long as you guys play
[ 2007.08.12 17:45:58 ] Nexa Necis > if you lack isk, a ship or equivalent is acceptable
[ 2007.08.12 17:46:09 ] Liam Krosz > lol what you want my hoarder?
[ 2007.08.12 17:46:20 ] Nexa Necis > his hulk would be better :-)
[ 2007.08.12 17:47:39 ] Liam Krosz > like i said good luck getting anything out of him he will take every extreme method possible to shut this down but wont give in to you and in turn i get to hear him go on about this and stops me from having fun since i can only solo
[ 2007.08.12 17:49:02 ] Nexa Necis > well it will just mean he will need to stick in NPC corps or something i guess. we've faced many stubborn people, were used to it
[ 2007.08.12 17:49:21 ] Nexa Necis > had one guy make 3 corps in 1 week. he thought we would get bored hehe
[ 2007.08.12 17:50:51 ] Liam Krosz > well so be it
[ 2007.08.12 17:51:04 ] Nexa Necis > k have fun and fly safe

Notice his brother says Beck refuses to pay anything to us. Beck has also said....

In my situation, and it is clear to anyone, this Nexa was looking for a target and really doesn't need an excuse to try and bully people. yes, I am sure Isk is a solution, Nexa can have all of my 3 million isk. But guess what, that is never enough, and they will come back and do it all again because they know you paid once, and you will pay again.

Sorry my foegin Policy is one I actually stand by and I wont sacrifice any of my personal honour by paying an extortionist Pirate group. Call that Role playing if you will.

So he's made it clear he wont pay. His friends on his forum call us scamming pirate extortionists and refuse to pay and back Beck up in his decision.

Then today he tried to offer me his Hulk as a surrender fee. Lets look at the pic he posted on his forum...

I thought it was funny because on my end, I saw something completely different. I decided to screenshot the chat that had occured when he offered his "Hulk"

The only thing different in each pic is that I am scrolling through local chat to ensure I capture all the chat since people say I doctor it up.

He tries to say I lack honor because I didn't take his Hulk.

So, where's the honor? The trade sat open for nearly 30 min.

So he claims I doctored my screenshots. Here are some things I find interested. He goes apeshit trying to get me petitioned and banned from the game. His friends do the same. His brother says Beck will never pay. Beck says he refuses to pay. His corpmates say it's stupid to pay.

Yet now, out of the blue he wants to give me his "Hulk". Notice in my pic the hulk name is in caps? Another thought I had is why he changed the name of his Hulk from Tyrant to "Beck Altarr's Hulk". He had it named Tyrant up until the day the war started. Why wouldn't he contract it? Because you can't doctor up a contract as easily as a screenshot.

Regardless of him doctoring that, who says I have to take his offer now anyway? It just doesn't add up. He goes through all that trouble just to offer me a 100+ million dollar ship out of the blue? C'mon. At least make it somewhat believable.

I mean he goes from this the day before...

Actually I am following the GM's suggestions and doccumenting this, I have Your IP addresses as well as another IP that is only about 5 miles away from yours. One is work/schol and one is home I am guessing. CCP also logs all IP addresses linked to access and play an account and since all accounts by CCP's rules MUST have the same info if used by the same person I am guessing all 4 of your accounts could be affected by what ever CCP may do about this.

I also have the addresses of where the IP's originated from and will be supplying those as well. I know who your ISP is and could if I wanted to get your real name. If my search matches CCP's then you're in a dead lock.

You're simply a worm trapped between hook and fish.

To then offering me a surrender of his precious Hulk? That last quote there bugged me quite a bit, since he says he is tracking me down via IP address. His info is completely wrong of course, but still. I read THIS story and figure anything is possible.

So I sent a petition since it's a violation of the rules to do that, regardless of what you do it for. The GM's escalated it immediately without me asking them to or berating them for not helping. The only suggestion the GM made was to stop arguing with him on his fourms. I haven't heard back anything yet. It should be interesting since our friend Beck likes to say I am doing all sorts of bannable offenses, when it's him and his corpmates engaging in it.

Remember how Beck's corp Twisted Radio is the same name as his website which links to Remember how he said he makes money off that site. He promotes that site in his bio. I could be wrong, but it sounds like a violation of the Eve EULA which states....

Accounts may not be used for business purposes. Access to the System and playing EVEâ„¢ is intended for your personal entertainment, enjoyment and recreation, and not for corporate, business, commercial or income-seeking activities. Business entities and anyone who is acting for or on behalf of a business or for business purposes may not establish an Account, access the System or play EVEâ„¢. Accessing the System or using the Game for commercial, business or income-seeking purposes is strictly prohibited.

Remember how he and his corp members are repeatedly petitioning me and escalating issues? That's a violation of the Eve TOS which states....

You may not abuse, harass or threaten another player or authorized representative of CCP, including customer service personnel and volunteers. This includes, but is not limited to: petitioning with false information in an attempt to gain from it or have someone else suffer from it; sending excessive e-mails, EVE-mails or petitions; obstructing customer service representatives (CSR’s) from doing their jobs; refusal to follow the instructions of a CSR; or implying favoritism by a CSR.

He is obviously attempting to get me banned by having all his friends petition who had no contact with me and who I made no promises to. He also implied favoritism of sorts by saying he had an inside scoop about media in Eve that they are changing in game mechanics to offset pirate activities like TRAPs engage in.

He claims that he posted links to his forums so that CCP could catch me admitting to griefing him. The TOS states.....

You will report out-of-game issues regarding harassment, such as threatening phone calls or correspondence, to your local law enforcement officials or Internet provider. CCP will not reveal personal information about its subscribers to unauthorized individuals. We are not responsible for actions taken by our subscribers that occur outside the jurisdiction of our game servers or web site.

So basically they're saying unless any of the comments are made in Eve itself, you're shit out of luck cause we can't/won't do a thing about it.

He seems to think griefing is me war decing every corp he joins. In both my petitions for clarification, both GM's stated it's legal. I gave both of them the details and links to the Eve-Pirate story and his forum posts. Here is what CCP considers to be griefing....

You may not do anything that interferes with the ability of other EVE Online subscribers to enjoy the game or web site in accordance with its rules. This includes, but is not limited to, making inappropriate use of any public channels within the game and/or intentionally creating excessive latency (lag) by dumping cargo containers, corpses or other items in the game world.

We did none of that. All we did was war dec someone who talked shit.

You may not publish private communications from CCP, their agents or representatives or EVE Online volunteers without authorization.

We both did that, though I had no idea it wasn't allowed. I only thought you couldn't do it on Eve's main forum. Beck posts are filled with him quoting the EULA and TOS, how did he not know that one? Hehe.

You may not communicate, post or publicize any subscriber’s personal information within the EVE Online game world or website.

Remember when he said he is tracking me by IP? He is not law enforcement. CCP doesn't need help with that. What other purpose would it serve except to intimidate or harass someone outside of the game?

He seems to think he has a good chance of getting me banned. Let's see what the section CCP has on banning says.


An immediate permanent ban of an account may result if a player:

a. Organizes or participates in a corporation or group that is based on or advocates any anti-ethnic, anti-gay, anti-religious, racist, sexist or other hate-mongering philosophies.

Nope, that one's not us.

Severe offences may result in an immediate ban without warning; however, warnings may be given for first time offenses, followed by account suspensions of varying degree and ultimately a permanent ban if a player:

a. Is abusive, obscene, offensive, sexually explicit, ethnically or racially offensive, or threatening to another player or an official EVE Online representative.
b. Uses role-playing as an excuse for violating the guidelines regarding fair play with others.
c. Sends excessive e-mails, EVE-mails or petitions, petitions with false information or repeatedly petitions under the wrong category in an effort to circumvent the customer support queue.

Nope, not that either. Wait. That last one sounds a bit like Beck and his friends. Sending repeated petitions about the same thing over and over even though the GM's are telling them TRAPs war decs are allowed and legal. Hmm...

Maybe we will fall into the harassment category listed under the Eve Online FAQ's....

12.12 What is harassment?

Harassment is the blatant abuse heaped upon one player by another above and beyond valid game play interaction. This offense often includes the use of derogatory, hateful, slanderous or sexual comments as well as insults that pertain to religion, gender, nationality or ethnicity. CCP has a zero tolerance for such behavior, as stated in our Terms of Service and violators may be immediately banned.

War decs are valid. We do war dec's. We are valid. Valid FTW!

But wait! There's more!

Players should note that EVE emphasizes player interaction, including non-consensual combat between players. Being attacked by another player, within the parameters of normal gameplay, is not harassment.

Oh schnikes! War decs are non-consensual. We do war dec's. Transitive properties state that since non-consensual combat is emphasized and within the normal parameters of gameplay, our war decs are not considered harassment.

Hmm, there's has to be something there that we would qualify us as harassers....

12.13 What is the policy regarding harassment?

Simply put, you may not harass other players. This includes, but is not limited to, hateful, racist, sexually explicit, threatening or harmful comments either through the in-game chat channels, in-game mail or on our message boards. Partial masking and alternative typing of such comments will be punishable by the same standards as the comments themselves.

Hmm, a common theme. We don't curse at players, we don't call them hateful or racists names, we are not sexually explicit. So that kills that paragraph.

Now what if what we did was considered harassment. Could we be banned?

12.14 What are the penalties for harassment?

A player who has been found guilty of harassing another may be formally warned, temporarily suspended or, in the case of severe or recurring complaints, face permanent expulsion from the game.

Not likely. I have never once been warned, or spoken to by a GM over any of our war dec tactics and play style ever. I could see a warning perhaps if they did decide to call it harassment. Considering I made several efforts to ensure I was playing by the rules, they can't say I was flaunting authority.

Now here they are getting a bit warmer I think but again, they're falling back to verbal harassment.....

12.15 What should I do if I am griefed or harassed in the game?

In most cases, victims of harassment or griefplay can avoid or escape the situation by closing chat channels, employing the use of the “Block” feature or by leaving the area where the instigator is causing problems. Reacting to this type of behavior often feeds the situation and escalates it. Players are cautioned that returning one misdeed for another can result in them facing repercussions, no matter how justified they feel in their actions. As the old saying goes, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

If you are unable to make the perpetrator stop by these methods, please feel free to file a complaint. When the option to report harassment is chosen from the in-game petition menu, an excerpt from your chat logs is automatically included with the report.

They offer some good advice here. First off, don't talk to people and you likely won't have a problem. If you get war dec'd, keep quiet. Play it cool. Of course he filed a complaint but I said nothing bad in chat. I was completely civil and respectful in all of our conversations.

Remember how he said GM's told him to take screenshots of me in action as well as posting chat logs from his forums?

12.16 How do I report griefplay or harassment?

The preferred method of reporting these incidents is to use the in-game petition message so that chat log excerpts can be captured by our system and included with the complaint. If you have received in-game e-mails that are threatening or meet the harassment criteria, do not delete them. We must be able to verify the contents and trace the sender by seeing them in your Inbox.

Screenshots, logs or text files submitted by players are not considered adequate proof for investigation of any complaints, be it exploiting, scams, griefplay or harassment. Screenshots can sometimes be helpful, though their authenticity is always questionable. Text files are easily altered and are therefore inadmissible as evidence.

It is our policy not to discuss actions taken against a player with others. If you file a report about someone you feel was exploiting, scamming or harassing, we will not be able to inform you about the outcome, publicly or privately. Please respect our decision to respect our players' privacy and do not request a follow-up report concerning issues of this nature.

Now why on Earth would a senior GM recommend he do something that they specifically say they don't give a shit about? Noticing a pattern here yet people?

What it boils down to is he talked some shit. Joking or not, he talked it to a pirate who likes to kill people for fun and profit. He got a war dec. He didn't even attempt to negotiate. He quit corp and petitioned. He got his friends to petition. He stated he is trying to get me banned because he doesn't like my play style yet says he has nothing against me personally. He says he will never give in and goes through all the trouble of making his posts, only to then lie and doctor a screenshot of him trying to settle the feud.

Look at his actions. They are the same things CCP says are against their rules. Yet everything TRAPs have done is 100% legal and legit.

This guy is supposed to be an honorable miner in game, an upstanding gaming community member out of game.

What it comes down to is he is a liar, a sore loser and someone who needs serious help. I intend to deliver that help with war dec's. They cure what ails you.

I hadn't intended to write this much and get this deep but I felt I had to. I really despise people who call me or my corp liars. I don't like being intimidated with threats that he has my IP and knows where I live and work and whatever. That is way beyond Eve sir. That is personal.

So I decided to personally bash your toons name and reputation here. I will hunt you in Eve for as long as I play the game. You are scum and deserve to be podded on sight.


Show me the funny! You want it?! You got it!

My corpmate sent me a link to Beck's Goonfleet Forum Recruitment Post which is chock full of funny shit.

Guess what? They caught him pulling shit too. He thought TRAPs was harsh, man the Goons just ripped him a new one.

He said on his own forum in his thread about me....

Between what's going on here with Nexa, what I have been working on with GoonFleet to try and join them (which I started before Nexa came along)"

Guess what? It's a fuckin lie. Let's see. Remember how he was actively recruiting but he claims they decided to quit corp and he was already being sponsored by Goonswarm?

My corp email shows the war dec email going out at

2007.08.07 01:49
The Really Awesome Players has declared war on Twisted Radio.

and his post on the Goons forum was

2007-08-07, 16:24
I did not see any info about this on your wiki or how to join.

What if you want to join with an established toon? I can't change my name in game and I have lvl 4 implants so I am not going to kill myself to pop out into your friendly space. How does someone with an established character join other wise and still meet your requirements? Everything I have seen is for new players.


Eve time and their forum time is different I am sure. Still it was made the same day he got notification the war was starting in 24 hours. BUSTED AGAIN!

He goes on to say...

I must have said in chat somewhere I was hoping to join you guys. Since this is an apparent problem I have, I am not going to bring it into a new corp with me, it is not fair to that corp.

He claims that he casually mentioned Goonfleet to me. Hmmm, don't think so. He said specifically he was joining it. He said he would like to see me deal with fighting them. Name dropping plain and simple folks.

Not only does he lie, he also has no fucking clue about in game mechanics. I mean he is 3 years old Eve-wise. Look what he says....

I am not into smack talking or making my issues someone elses. I have locked this persons corp into a war with my old corp with a non-active character as the CEO which was clever at the time, but has probably made me a target for life as they can not get out of that war unless a GM does it for them.

He thinks we are locked into dec'ing the corp he jumped from and that we can't quit the war unless a GM does it for us? WTF!?

Remember how he said he was quitting? Remember how he said he was content to be in an NPC corp? Nothing but lies of course.

The Goonfleet forum post was so fuckin funny too. I love their comments to him....

We try to keep things conflict free around here. I appreciate you being man enough to stay away and not drag us into your world of chaos and danger...Respect.

fuck shobon thread never let that nigger in ever

ok if faggots are going to sponsor this guy i am going to spend my sponsoree slot on anti-sponsoring him to counter one sponsor i can link my profile if i gottaok if faggots are going to sponsor this guy i am going to spend my sponsoree slot on anti-sponsoring him to counter one sponsor i can link my profile if i gotta

get fucked you retarded nigger piece of shit i'm going to pod you fifty times over if i see you

That is some good stuff right there.

He doesn't seem to get they are just fucking with him calling him a spy and racial slurs just to get a reaction out of him. That's part of what makes that thread one of the best ever. Beck says....

See now that is uncalled for. For one thing it's rasist, your slandering the disabled and so far no one has offered any proof that I am or could be a spy other than speculation.

I on the other hand have suggested a few things, that to many people, I am sure would satisfy them that I am none of those things your labeling me, especially not a spy. I am a casual player who is looking for a good community to join with in the game of Eve.

I mean, really it makes no sense. He quits a corp because he can't handle a small pirate corp war decing him and decides he wants to join Goonfleet? Huh?

They catch him on an alt talking shit about them and their shenanigans....

[ 2007.08.07 19:21:03 ] Ti'r > That's gay goonfleet expects you to pay $10 to join their corp and kill yourself to clone in their space losing all your implants.
[ 2007.08.07 19:21:35 ] Ti'r > go check out their site/wiki
[ 2007.08.07 19:21:50 ] Ti'r > you have to join the somethingawful forums, costs you 10 bucks
[ 2007.08.07 19:22:13 ] Ti'r > no, you have to support some lame ass web site
[ 2007.08.07 19:23:12 ] Ti'r > it should be called Idiotfleet if your going to pay to keep some website that is not even corp related online.
[ 2007.08.07 19:23:40 ] Ti'r > somethingawful is a political spoof web site
[ 2007.08.07 19:24:34 ] Ti'r > and I am not killing myself losing all my implants to join on top of that either
[ 2007.08.07 19:24:44 ] Ti'r > this is an alt
[ 2007.08.07 19:25:45 ] Ti'r > well my main has lvl 5 implants so I am not going to podjump anywhere and if you go to their space as a nutral they kill/pod on site.
[ 2007.08.07 19:26:21 ] Ti'r > and there is nothing about how to join as an established toon
[ 2007.08.07 19:29:25 ] Ti'r > anyway. I have been all over the goonfleet site as far as I can get and they have no info about how a 3yr old toon can join their corp. it's all about noobs doing tutorials and paying to join some site to pay it's bandwidth.
[ 2007.08.07 19:30:18 ] Ti'r > well you sit for 3 months and have to be sponsored too. but still it's for noobs only
[ 2007.08.07 19:31:07 ] Ti'r > lol, you wont know who my main is anyway.

Busted again. This guy can't do nothing right it seems. Check out Ti'r. He is a former member of Twisted Radio! Big surprise there.

He goes on to say that Ti'r is not him. Even though Ti'rs comments are nearly identical to his in the recruitment thread. The parts about him asking about SA membership, and "level" 4 and 5 implants. They're not "level"s you dumb fuck. They're designated with a +3 or something similar. What are the chances here that this isn't his alt? Zero to none is my guess.

Another funny thing is he wasted $10 joining SA and he had no chance of getting it. He claims $10 won't break his bank, but if you're living from check to check like he obviously is, $10 is like $1000.

I would not be signing up to SA today (I am just going to get my check)
Ok, thanks I'm just waiting to get paid this week to join the SA and beging my application process.
As I stated in one of my first posts I am waiting until I get paid tomorrow before I can pay for my SA account.

Which to me translates to "I would join SA but I don't have $10 to spare until I pickup my paycheck". I could be wrong here, but I doubt it.

One of my favorite comments he made was....

The most obvious, you can't be black and a Jew.

Ever heard of Sammy Davis Jr. you stupid asshat? What an intolerant comment to make. What the fuck are they smoking up in Alberta? Moose shit?

He brags that he is famous on teh intar-web.....

As for being e-famous, you obviously do not know who I am, because I havn't made it clear, but yes I am and have been e-famous for quite some time. So it is nothing new, but I appreciate you noticing.

God damn, I am still laughing at the comments from the Goonsquad guys.....

you're like the crocodile hunter of eve except you have downs, are covered in shit, have an umbrella poking out your ass, and are humming broadway tunes.

Also, I could give a fuck how "E-Famous" you are unless you are the goatse man or the artistic genius behind lemonparty.

Stream Title: Twisted Radio
Listeners: 0 / 300
Bitrate: 48kbps

Yea, your really fucking famous. The fact that your internet radio stream has a maximum capacity of 300 users shows your a fucking nobody. I will be more than happy to "get on the air" with you this sunday and entertain your following of basement virgins.

also if you'd read the rules you'd know perfectly well you aren't fucking eligible to join goonfleet.

Man I would have trouble playing Eve reading their corp chat I think. Sounds like a fun and lively bunch. I have to thank them for creating their forum because without it Beck would've never have posted there and provided us with much needed laughter and delight.

He is truly amazing I must say. He rationalizes everything. He blames everyone else for his bad luck, and in the cases where it's impossible to pass the blame on, he acts like that's what he really wanted to happen to begin with and is so pleased with his ingenious plans.

Can you imagine being him? You're 30, you spend your time making a website 3 people frequent, you start a "business" of online radio programing and constantly have 0 listeners showing, you have the grammatical skills of a 7 year old, you can't afford to spend $10 on the fly, you condone selling ISK and characters for cash, you lie, cry and lose in every game you play and live in a self-created fantasy world of illusion. Beck Altarr, I salute you sir!


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Niron on :

You think you have seen it all and then someone comes and surprises you long after you thought it was impossible.

Equium Duo on :

Well documented, kudos to your gigantic patience allowance. The one thing i wish i had was more patience. While i have never really intentionally used heavy/dirty smack, i some times get to caught up in jokes with other people in local and forget that others are watching.

Scarlet Pimpernel on :

I'm not surprised the lengths to which some people will go

Our current targets are similar (although fortunately no where near as extreme)

They talked smack, we dec'd, they lost some ships, hired mercs (who got bored), offered a 1v1 which they dishonored & got 1 kill and talked more smack, lost more ships, some fled to NPC (including the CEO) or alt corps (which got dec'd), threatened more mercs (which have yet to materialise) and to tell 'all of eve' everything they know about us. Now they stay docked when we are online and in most cases log if we are in local.

The lost productivity of those still in the corp and their losses are certainly more than the 100mil original surrender fee (yeah we're a cheap date too) and probably still exceeds the smack-modified surrender fee - some guys are too proud and stupid to pay though despite it being in their best interests.

The only conclusion you can draw from the collected experienced of pirate types is that carebears have an infinite capacity for self-delusion and stupidity

Armag3ddon on :

Damn and I thought 0.0 war's got complicated.
good on ya nexa hope you keep at him until he quits, we dont want his sort here.

Aslovi on :

LOL Nexa gotta be the best fuck'tard in ages. I loved his radio youtube I'm sure some large Corporate radio station will sign him up that baby talking "EvE" was a master stroke. No come to think of it the guy is just a master "stroker".
Why do people have to take this game so serious?
Anyway keep up the good work and save them hate mails :-)


flashfresh on :

All power to you Nexa. That dude is an ass. Big time.

Hope you kill his char and pod him over and over.


Atic on :

lol shiit, I want to wardec you for linkin that radioshow, it was pretty bad :-D

But yeah, very enlightening story.

Jamikest on :

Wow. Just Wow.

I have flown with you Nexa, for what? A year now?

I have taken part in most of the stories on E-P. I have submitted some of the screenshots used in the stories. I have submitted chat logs for the stories here.

I have never seen my screenshots, or screenshots of events that I was witness too, or chatlogs altered by Nexa.

Editing extranneous fluff from a log, does not constitute "Wow, what an amazing story and so cleverly edited too. You would make a very good writer too, fiction of course. You seem to be missing some parts of the chat log there as well as other info" BS that Beck depicts.

The way this stroy has unfolded across 3 different forums amazes me. Its been fun reading it all, but wow.

The best part: Now that you have refused to continue the "nanny nanny boo boo" finger pointing on his board, his mate declares that Nexa (and TRAPS by default in my eyes) has run away tail between legs. I mean really? We have? Hmm, last I checked, I am still in my corp and these bozos have ran into other corps, then ran into NPC corps. The war decs will flow. And I for one hope TRAPS always leaves a free war-dec slot just for this lie-spamming hooligan.

What really does bring a bit of light onto this whole sour-grapes care-bearism, is the way past and present members of TRAPS have come forth and posted, all declaring the same:

Honor; by the definition that most pirates agree upon.. I shall not debate its definition further.

Nexa, and TRAPS pilots past/present have flown with utmost honor in a pirate, war-dec, corp. We honor our word, make no false promises, do not fly under false pretenses, and above all: recognize this as a game, and strive to have fun in this sandbox in ways the game developers have intended.

As a side note: This guy seems so darn proud he can figure out who you are via IP.. Remember kids, if you have a domain on the WWW, anyone can find out who owns it.

Great read as always,
Thanks for the stories, and thanks to the crazys who make em possible :-)

Khel'tar on :

I honestly hope you wtfpwn this little bit ch so hard he quits.

Good luck, and I hope you nail that hulk.

Setana Manoro on :

"Even in the comment section of my last story here, people who hate me and my corp even said he was a fucktard."

If that comment was intended for me - there is a chance though i doubt my comment was that important, i would like to clarify something.

I don't hate your corp or anything. It is just that when I read your stories I have this impression that you are trying to put yourself on a pedestal.
I don't know if it is intended or just because you find only screwy guys like this one to write about but I do get this impression. :-)

PS: I was in a few empire war-deccing corps so far but I have yet to meet such screwy characters. :-)

freaky on :

I know what ya mean. That comment was more towards Beck's comments that only fanboi's of mine approve my story. :-)

Beck Altarr on :

Yawn... Same editing, same "lets drop these "facts" so it is more consumable. Lets catch your first lie... No one has supplied proof that you don't doctor stuff? I did, you even commented on it as being the first.

The you tube vid... #1, no one working for the radio made it, I state that in the comments of the you tube Vid. #2 A guy who found our ventrilo chat though Google liked the concept of the radio/site, though it would be a cool idea to make the video. (he also posted about it on our forums with the you tube link). The audio is a random sampling of various ventrilo chats. More for fun, not an example of what we usually put together. I was testing out the radio recording/broadcasting ability using ventrilo.

You forget to mention OUR screen shot of the Hulk was posted on my site within minutes of being taken, not near enough time to photo shop, where your counter photo's didn't show up till the next day. I have more screens too, but more than one just looks like I am trying to hide something.

Read the writing on the ship in my pic it’s "Beck Altarr's Hulk" in Nexa's it’s "Beck Altarr's HULK" I'm sorry to say but if I was going to go to all that effort to lie I wouldn’t have made a mistake like that.

We tore you apart on our forums. You couldn't debate your way out of a wet paper bag.

It's funny too because on my site Psi has had FAR MORE interaction with you than I have. You just don't know who he is in game. I said my bit, then you and Psi got into a page or two debate along with Yehlan. So really you have left out a ton of good story info... But then again, it's all about you getting "WTF OWND"

Of course people here love your story. Hell if I didn't know the truth I would too. But your so obviously distracting people from the fact that we have some what turned the tides on you. You're scared because we have gone out of game and looked to other means to fight you. I am the admin and owner of that site. I can do what ever I want with your info which you willingly put on my site. IP included.

You say we threaten you when no threats have been made, I have clearly listed my intent to which I will use the information you have posted on my site. IP included.

You forget... YOU came to my site to start something more with us. But I have let you say your peace, we have debated with you fairly and you have even admitted to willingly and knowingly griefed players in game and will continue to do so. You know you are breaking the rules. So by that admission you have no basis to ask for any sympathy from anyone.

So keep editing and using your "creative license". Like I have been saying your great for links and traffic and have saved me allot of money and probably the best advertising I don't have to pay for.

You might want to add that you have had to lurk on my forums for a long time trying to find dirt and found nothing. You pick out posts that are months old and present them as new.

I have an offer for you, it is posted. It's fair, and will help you maintain your... "Honor" (which you really mean is your Integrity)...

As for the ads, they are randomly generated by Google; I have no control over what is displayed other than one image on the front page (the long one) and I don't like it, some game I have never played. It's mostly there as a place holder for some ads I am having done up that are for the site and others who have paid to advertise.

The site is a community project and there is no profit taking, so you can bitch to CCP all you like. We already talked to them months ago about the site and out intent to run some eve content.

We are not a FAN site, we are MEDIA. We have different rules we have to follow. So I can run ads and make a profit if I want. I chose to cover the costs of the radio and give the "profit" back to the listeners in the form of Swag via contests.

This only covers some of the glaring inconsistencies of Nexa, we cover more on my site.

Yes it is only a game, a game I pay money to play, which ups the stakes a little, and Nexa has been placing large bets.

freaky on :

Bleh, Hey Ander, how come this is cutting off my story?

Any way to fix it?

zgott on :

I tried to post on your last entry. If I remember it was; Beck Altarr has tried to win an argument based on completely unfounded reasoning with a complete ignorance of the game eve.

I even read that odd website and the ridiculous posts they made try to avoid the real issue; and your friends defence.

And then i mentioned its a bad advert for his radio station.

I think what he misunderstands is your reasoning as to why you war decc corps but there doesnt have to be a reason dilvuged its a MMORPG. Its within the rules.


sorom on :

"Even in an NPC corp I could always get my Amarr spec character to drop a Smartbombageddon next to him while he's hauling or something and pop him."

reading this was like the clouds parting and angels singing...why didn't i ever think of this? the chick that got away in her mega is still sitting in an npc i need to find a fitting that can ubergank a mega before getting concorded...

Ga'len on :

This is a classic example of just how WRONG our dear friend Darwin is and how much his Theory of Evolution is lacking.

Is this guy truly for real? I would love to know what he has been sniffing, this is just total crap.


I have had the pleasure of being on both sides of the TRAPS game, former war target and later a TRAPS pilot.

Honor, Integrity, an exceptionable sense fair play are all attributes that embodies each and every player within TRAPS.

This guy just simply does not have the skills to back up his smack talk. He will continue to harass Nexa and TRAPS until he either gets what he wants or finally quits the game out of his self-inflicted frustration.


it's a game. It's not WoW, it's not some console game you can win with cheat codes. This is something that requires strategy and thinking. You should just shut up and learn from the fine example that TRAPS and in particular, Nexa exemplify.

Z.C on :

This guy is pathetic. period

.... Oh and you deserve a hug for making him feel "opressed" :-P

Anonymous on :


OMFG LOL @ the goon thread! That was crazy. That guy should quit eve and go back to hello kitty online.

Chae Csee on :

Beck Altarr needs to lose those +3-+5 implants.

Aeon Black on :

When I think I saw it all in EVE universe something like this comes up. Hope he quits EVE...

Liam Krosz on :

I dunno ill give him credit for his creative writing skills if i was half as good at it as he is my D&D games would probably go a bit better.

But in the end its still creative writing. He has admitted to editing information to conserve space but that could also mean conserve his image. So far all ive seen is a scared kid who tries to look big in a game and sadly we have beaten him at it the fact that in others mind were hiding in NPC corps so he cant touch us is just using the game mechanics to our advanatage much like he claims he is doing. Eventually when were ready we wont need the NPC corps anymore for whatever reason or we may just stay there anyways and visit him once in a while.

Im not sure who he is outside of the game he could be a whiny 12 year old trying to get attention all the way to an 80 year old who needs something to do between viagra doses.

Personaly i havnt attacked who you are just what you do and the fact that you seem to like making personal attacks is kind of sad. Your comment of "following of basement virgins" is most ammusing ill make you a deal if you can find your way to edmonton, alberta, canada ill meet you in person dont take that as a threat cause im the most passive person i know even if i dont look it. Then you can come back on here taint whatever you want about it then i can have fun cause in the end i do have something beyond eve i work 10+ hours a day at a decent job, have a fiance who i adore and though its not my mothers basement i do share my townhouse with a roomate along with my fiance. Now that ive showed how little you actually know about me id recomend being careful on your opinon of Psi and Beck because i can guarantee they would surprise you just as much.

BTW if you wana retort with "I bet your fiance is actually a man" or any of the other 10 year old insults you can muster feel free to stop by our vent shes on there here and there and once your done wiping the drool off your mouth when you hear her (shes got a good voice especially over a mic) you can be polite and say hello.

freaky on :

See, the only problem with what you say is you're not specifying.

When you say stuff like....

"But in the end its still creative writing. He has admitted to editing information to conserve space but that could also mean conserve his image."

You need to elaborate. I honestly don't see what I am hiding that changes the story. Seriously. You, Beck and Psi have all said this. You're not giving specifics.

For example, notice how I post stuff like "Beck said this and that and this", then I post chat of him contradicting himself? That would be what we're looking for here.

I asked several times to show me what is false, untrue or inaccurate. I mean you obviously read this story and I am guessing the original story, so you can see how I present my information.

When you say stuff like...

"Im not sure who he is outside of the game he could be a whiny 12 year old trying to get attention all the way to an 80 year old who needs something to do between viagra doses."

Then follow it with....

"Personaly i havnt attacked who you are just what you do"

You make no sense. You just attacked me. You think I might be this or that. I can say for 100% certain your brother is a liar. You can say I am but when you post "Nexa is making up the whole story and all of it is bullshit" but you post nothing, no proof. Sure you have 1 screenshot, which no one believes, you got threads on your forum with Psi bragging about his Photoshop skills.

It wouldn't be so bad if you said, "Yeah so what I lied, go fuck yourself". I think people would respect that a bit more.

Instead you say everything I am posting is doctored, edited, slanted and such. As if none of it is even remotely possible.

I mean c'mon. If you're going to trash people, show something other than opinion. The reason I take screenies and log chat is because so many people will call another a liar without proof. It also adds to the story as well, but as always there is the burden of proof on the storyteller in these arenas.

Also, please read the story. The comment of "basement virgins" was not mine, it was a quote off the Goons forum post.

I really don't care what you do or who you are outside the game. Read my stories, I never talk about RL stuff. At least never in any detail.

The only reason I commented on your bro is because he brought it up and he's quite public about it on his website.

I just find it amazing that you, your brother, and Psi take absolutely no responsibility for any of your own actions. You guys have no sportsmanship which was evidenced by instantly quitting a corp and petitioning me over and over.

I mean it's like I said, your brother turns everything around that happens. In game and out of game. I read his blog and posts for kicks. He doesn't seem too different out of game tbh.

Honestly, if he would've yelled, cursed or got mad at me, I could relate to that. If he was a good sport about it, I could relate there too.

Instead he tries to turn it around to put the blame on everyone else. It's Nexa's fault, he started it. It's CCP's fault they let Nexa start it.

I've fought a lot of corps over smack talk. Most of them will come to an understanding that Eve is a game where smack talk might come back and bite you in the ass and they take something away from it and make themselves a better player, ceo, or corp as a whole.

I've never ever seen people make so many excuses about it.

Do you really think all my stories are doctored? You think they hold little to no truths? Honestly? Maybe you're biased cause it involves your family or something? I don't know.

I mean you had to read this last story. Your brother's antics definitely are borderline against some of Eve's rules. I mean his bio links to a site that sells ISK. He sent repeated petitions even though the GM's said the wars are legal. Then you have the fact he claims GM's are telling him to get my IP and take screenshots of stuff and they state specifically in the rules that they don't use that as proof. The only real proof they use are logs from Eve in game or on their own forums.

Have you noticed that every post of his on every forum gets ridiculed? The only people sticking up for him are his forum fan boi's.

He got laughed at here, on Goon forums and on Eve-O on his own posting.

Why is no one backing him up? There are plenty of negative comments about my stories on this site. Even those people who don't really like us, think he is a nutter.

You talked to me in game. Obviously I am not unreasonable, I am polite, respectful and always available to talk to. I am not one of those "OMG WTF I FUCKIN PWNED J00!!@!" kind of people. I am not the kind of guy who sits and makes up lies in his stories. I am just me.

Sure, I call it as I see it and you and your friends might see it differently but until you present facts, not opinion, you won't get anywhere in this forum or any others or by anyone in game who knows of you guys.

Beck and Psi seem to be quite the writers. They have quite a few long posts on the forums over there. Why not write a story up there or here. Do like I do. Post screenies, chat logs or logical reasonings showing all the lies and untruths I have spewed all over the place. Personal attacks and left field opinions only go so far if you get what I mean.

As I said on Beck's forum, good luck in whatever you guys decide to do.

Liam Krosz on :

I do apologize for how my last comment read out and therefor interpreted the point i was trying to get to with the 12 year old/ 80 year old thing was that i didnt think it mattered beyond you seeming to enjoy this kind of thing and want to commit too much of your time to it. My brain was working faster than my fingers at that point the cost of an 11 hour shift and once again i apologize for not having what i meant clear.

The sad things is you seem to enjoy bottling Tyrant, Psi and myself in a neat little package and the point of pointing out how little you know about us was to point out that we all have very different opinions on this situation. I just ship and Psi jumped ship because we knew Tyrant wouldnt negotiate with you and we also figured and was later proven with my conversation with you that neither myself nor Psi wouldnt be allowed to in Tyrants stead. So me and Psi not wanting to deal with something that we did indeed and i confirmed to you on Tyrant forum while you were still posting that i didnt support him in regards to how this all started. So because my current account is less than a month old and designed for tradeing not combat i decided to do what was best for me and thats jump ship and Psi did the same for his own reasons. I had and have no interest in fighting a way over a poorly made joke that has gone way too far. This has essentially turned into something as lame as a third world country saying "If we were stronger we would attack texas for a little bit of money" then haveing all of the united states blockade the country and start killing everyone. Then of course the rest of the world sitting back and giggling about the poor defenseless country getting slaughtered.

Yes its a game but it still doesnt make things like that any less dishonarable and yes your war decing actions is just that and no im still not defending Tyrant either if you wanted to show you were pissed about being insulted what YOU should have done is messaged Tyrant inform him of your displeasure and inform him that you want compensation and if he turned out to be the ass you thought he was before you war deced then you war dec.

I dunno i havnt defended either of you in this i havnt petitioned against you, insulted you on the forums just how your going about your spite with Tyrant. Ive tried to distance myself from him because i dont have time to piss around with this i have a life beyond the game but i do enjoy relaxing in the game when i can which right now its not as relaxing as i would like. Youve blatantly said that even though i personaly havnt done anything wrong beyond being associated with Tyrant ( Which will never stop as he is my brother) that im a permanent target for your war decing. Ive tried to make peace with you and sorry if as stated before my less than a month old account isnt rich enough.

In this end this is still showing as someone who has way too much time on there hands and enjoys trying to be all powerful in a game where he has lost most of his strength in by our defensive actions. Thats not an attempt to insult you its just how im viewing the situation with the information i have so feel free to correct me if im missing something beyond the squableing of 2 people with too much ego and stuborness.

Interested Spectator on :

Hmm, Liam, dont u realise that being war decced is part of the maturation process in Eve. My Corp was war decced 3 times over a matter of months and in my opinion it was the making of us. We fought and got done in twice (had to settle with the aggressors, though the second was more of a draw as our enemies hired Mercs that we could barely cope with), the third time we fought and won. Really it was a worthwhile learning experience in what is an interesting video game. Our Corp has since moved out into an alliance in 0.0 and we fight all the time, Empire was a nursery for us. We would not be the force we are today without going through the angst and problems that war dec's produce. Indeed we look forward to the next war dec on our alliance as it will be playtime in Empire again! Keep the stories coming Nexa, I enjoy reading stuff from the other side of the law!

freaky on :


You avoided my request. I said please be specific to show exactly how I benefited or changed stories or whatever you guys say I do. Again, you read my story, you saw how I posted Beck's comments to show him lying and contradicting himself, so why is it you guys are saying I am a "fiction" writer, but no one is showing anything to prove it?

I didn't lump you Beck and Psi together for jumping corp, more for accusing me of lying and fabricating the stories.

Your brother said you petitioned me. He said him, Psi and you were the only active players. He said him and 2 others petitioned. I deduced that it would be you. Of course if I am wrong, it can't be helped as I went by what info your brother told me.

I did inform Beck that he would be war dec'd and he didn't seem opposed to it. Again, you're placing the blame on me. Basically I should've talked to him when I didn't appreciate his comments. I did that. I told him I would war dec him in a few weeks. He said to bring a bigger ship. He said he was joking, but he posted in his forum that he decided to bust my chops cause he wrongly thought he was safe due to Concord.

Too much time on my hands? Hehe, look at your brother and his site, forums and radio gig. I write a story or two per month. I don't sit on a site and post back and forth between 4 people for months on end.

I have lost no strength due to your defensive actions. I've lost nothing. You guys lost Twisted Radio corp, you lost the ability to mine into jetcans, you can basically run missions, which, once Beck gets to level 3 missions which take some time to finish, I will probe him out and take his loot. :-) I've lost zero.

So as I said, answer me this. Do you really think all of what I wrote is a lie? Don't you think it's odd how your brother twists things? He's got a million stories and excuses of things but none of them add up. Have you noticed that? Don't you think it's funny when he says that he's been in talks with Goonswarm way prior to me dec'ing the corp and it turns out that his first post on their forum was right after the war email went out? Coincidence? C'mon now.

Such are decisions in life. You choose to hang with Beck regardless of the fact he's your brother, in games like this, you will be guilty by association unfortunately. As you can see, there are a lot of people who would love to pod Beck endlessly. So consider yourself collateral damage I guess.

Beck Altarr on :

Liam does raise a couple good points.

If you had bothered to ask me if I was joking or not, I would have made it even more clear than the "lol" with my comment, that it was a joke. I figured the reference to throwing rocks was also a dead give away.

You took it too far, and now we are taking it as far as your willing to go. Personally I enjoy this, this is MY fun, this is MY way of griefing people like you and I havn't even gotten started yet. I'm just getting the pieces together, it's like chess.

YOU could have avoided this, you just needed to ask "are you joking?". Seriously, your bounty is 1 mill, I make that in an hour of mining. If your security status was lower I'd add to it, but then you would just kill yourself with an alt for the cash ;P.

You can look at all the "implied" and "imagined" threats in any of our statements you want. There is nothing there so pine away and feel like the victim... like the rapist who get's butt plunged in prision. Your still not getting what our petitions are about, and every one is on a different subject so we are not breaking any rules and since you are targeting individual players, we can each petition the same thing relative to ourselves.

I had one GM tell me yesterday that chances are nothing will be done because they are having some internal issues. I have uncovered some potential isses in regards to GoonSquad vs CCP that date back to May. So I make no excuses there. I still have on open petition which I update as you war dec me or others from the Original TR corp.

This may be a stall, I don't know, which simply means we start taking this out of game. Suits me fine. It's been that way for the last week anyway since you brought it to our forums.

We know better than to waste our time posting our points here, just as you realized on our site. Yes, a GM did tell you to stop posting on our boards because they will do nothing, so save yourself the grief. They will only look at out of game evidence under certain circumstances, otherwise they would not be able to ban accounts that link to isk selling sites. Which no isk is solf from my site, it links via google ads (which many other sites have) that link to isk sellers. CCP is well aware that we have no control over the content google uses and that we have a right to cover our expences of opperation and CCP can at any time request statements which wil show I have not made 1 cent from any of the ads. They are my rainy day fund and I see no reason to with draw funds from those accounts until needed.

My site is meant to be and look controversial. Our radio shows are all talk shows in which we choose controversial subjects. Controversy as you know, creates ratings. That is why there is still news programs on TV and Jerry Springer and Montel are so popular too.

Liam is right, you have no idea who we are in RL, just as we have no idea who you are in RL. I play a character and you play one and we both act out our parts. It's how we enjoy the game. I like to take it to this level and beyond. You don't, but you like to war grief in game, and I don't like that either.

Only one way out... We leave eachother alone. You don't want to? Fine, we can see how far this goes and yes. Yes, I have met people in person that I met online, but don;t think your that special. These people knew when to quit and actually got off their horse and dropped their ego and had some very nice private chats with me. We have become friends and even play online as such. Like some people become pirates, others become out of game griefers. Most are called hackers and other things. Now don't take that as a threat either, I am only commenting. I myself do no hack and do not support it, there are some things that go too far, that is one of them IMO.

So, you and your friends get your "EPIC LULZ" and believe you have a big "EPEEN", post your doctored screens and all your "WTF PWNED" comments. Your providing me with epic entertainment and many hours of fun. You havn't met ME yet, just the characters I play and the persona I use online. All your attacks attack that persona, the more you attack it, the more I know I am playing the part right, the more convincing I am.

It's TWISTED radio for a reason. So keep it comming. I was serious about paying you some kind of royalties, I mean, the site is not even close to going live as a ligit radio yet. It's still running the test link, the content is random and there are still many bugs and mods I have to install and work on. Not only are you increasing the traffic, your helping to test the site.

You Nexa, are doing me a favor, and I really think I might send you some money in the mail as commission. Really. Thank You.

Rikkard on :

Nexa, this is truely epic.

Much love for the Goons, and their treatment of this social mal-content.

I do feel some measure of pity for the boy's brother. If it was my little brother, I would have said "fuck him, he's big enough and ugly enough to look after himself". I'm an arsehole though.

Interestingly, Beck's argumentitive style reminds me a lot of school kids argueing on the playground. Those were the days...

Also, $1 in 2 days? Rough estimate with the exchange rate and all, but I can make that while I go fetch myself a cup of coffee. My mother makes that taking 3 phone calls.

To quote an epic song from my school years: "Get a hair cut, and get a real job".

Truely epic. Stupidity truely has no bounds.

Stahlregen on :

Oi dude, If you want to put an alt into goonfleet shoot me an email

Liam Krosz on :

I just need to add an observation.

Heres a quote from Nexa's story up above "The website is nice, but unfortunately it promotes selling of ISK and in game items. He makes money from the ad revenue for the ads from ISK sellers. Quality fellow, huh. Look at Ander for example. He loses out on cash because his ethics dictate that all ISK selling related ads are bullshit and he shouldn't be forced to have them as sponsors. Props to Ander on that!"

Your comment about how Ander and this site dont support Isk selling adds like Tyrant does you might wana pay more attention to the site your on.

At the very top of the page right above where it says "ISK sellers will be blocked - ander at" theres a google ad which happens to be from the looks of it the exactly same service Tyrant uses on his site and low and behold of all things the last 3 times ive visited this site there has been an ad for Isk buying care of

So just so i get this right in Nexa's words hes saying Ander has integrity BECAUSE he doesnt have the adds thats he actually does? I dunno this isnt an attack on Ander congrats on running a nice looking site and beleive me Myself, Psi and Tyrant understand that the need to help fund a site is necessary and sadly google ads doesnt let you pick the ads you want. But it still boils down to the fact that Nexa should pay a bit more attention to whats going on around him cause sadly at least in my eyes he grasping for straws when running Tyrant or anyone else down when he doesnt even know whats on a web page he supports.

freaky on :

See this thread....[subpage]=forum&boardid=4&threadid=291

There is no way to insta-block these ads since they come direct from Google.

He does block them. If you send him an email reporting the domain name, he will add it to his filter list.

Beck does nothing of the sort. Do a bit of research before you open your mouth.

Beck Altarr on :

Well now if someone bothered to TELL me there was a way to filter the ads I would.

See, this is where Nexa is getting burned and burned a lot with this type of additude. I have always said I don't like those ads, but they are what google sends.

Nexa, you have issues communicating. You need to really learn that sometimes communicating with people is better than jumping the gun and getting yourself into trouble.

Feel free to link me to a resource for blocking the google ads for gold selling. I would gladly use it.

Since no one, NOT EVEN NEXA, has bothered to tell me, but has railed on me about them only proves how "honorable" they are.

And here I thought we were becoming friends.

Anonymous on :

You sir are truly lost.

Nexa is right, EVERYTHING is someone elses fault, not your own. Its Nexas fault you have isk selling adds now. Yep, thats the leap you have just made.

Heard it here first folks, Nexa made Beck sell isk for Eve. Let the petitions fly.

Beck: that was sarcasm, look it up.

One other thing, TWISTED radio; guess that means you twist everything so its not your responsibilty? I think thats the heart of the issue. Beck and Co. have not grown up and learned responsibility. Yep, Eve, like real life requires one take responsibility for ones actions. If not, we have means of teaching you these simple yet basic life lessons.

Scorecard: Nexa Beck
Petitions: 0 0
Kills: 0 0
Corporations:1 0
Laughs: 1 0
WTF Factor: 0 1

Total: 2 1

Nexas in the lead, but Beck has the ability to close the gap through sheer WTF Factor.

Anonymous on :

snip as CCP mods would say.

This info is not eve related. But for your info you can still retrieve said information through whois-history services.

I don't like to censor stuff but since Nexa told me that he had asked Beck to email me I've censored this info now. It was afterall Nexa's thread and he didn't mind seeing this info moderated.

Now.. coming with legal threats is often frowned upon. And Beck's demands of having his posts deleted are denied. They are part of the website and can't be deleted. It's already been broadcasted on the rss-feeds.

If you dont want anything to be public - don't post it.
And a reminder to everyone else - comments you make here become exclusively owned/gives an exclusive license to be used by

// Ander

Original post of this is archived. I expect to be given an apology from Beck about threating me with law enforcement and other crap.
If CCP says this post is ok it goes back up unless this apology comes in due time.

Beck Altarr on :

So I see someone is ready to take this to the next level...

Well asside from the potential legal issues which not only the person who posted this could face, they are also associating them selves with Nexa and posted it on this site.

Now I doubt Nexa supports this, he did mention he has a family and I am not so crass as to take something like this to that point where someone needs to worry about their personal saftey or that of their family. This isn't Asia.

I have contacted ander to have this info removed, it is also in Violation of CCP EULA and other aggrements which this site states:
Basic users may not:
- Break the CCP EULA/rules.

Basic user is defined as anyone with regular access and use. So you don't have to be a registered user.

At this point someone has crossed the line and it is very not cool. I think you need to look up some law because you can be sued not only by me, but by eve-pirate, CCP and Nexa because you are associating yourself with him which can create ligitimate concerns for his own saftey of himself/family if he feels there is a legitimate fear of retalliation which you have created.

I am sure for liability reasons IP addresses are recorded with your comments on this site.

Nexa stated he has a family and I respect that and will not take this to any level beyond where it is at. I will never use someone personal RL information for anything less than seriously legit legal matters and only with those to whom need it for legal enforcment/investigation or to send them prizes and swag from our contests or purchases of hat's/shirts we hope to offer in the future.

What I think needs to be said here is, in game I am quite friendly with Nexa, we do not agree on eachothers strategy. Asside from calling eachother liars, which for the simple drama and pleasure of all this really is not needed to be proven. This is ENTERTAINMENT. We each derive it though different means and I think, would we ever climb over our mutual mountainius online ego's, probably get along decently in game. I do respect and admire Nexa writing ability and have never once meant to be sarcastic about it. I really think he could bundle up his stories, flech them out a bit and publish a series of short stories with one main character that revolves around Eve.

I don't hate the guy, I just do not like how he is using an ingame mechanic which is where this all started. It's become quite the drama and been fun. But this brings it back to being VERY serious.

Because of that and knowing the potential of where this can only go I am swallowing my ego. I am removing all posts from my site and users who have posted on this issue and will not entertain subjects relating to this disagrement with Nexa on my site. If nexa and others want to re-join and cover other things that is fine. I respect Nexa very much for standing up and defending himself and being as entertaining for me as I am sure I have been for him.

There is a point when things go to far and this is it and I will be the first to step back and walk away. Call it what ever you like, I am thinking of the saftey of my family in this matter and I am more than willing to accept the punishment to my online ego. It takes a bigger man to walk away.

I will be seeking legal council in regards to the posting of my private information with malicious intent and in breach of the CCP EULA and posted information on this site.

Nexa it's been fun, thank you, I am sorry you couldn't take the joke, maybe we will meet under better terms in game as my alt. I wont seek you out, but I am sure we will cross paths in safe space at some point.

And really... get published.

corvo on :

Just a quick comment, you are aware that all that info from the original post can be obtained legally and freely via a WHOIS request?

Why do you think that some registra's offer a service where all WHOIS requests would get served with their details rather than your own?

Oh yeah, I was not the one to post the WHOIS results. For one thing, I don't see anything special in them, seeing as anyone can obtain that info if they thought it was worth a minute or two of their time.

Beck Altarr on :

The info is not the issue, it is the purpose for which it was posted.

Ander on :

It's not a good method to threat me or my ISP with legal actions. Basicly WHOIS data IS public info. The only time you cannot use the whois services is if you're abusing them for spamming or automated bots. Also, eve-pirate is based out of Sweden.
You can send me as many DMCA's/similar as you'd like but they simply dont work here.

When you register a domain you become a public person. That's the whole idea of domains. Even if you use a proxy / anonymizer for registrations you can always request ownership data by contacting the proxy company.
The PROXIES are used to prevent people from spamming or automated bots for getting info.

Now. Since you started your emails with threats I'll have to wait and see what CCP has to say in this matter.

Sorom Ydde on :

i think this has kind of gotten ridiculous, and even if this information can be obtained by anyone, it's kind of bullshit to post it here in this context and especially to to it anonymously.

we get all up in arms when someone posts a flame anonymously, but posting someone's RL name, address, and phone number is okay? i don't get it and it kind of pisses me off...

i know we're pirates and shit, but come on guys this is just a game...

freaky on :

Exactly. That information has no place here. There is no reason for it.

freaky on :


I told Beck to ask you to remove it, not demand it via legal threats and game ban threats. Apparently he didn't ask nicely. :-(


I highly recommend you learn some basic soft skills in dealing with people.

I can understand your frustration with someone posting your info, which while publicly available to anyone, still has no real purpose here.

Ander has nothing at all to do with what's posted here. Sending a threatening email to him with hints of legal action and all that to a person who is out of the loop is really a bit much. If it was something like, "Hey Ander, someone posted my personal information in the comments on Nexa's story. Is there any way you could please remove those posts as I don't enjoy having my personal info listed here. Thanks!"

If someone sent you threats like what you sent to Ander, I am sure you would feel the same way Ander does at this point. You catch more flies with honey rather than vinegar if you get my meaning.

Think before you speak. Especially to pirate people like Ander. :-)

Ander on :

I'll be nice and remove it for now.
But it's still possible to recover the info. I expect Beck to post a public apology in a response here or send it to me by email.

If he doesnt and CCP says it's alright to keep the post. Then it will probably go back up. I dont believe in censoring stuff - that's all.

I've not been in town until today so I havent even seen this issue until today.

If someone posts my RL info. Sure I cant stop them - I'm not going to bother since my info is available either by asking my domain proxy or just doing some investigation.

I'd also like to point out that I've already had this checked out by a swedish lawyer.
1. Beck isn't a swedish citizen and not covered under the personuppgiftslag (PUL).
2. WHOIS info is public domain.
3. Holding me responsible or pull the "pay damages card" isn't valid either due to
a) I'm in Sweden. Sweden doesnt have a system where you can get extradited to canada for such offences. Usually the laws you have to follow are your own country... I probably break Iranian law everyday - you dont see me being handed over to Iranian law enforcement do ya?
b) Warning, bad car analogy. I dont know how Canada has it. But in sweden you can't be forced to pay damages if someone uses your car in a robbery.
c) This aint US/Canada. Your shitty DMCA laws doesn't work here. You can't force people to pay "make belief" damages.
Suing someone for 8million $ for spilling a cup of hot cofee over yourself doesn't work.

Beck Altarr on :

The first mail I sent you was a simple request. The second was a recommended form type e-mail which is simply intended to get someones attention based on the suggestion of my legal council. Sorry if it upset you, but it got the job done so I am satisfied. I hope when/if the police contact you you will give them the IP of who ever posted my personal information.

Currently I am waiting for my host to send me an IP log for the time in question as they record all IP's that connect. Which for my site should be pretty easy as I get on avg 200+ hits a day.

My site should be back up and running by the end of the weekend, I don't have much time to work on it right now.

You are right with your legal points, except that if someone used that information to disrupt a public domain (hack). Then it falls under other laws to which you could be subject too. Now that would require proving you had something to do with it in the first place which I doubt you did but this site being what it is about will understandably garner some attention from authorities when/if they come to the site.

My Whois info is not public access, check it out for yourself. I am sure if someone hacked your site you too would be more than justifyably irate.

You might also want to update your whois info as some poor guy in sweeden (who thankfully spoke decent english)told me there was no one with your name at that address when I called the listed number.

It is a shame when people stoop so low, I hope this person is not so clever as to have hidden their tracks to well. If they can hack my site, who's to say they wont and havn't done it to someone elses.

In addition to one very threatening e-mail which again the police suggest my be more than an idle threat (as there has been an increase in RL vs video game violence).

To hack my site after I had already walked away from the Eve drama and even accepting defeat where it is justified or not is just ignorant.

Ander on :

I expect to receive an apology within 24h.

For the record the person who posted whois info hasn't done anything illegal according to Swedish and US law. Whois info is public information and I don't see why I should reveal any IP information.

I don't give a crap about what your legal counsil tells you. I don't live in canada.
Your legal counsil should've told you to send a signed letter with a proper identification rather than from an anonymous hotmail account.

I've simply removed the whois info since Nexa told me he had told you to contact me.

Asking nicely from the beginning and cut the legal scare tactic would have given a nicer reponse from me.

Ander on :

>The first mail I sent you was a simple >request. The second was a recommended >form type e-mail which is simply >intended to get someones attention >based on the suggestion of my legal >council. Sorry if it upset you, but it >got the job done so I am satisfied. I >hope when/if the police contact you you >will give them the IP of who ever >posted my personal information.

I dont follow canadian law.
Whois info is public info. No member at has posted any info to cause attakcs on your site. What invidual people do unrelated to eve-pirate has nothing to do with us.

>Currently I am waiting for my host to >send me an IP log for the time in >question as they record all IP's that >connect. Which for my site should be >pretty easy as I get on avg 200+ hits a >day.
Good luck in finding the culprit.

>My site should be back up and running >by the end of the weekend, I don't have >much time to work on it right now.
Takes that long to get a phpNuke system up and running with standard setup? Man your ISP/host must suck.

>You are right with your legal points, >except that if someone used that >information to disrupt a public domain >(hack). Then it falls under other laws >to which you could be subject too. Now >that would require proving you had >something to do with it in the first >place which I doubt you did but this >site being what it is about will >understandably garner some attention >from authorities when/if they come to >the site.
Again. Whois info on eve-pirate or whatever is not related with what invidual members do. They can still find out said info bythemselves and hardly need to know such info from a third-party source such as eve-pirate.

And why would your local police department care about internetdrama? EVE-Pirate has not and does not condone attacks IRL or on your internet-body.

>My Whois info is not public access, >check it out for yourself. I am sure if >someone hacked your site you too would >be more than justifyably irate.
You changed to registration by proxy AFTER the info was posted. It's possible to recover previous contact info by contacting GoDaddy and asking for a record. Even if you use domains by proxy (GoDaddy's anonymise service) anyone can still request contact/owner info. It just ads another layer to avoid spammers and is not to be used to be "hidden".

>You might also want to update your >whois info as some poor guy in sweeden >(who thankfully spoke decent >english)told me there was no one with >your name at that address when I called >the listed number.
Once again. Whois info is public info. You probably screwed up with the swedish telephone number system.
Most people speak decent english in sweden. You can reach me by Skype if you really need to. However I'd probably tell you to fck off and handle this on your own end as your own site getting pwnt by random internet goon has nothing to do with me.
Blaming the publicity on EVE-Pirate is wrong since you yourself put you in that situation.

>It is a shame when people stoop so low, >I hope this person is not so clever as >to have hidden their tracks to well. If >they can hack my site, who's to say >they wont and havn't done it to someone >elses.
You should probably just upgrade your phpnuke installation rather than blaming your own security faults at us.
There're automated bots which hack phpnuke sites. It was phpnuke you were running right? or postnuke or whatever.

>In addition to one very threatening >e-mail which again the police suggest >my be more than an idle threat (as >there has been an increase in RL vs >video game violence).
Well have fun with solving that. I really dont see that having anything to do with me.

>To hack my site after I had already >walked away from the Eve drama and even >accepting defeat where it is justified >or not is just ignorant.
And why do you still babble about someone hacking your site? EVE-Pirate would never sanction disruptive actions.

Markus on :

I'm really disappointed in eve-pirate and Ander.

I understand Ander like most people does not enjoy being threatened, even more so when it comes to legal issues, but enough is enough.

People ARE taking this to far.

I noticed that the site Nexa has refered to in his last few stories seems to have been hacked/trached or something.

If this is due to actions from someone either here or not really is not the point. If the information is a matter of public record, its also not the point.

This type of thing should not be on here.

While I dislike the Eve-O boards for their excessive moderation, I would still expect eve-pirate to have some standards.

Many people talk highly of Ander and his work with this site, but to leave someones personal information up out of spite is, shamefull.

Ander, please. At least take the high road here and remove it as the right thing to do, not keep it because of spite towards another member of the Eve commuity, even f he is a smack tard.

Ander on :

For clarification. The whois information was investigated by me. Usually such information is weeded out as soon as I see it but due to the crappy response and threats from owner beck I don't exactly feel like making this a prioritized errand.

However. I still expect an apology from Beck at

Markus on :

lol, good job Ander good man.

Nazlfrag on :

This is too much. I guess some people just can't separate RL and a game. Just for fucks sake lighten up. Back in the usenet days, you'd post someones whois and get a laugh. Now people just get their panties in a twist. This guy just wants to play victim in some twisted S&M fetish, so keep spanking him boys, he's loving it. I just feel sorry for his relatives, they seem totally bewildered by the actions of this Internet Tough Guy(tm).

RonConSoda on :

i vote "cruiser 1on1" between freaky and beck to sort it

in other words: bring it back to the game and stop draging ander in u wranglers

freaky on :

Actually Beck and I settled in game a few days ago. :-)

I have the details in my next story. :-)

Sorom Ydde on :

awesome...i can't wait for this!

RRep on :

">My site should be back up and running >by the end of the weekend, I don't have >much time to work on it right now.
Takes that long to get a phpNuke system up and running with standard setup? Man your ISP/host must suck"

LOL, förlåt Ander:) I just loved the crap out of this comment :-D


Xasz on :

Erm... what? His site got hacked, so he blames Ander? What? Huh? I'm totally lost.

Beck, you, sir, are an idiot. There's not much more to say.

Random Dude on :

I am a random reader...
I just have two things to say and this goes for everyone.
Drama = bad
No Drama = good

I have no idea who pissed in who else's cheerios, but I think the moral is don't eat what someone else just peed in.
In other words, if someone wants to start a war with you don't associate with them, Stay as far away from them as possible.
(Another key is don't talk in local... then you won't piss people off)

My advice to Beck is...
1. Realize you started this by typing in local (idiot).
2. Go change your name to something else.
3. Go change your graphic (it is ugly anyway).
4. NEVER type in local chat.
5. Go join a different corp.
6. NEVER type in local chat.
7. Learn to like pvp
8. Oh and one more thing... never use local.

The only thing I have to say to the author is: you confuse me.
I read most of this and it still doesn't really explain why the whole beef started or for what purpose.
If you wanted to randomly blow up him and his friends that is all good and well, have fun with that.

But if someone is pathetic, why even bother? This guy has been playing 3 years, but he is still a noob. That makes it too easy, I wouldn't even bother targeting him.
If Beck hasn't joined a high end group in 3 years then he has been wasting his time with the game. This game IS pvp, why bother mining for 3 years without doing anything really productive?

You also need to realise that you can't petition people for harassment then they war deck you. Nexa wanted to kill you and that is what happens when you use local chat. Go get a jump clone, grab a decent ship, and have a fucking war.
Maybe all that mining will help if you throw rocks at Nexa...

Honestly dude if pvp bothers you this much then you might want to go play Hello Kitty Island Adventures...

sakaron hisou on :

dam i was hoping that you podded beck eh nexa? :-) ()= becks pod >= nexa
()----> bang!

Anonymous on :

Nexa - I used to read your stories with interest, but I'm beginning to see a new low in your tactics and griefing.

ABC on :

To be honest Freaky, you have made your point. Just move on and give us some (eve related) interesting stories. You outclassed the guy in reason, had his little brother stick up for him etc. He definitly learnt his lesson. You'd almost have to feel sorry for him. (at least I do)

(ps. This is a readers opinion, anyone is completely free to differ, thats whats so nice about them.)

Ima Nutta on :

Yeeeeup! I just read all of that, replies included...and I'm wondering wtf happened?

To all those who chose to criticise Ander for basically defending his reputation, get a life. People who threaten legal action as a means of "getting your attention" generally deserve the contempt they get.

Beck, your arguments make about as much sense as that judge in the US recently who tried extorting $64mil out of a drycleaning business via the legal system for "losing" his trousers (the ones that were actually returned).

You really shouldn't consider yourself in "media". That really is are as much in the "media" world as Joe Average blogger with poor spelling skills and bad teeth is a "journalist". Maybe if you had bothered to get a decent education (one that points the way to a spelling checker at least) you might have had a chance at presenting an argument.

Instead you use nonsense arguments and absolute denial of what was written for all to see as justification for somehow claiming the moral high-ground. If I hadn't personally experienced the consequences of dealing with paranoid schizophrenics in a professional capactity I might not hesitate to suggest that maybe you're a little fucked in the head.

** Note the use of quotes here to highlight words and concepts that you may be having difficulty comprehending.

Some pointers for Beck, probably just rehashing, but my 0.02 isk worth:

1. READ THE EULA!! FFS, try to actually look at the words and comprehend them, maybe get a 5 year old to explain it to you, what ever it takes! What Nexa does is legal within EVE. The fact that you don't like it is totally irrelevant. End of argument.

2. It's a PVP game! CCP states this often. If you don't like the idea of PVP, then why are you even playing this game in the first place?

3. Once you've managed to get past the first two points, maybe, just maybe, you should sit down and think about how ridiculous your statements above appear.

4. Try using a dictionary some time and maybe look up the meaning of "public domain". This is a concept that has been around for a lot longer than the Internet, but the principles apply all the same. If you write something in a public forum, you have no excuse for looking like an idiot when someone calls you to account for those very words. Likewise information that you choose to provide to a publicly searchable system cannot be used as the basis of a complaint for a perceived breach of privacy. For example, ever heard of a phone directory? They generally contain name, number, and address, unless specifically requested not to. When was the last time a telco got sued for some nutter using numbers at random to harras people?

That's it. Enough time spent on this pointless exercise that you've put everyone through. Be assured my pirate alts will be watching and waiting...

Anonymous on :

Well you tyrancy "outstanding gaming community" members can write as many half arsed essays you want in retaliation, but you're still over the hill nerds producing a radio show that zero people listen to.
Not to mention plain sucking at a video game (omg pvp is evil they want my level 4 implants!) even though you cheat with RL money trading and petition spamming.
Get off this great website. Good day.

Sammell on :

Excellent write up of a scary story if there ever was one :-)

Also I'd like to point out that Beck and his buddies seem to be hiding behind lengthy posts and lots of words with little actual action. While TRAPS has delivered the goods on time and with gusto.

Beck, I wish you the best but I fear your mothers soothing voice will not be enough this time.

Syringe on :

Now, I've been on the wrong end of Nexa's stories before, and it sucks ass. He made me look like a total asshat, took my honor into question, catalyzed the breakup of a very good corp I belonged to and otherwise humiliated me.

Not once did he lie.
Not once did he alter any of the chats.
Not once did he alter images.

I do believe that his stories are a bit one-sided, but they are a)accurate b)documented and c)claimed by nexa himself to be only his side of the story.

Beck, sir. You're a dumbass. Just take your beating and move on. To escalate it to such a level is retarded. I hope upon hope that you get killed or sterilized before you continue your genetic line.

Thzlou on :

lol O.o freaky always delivers =)

Arigorn on :

I'm shocked this post made it onto the eve-pirate website. I'm also slightly disappointed it wasnt denied. For starters, you just spent I'd say at the very least a few hours, demoralizing this guy, who is clearly pathetic to begin with. You've made him look a fool, you've proven hes full of shit, you've proven hes a whiner... YOU'RE PATHETIC. Fuck dude... Let the dead horse lie... I'd call you a necro, but ur not even digging up the past, you're dwelling for hours on end on the present.. Quite sad. I honestly feel sorrow for you, and your corp as they subsequently have to be involved in wardec after wardec towards this obvious nub. Stopping, wouldnt prove you to be soft, weak, or a "pussy". Rather a man with something better to do... I salute you Nexa, for you are far more pathetic than the person you just spent the better part of the month harassing.

Dura on :

Holy shit Freaky, you manage to find some really fucked up people!

While I think it is completely insane to start posting up peoples personal details for any reason at all (yeah they where in the public domain but still..) it was Becks that first said:

"You're scared because we have gone out of game and looked to other means to fight you. I am the admin and owner of that site. I can do what ever I want with your info which you willingly put on my site. IP included. "

He then says:
"I like to take it to this level and beyond. You don't, but you like to war grief in game, and I don't like that either."

Kind of implies to me that you wanted to take something in a GAME to a RL level, I could have miss read this of course but still...

"Like some people become pirates, others become out of game griefers. Most are called hackers and other things."

Another veiled threat to taking RL action against someone for something going on in a GAME!

So basically you are the one that started taking this shit to RL and when you get burnt you scream LAWSUIT. A lot of people like Freaky on this site and when you start saying stuff like you will do what you want with his IP info you really where asking for it to be honest.

Anyway, orginal story was fun, as always, but the rest of this was just fucking insane. It is a game and it should never get into this kind of shit.

Huh... on :

This game is clearly something very different than the other MMO(RP)Gs. Thanks to all these detailed stories here I'm starting to find it more and more interesting.

If I'm one day able to get it to work in Linux under WINE, or if CCP finishes the Linux port, maybe I'll join this very strange world of yours. Although, as someone mentioned in one of the comments found here, there's no need to even play it as these stories provide enough entertainment already :-)

Tonks on :

Epic.. Truly epic :-)

Ander, man må bare elske det svenske lovsystemet :-)

Nexa, you are my hero!

Well, thats just plain mean. on :

Nexa, all support to you but please, for all thats holy don't lump the rest of us normal folks up here in Alberta with this moonchild. His kind need to be podded on sight, but trust me, we'er not all like this. Keep after `em beacuse theres alot of us rooting for you.

Rukhov Chmee on :

My only suggestion to quit giving him traffic to that site would be link the youtube video BEFORE the site. If I had heard that crap I wouldnt even touch the link to the site.
Anyway, thanks for the good stories.

Ecatherina W on :

Thank you for making me spend an hour or so reading this instead of being totally bored at school.


Stevie00 on :

None of you kow me here, im just a passerby, though I am an expereinced veteran eve player and have browsed this site many times.

They are great stories and people do act idiotically i agree, but where this site falls down for me is that writers like 'freaky' though i personally have nothing against the fellow, show plenty of evidence in my opinion of the same psychological problems of the folks hes hammering away at.

Many people have said here it is just a game, so why belittle people out of game?

Ive read many of these stories and the most common thing ive seen is freaky aka Nexa Necis belittling and insulting people as they are as people, way beyond their in-game characters, while hes doing that he's also writing accurate stories about their in-game idiocy which on the flip side conveniently appears to varnish over his own real life issues.

Infact and i accept i may be wrong here my instinct is Freaky is not even a man but an angry woman, probably with some major real life issues from the past, that she manifests through the way she plays her character and feels the need to hammer people down beyond the game.

All respect to Eve piracy, its an aproach to gaming and fine with me but you know Nexa, whether you realise it or not, belittling people beyond the game on a website just shows in my opinion someone whose a very unhappy soul indeed.

You put a lot of effort into these stories and i salute you for that but the question could be asked whats driving you, if your willing to spend this much time beyond the game putting other folks down?

Does it make you feel big? Are you seeking some kind of revenge against a real life adversary through some kind of strange take it out on idiot gamers approach to things?

You claim in-game to be a man of honour and decorum? In the sense that you keep your word im sure you are but havent you grasped yet there is no decorum in belittling people, even if they do it to you, and taking it out of a game into real life for what point? to embaras and humiliate them still further?

It seems clear you have a bit of a cult following here lol, they are great stories afterall unfortunately your folowers enjoy the stories too much to realise how sad it can also make them.

The time will come when you will go too far im sure, and there will inevitably be consequences.

I think you got some real problems mate :-)

But keep up the piracy i respect that side of your character, and its nothing personal mate i enjoy playing eve but degrading and belittling people to the degree which you do doesnt make you look heroic just sad.


I am unaffiliated with any of these stories or participants and have no agenda beyond making this point.

Fly Safe All

Kopliu on :

... This is not funny anymore, I showed this to my psychiatrist and trust me you are one funny nut. normal reasoning does not apply to you becouse you probobaly have a messed up life your site was hacked and your dreams of hosting a radio show are now near impossiable, however you probobaly are a decent person if you can get past all the smack . Please just apologize and get on with your lives. if your apology is rejected flat out nexa is to blame, if you still smack it is your fault carebear.
PS(i haven't played eve yet but i can tell you no mmorpgs allow you to smack unless u can pown, and eve is still not a good game for that)

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