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Teaching miners to steal ore

I've been a reader of Eve Pirate for a while now and decided it was time to post one of my own.

Pirate stories don't exactly come thick and fast for me because I'm not a full-time evil criminal. I do however want to get as much as possible from my monthly subscription so I try to get involved in everything the game has to offer. This means that it's great for me to have two characters and a dual identity.

One character is trained for PvP, has been in a merc corp and has no worries about losing his sec status for a little bit of fun. I respect piracy and PvP in general as being the most creative and challenging gamestyle available and I couldn't do without my fix once in a while. My other character is a member of a mission running/mining/industrial corp. The idea being to provide a safe environment, away from all the bad guys for new players to get into the game. My excuse is that we're trying to do something for the community but OK... I'll say it - we're carebears.

It will come as no surprise to the readers of this site that we cannot keep our rookies safe from the nasty PvP all the time. We practice flying in a gang, do some low-sec stuff and frigate tournaments. All the normal things to help people to be able to defend themselves, but at the end of the day some people get it and others would rather avoid it.

What happened the other night gave me hope for the new generation.

Cleared for publication by: Ander
One of our newer players had been trying to mine in high-sec but was having a problem with a ore thief flipping his cans. He hadn't lost anything expensive and kept his head long enough for a three of us to gang up and chase the thief around for a while. Unfortunately we didn't manage to get to get to the system and track him down before the fifteen minute timer was up so we did not get any action that time.

We started talking about how ore thieving works and ways you could guard against it. I've flipped a few cans in my time and I think I explained it pretty well but then I had a better idea. If a picture speaks a thousand words then how much better would a live demonstration be?

We were lucky enough to find ourselves a guy in a retriever, jet can mining in the same high-sec system and the lesson began.

Standard if somewhat obvious approach - I took position 150km away from our subject and instructed a somewhat apprehensive pupil to jettison his own can and do the transfer. As soon as he did that, he warped to my position so that he was out of range of the Retriever's drones whilst he was flagged and I warped to within scram range ready to see if our subject took the bait.

He waited a few seconds, obviously realising something was up. Who wouldn't with a Rifter flashing red on the edge of overview range then another Rifter and a Stabber orbiting at close range? Just like my corp-mate at the beginning of the night I suppose he wasn't familiar with ore thieving and aggression timer mechanics either so he resolutely took back his ore. I'm sure he was surprised to be webbed, scrammed and under attack by three ships a couple of seconds later too.

Now I should explain here that it was not my intention to destroy his ship. All that was necessary to complete the lesson was to attack him, pump a few autocannon rounds into him and prove that Concord did not turn up to deal out the consequences. The plan was to do this then leave our unfortunate subject with an apology, probably some confusion about what had just happened and maybe a little dented armor. Maybe he would learn something too.

"Stop!" I told my pupils who were gaining all the time in confidence and enthusiasm. All credit to them they followed the instruction to the letter and stopped their ships. It took a few seconds to realize that their guns were still on the retriever and soon it was all too late.

"Don't shoot the pod!" - I got the message across just in time before my pupils found out the hard way that there is a limit to Concord's tolerance in high-sec.

The pod warped away and we were left with a smoldering wreck containing two Strip Miner II's - quite a result for what was really an accident after all.

"That was awesome! Lets do another!"

Our corp is strictly anti-piracy so unfortunately I had to remind the guys of this and conclude the lesson. However, tonight there are a couple of more clued up miners and probably a couple more alts enjoying Eve from the other side.


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Firkragg on :

Hehe teaching a new generation that popping carebears is more profitable than carebearing.

Equium Duo on :

Oh come on you can't be strictly anti pieracy... then keep his loot after an accidental kill!!!

/me rolls eyes

WaRCHieFX on :

C'mon, you are just helping him get thru his asteroid addiction! You could say it's like a support group or something. :-)

Horus Isis on :

watch them start training up more combat skills for pvp to play in low sec now, lol

Athran Agent on :

- We're Searching for a Pirate Corporation or Team for us to join , or simply searching for people willing to join and remain in a Thief / Ninja / Pirate non-corp organization for more.. effective Piracy Ops. Send a message to with your character's name... We'll find you.

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