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Jokes on me

Hi, I'm a new Eve player is hoping to become a full-fledged pirate one day, and I decided I'll go to a security level 0.4 system to practice living in it and roast a few rats.
Needless to say it didnt go as planed.

I was happily destroy everything in my sights with my Kestrel (fully insured), with 4 named level 1 tech 1 light missle launchers and my civilian shield booster (best I could do with my skills), when a guy shows up and proceded to drop da bomb, blowing my ship to smithers along with the rats.
afterwards when Im in my pod he private chats me and apologies, stating he was bored, and gives me some money to pay for the loses of equipment and loot. I replied that it wasnt a problem, and went on my way back to my home base.

Needless to say, I find this amusing and take it as a important lesson: Always be careful. If that person is reading this, no hard feelings, and it shows I'm not quite ready for low sec area's yet. So off I go to increase my knowledge and wisdom( plus skills), until the day I can join the sacred brotherhood of pirates.
And besides, if anyones to blame for my loses, its me for being stupid, and it was amusing after I realised what happened.

Now, Tally-Hoo!

Cleared for publication by: Ander
Bit too short, but I'll let it slide this time.


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Firkragg on :

hmmm ander must be getting short on material as i swear the stuff that gets posted is shrinking to miniscule size. im gonna put some one liners up like "i killed a guy in a belt woot". Actually i give you full permission to use that story.

B on :

I agree with Firkragg. I mean, all this story was is "I wanna be a pirate, so I went and killed NPCs, then I got blown up and they guy reimbursed me." No details at all. He told us his ship was insured, but didn't tell us what kind of ship killed him. Was the fight good? Did you almost win? Why weren't you watchign local? etc.

Haynn Insano on :

I'm beginning life as a pirate as well, send me an eve-mail and I'll back you up if I get the time

vult on :

lol now its a recruitment thread :p

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