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A Tale of Three Killmails

I started playing Eve-online about four months ago, and enjoyed the game with my trader. But as I played I grew frustrated with how much time I had to divert from my trading skills to basic ship command skills and combat skills. Feeling a nagging thirst for violence (I'd never actually been in PvP, even with a gang), and wanting to focus on just one skillset, I started over from the beginning and set out for a life of piracy.

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Of course, Eve-online doesn't make anything that simple. Persuaded by Kha0s' solo PvP Incursus propaganda, I bought an Incursus and spent days that seemed like weeks waiting until I could fit everything he recommended. Why handicap myself, I thought, when I'd be starting at the bottom of the food chain anyway.

As soon as I could fit my Jousting Junebug near the end of my free trial period, I set out to gank somebody or die trying. I knew I'd have to get over any hangups I might have about being killed if I were to learn to take the risks that go with great rewards. I succeeded in my goal: I died trying.

Working my way through 0.0 space, creating safe spots and checking out the belts, I came across several NPC rat wrecks and a wrecked battleship about 15 km. off a stargate. My heart sank when I opened the battleship's cargo--a newbie weapon, shield, and Basic Miner were all I could find. I looked nervously over my shoulder just in time to see a Hyperion appear on the scene; within moments I was locked and taking fire. I gamely orbited the Hyperion and started shooting back, chewing my way through most of her shields. Not that it made any difference to me, but she was not alone--a Cheetah made an appearance and took a role on my First Killmail.

A few days later, I had hours and hours of hunting under my belt--hunting but not catching. Although a member of a lowbie pirate corporation by now, I found little prey and too many predators on my hunting trips. One day, however, a Catalyst crewed by a pilot with about a month's service under his belt popped into our tiny corporation's home system, I raced in his direction, but was too late--a mate had arrived before me, and all I could find was the remains of the Catalyst. I helpfully grabbed the pilot's cargo as he had no room in his pod and little time before fleeing the scene, then waited around wondering if he'd come back for it. Sure enough, it wasn't long before he warped to my position, locking me on his Velator's targeting system. I opened fire and it was not seconds before he was once again fleeing in his pod. My Second Killmail, this time with me as the killer. Much better, but still--a Velator? I couldn't exactly brag about that.

Did I mention those seconds it took to kill that Velator seemed like an hour? I was in little real danger, but at the time I didn't know what he was crewing or what it could do to me, and the feeling of adrenaline pumping into my blood was like a drug. Yum! I mean, Yarr!

Later the same day, I noticed a pilot with just about a month's worth of experienced come into our system...and not immediately dock or leave as most do. So, I set out in my Jousting Junebug to demonstrate why most pilots either leave immediately or dock. I found him in the 2nd asteroid belt I checked, in a Rupture. In my inexperience, I wasn't exactly sure what a Rupture was, but I figured if the pilot was not much more experienced than me, his ship couldn't be much deadlier than mine. Besides, Kha0s swore his Incursus setup could take out all kinds of superior ships. I pre-armed my weapons, scrambler, and webber, set course to orbit my opponent, and burst on my micro warp drive to close range.

Good! My blasters were chewing through his shields, and he wasn't returning fire yet. Wait--my scrambler and webber indicators are still blinking. Do I have to turn them on manually? I turn them off, then click again to turn them on...dang, clicked the scrambler again, now I have to wait for it to cycle...the Rupture can still get away...there! Got him!

Either he was overconfident or unwatchful, because my adversary did not engage me until he finished killing the rat he had under his guns. Just as I started taking damage, I noticed my damage to him had slowed considerably. Ah; he was out of my optimal range--he must be using a micro warp drive of his own. I checked my capacity, and gave another burst of juice to my engines; I closed range, and now was melting his armor with my short-range blasters. But wait! He's also shredded my shields, and my armor was bubbling and vaporizing before my eyes! I seem to be out-damaging him, though, so I sat tight. He had me down to 50% armor, but I had him down to 5%...I was down to 40% but his hull was already only at 75%...pop, I got him!

Mindful of the rats still buzzing around, I grabbed his cargo in preparation for a quick exit. I saw his pod on my display, but decided not to blast it (only later did I wonder if I should have ransomed him, but I'm perfectly willing at this point in my career to keep my security status slide slow while I'm learning the ropes; at the time I just wanted to get out of there alive). I set a course for the station, and made it home with about 40% armor. First thing I did was repair the ship (don't want to head out for something similar only to find I'm already half damaged), then sat back and trembled.

I hope that adrenaline rush never goes away. It's like a drug, making me all jumpy and twitchy during battle, keeping me from settling down for 10-15 minutes afterwards, and leaving a warm tingly feeling after that.

Only during that afterglow did I look up "Rupture" and learn I had taken out a cruiser all by myself. My third Killmail is one to be proud of--my first real solo PvP against a worthy foe. An hour after the fight I realized I never did remember to deploy my drone...


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Ant on :

Welcome to the dark side. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!
Seriously, nice kill on that ruppie.

Aertaka on :

I think we all forget to deploy the drones on the first couple solo-pvp encounters. My first pvp ship was a thorax, and I got engaged by a WT jaguar at a station. I ran away after some shooting, because although we were pretty closely matched, he was killing me faster than I was killing him. Only later did I realize I had forgotten about the 5 medium drones in my drone bay. . . . that guy would have been so dead if I'd remembered those.

Rai Deo on :

Congratulations on the kill. Really nice. :-)
Unfortunately that drug does go away. And it gets harder and harder to attain. :-( Ive not felt it in many months....

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Xer'ik Noxia on :

That's nothing, once in my Rifter someone jumped in on me, and i forgot how to lock on untill about half my shield was gone. Needless to say I lost... Adrenaline does funny things to ya man.

flashfresh on :

Great story and the adrenaline rush is always there for me. I haven't lost that feeling (yet) but maybe because I still T1 rifters. I do jump out in a wolf and Jag or even a 'cane but only for things BS or bigger or if I ran down my supply of T1 frigate goodness.

The rush usually dies after 15 minutes....why do you think the criminal flag is also 15 minutes....?

Great kill.


Redbad on :

Nice kill, but the way you chalked up the story is even better.


Ka Jolo on :

Thanks for all the kind words! Read more about my misadventures at my homepage by clicking on my name here.

Anom on :

nexa when's your next story getting published :-)

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