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The Hawk, the Wife and the Bitterness

It was a quiet evening. Our war targets was no where to be seen and mercs was blocking us out from our regular hunting grounds. With nothing to do, me and my partner in crime decided to do some janitor work to improve the standards of a few asteroid belts nearby.

Cleared for publication by: Ander
Our sweepers stood ready and we agreed on first warping through the systems belt quickly to get an overview how bad the situation really was. So we split up, he started at the top and I at rock bottom.

After scanning through it all, we concluded the situation had reached a critical point and something had to be done ASAP. We even caught some dirty prospectors littering several asteroid belts with their jet cans. My partner, who's a dedicated enviromentalist, frowned and fired up his little frigate and headed out to deal with this outrage!

Ethos, my partner, flew in, popped out a jet can of his own and took all the waste next to the weary looking Scythe. But WHAT is this? This rude person, who's already throwing garbage around him, is opening fire upon my mate. Missiles are ravaging Ethos' shields fast, but he manages to warp to safety, shocked about what just happend.

We scheme for a bit and decide the right thing to do would be to give him a taste of his own medicine. I am to warp to the belt where the Scythe is mining cloaked in a Cheetah while Ethos and my alter ego in a Myrmidon is aligned to the belt from its respective planet. We follow through and fly into position.

When I arrive cloaked 20 KM from our target I see he's taken his can and its holdings back and renamed it to "Steal and die..." Some backup has also arrived at the scene, a Drake and a Hawk. All three from the same corporation. The Scythe pilot obviously doenst understand Concord rules about can flagging. I grin and call in my alter ego and partner, who's no longer flagged to the corp.
They land about 5 KMs away from the Scythe, lock, scram, drones launched, blasters open fire. A flicker in time.. and he's reduced to a measly wreck.

Now, we've shown this criminal justice. What about his friends who thought they were protecting him. They seem blood thirsty because they are locking us and spinning around but none are flagged.

I give it a seconds thought. The can is still there. My Myrmidon is right at it. I uncloak my Cheetah, lock and scan the Drakes fittings. Arby Launchers, a nice shield tank. All T2, pluss rigs. A Myrmidon vs this? No way. He doesnt have tackling gear installed though. And the Hawk is like 2 KMs away from me. I flip the can back again. The Drake is the first to open fire, the Hawk follows after but he's still right at my side. Huh? I switch on both my webs, scram, concentrate all my blaster and drone fire upon it while tanking the Drake.

The Hawk tanks very well."What am I doing wrong here? Well.. he's breaking slowly" And pop he goes. I switch all my fire power to the Drake, but I realise quickly I dont stand a chance against this brick wall of a ship.

I swoop in with the covert ops and fetch the Hawk's loot and warp out quickly. My parter, who havent been able to do anything else but to watch, and the Myrmidon warps to safety.

We cheer, knowing we've done the universe a favour once again. It was a good fight.

"I wonder what the Hawk dropped."


My jaw drops to the floor. My hands start to shake. I double check everything, cloak on? Safe spot? Aggression timer gone?
I start to giggle.. like a mad man standing above his dead victim. I can not believe it. I show it to my partner. We're grining from ear to ear.

A convo request start to flash. It's the Hawk pilot.

Kri Tzigane > hey nice kill :-)
Alzhari Halo > yeah, im quite pleased :-)
Kri Tzigane > don't let your friends rip you off there was a nice shield booster in my wreck lol
Alzhari Halo > yeah, i was wondering what i was doing wrong while shoting at you
Alzhari Halo > since it was tanking so well
Kri Tzigane > yeah and I forgot to turn on my damage control
Alzhari Halo > :-|
Kri Tzigane > Not used to flying frigs .. going to have to replace that for my wife, but her character was here and mine wasnt
Alzhari Halo > well, since you were duel webbed and at 2 km it would've gone down anyway, next time get some distance :-)
Kri Tzigane > yeah
Kri Tzigane > I realized that AFTER
Kri Tzigane > like I said not used to frigs
Alzhari Halo > hehe
Alzhari Halo > well, i hope she wont get too mad ^^
Kri Tzigane > nah, I'll have it all replaced before she gets home
Alzhari Halo > ^^
Kri Tzigane > anyway going to log over to my character, again nice kill and see you around
Alzhari Halo > have fun, good fight

Indeed, apparently he had just wrecked his wife's faction fitted Hawk to some can flipping scum bag pirates in high sec. Priceless.

The moral of the story is....don't fly your wifes character, and don't lose her T2 and faction fitted Hawk.

Gistii A-Type Small Shield Booster strikes your wallet for 200 million!


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Spyke on :

faction... fit...
sheild tanking...

-=collapses off his chair=-

Krysta Gemme on :

Jees, looks like you popped the right piñata at this party. Miss seeing you around amigo. Good story.

FIsh Brain on :

ROFL !!!
This is TOO funny !!

B on :

I hope his wife reads eve-pirate.

Kri Tzigane on :

Yes, the wife reads it...finally...I remember commenting to him that the only time I seem to get blown up is when HE decides to take me out lol.

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