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Human Stupidity Will never sease to amaze

After finishing a little salvaging op, Illy and I headed back to the station to see what I had collected. Only for a guy with -6.4 sec status to state "ok how much 2 save my ship". As usual, illy took advantage of this situation as you can see from the local chat log.

bulebolt > ok how much 2 save my ship
illy111 > 20 mil
bulebolt > ok stop shooing
SpamooM > send first
illy111 > now
Gradinger > lol
illy111 > wts so funny
bulebolt > dne
bulebolt > well
SpamooM > Thanks
SpamooM > =D
dabaron > lol
illy111 > <3
bulebolt > weel can i save my ship
Gradinger > nope
SpamooM > you will have to ask the guys who are shooting you

As you can tell, We gained a fair amount of cash from sitting in a station =D. There is a lesson to be learned here folks, Never underestimate human stupidity.


Cleared for publication by: Ander
Bit too short... but ok, it's a slow news day.


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Gabriel Lornadonis[TOTG]-[IAC] on :

aww poor guy but its great for a laugh i really do feel sorry for the guy though

but anyway nice work and quick thinking well done


i ahve the best personal quote for this situation tho, here it is:-

"you cannot make anything idiot proof, the universe just makes a better idiot

open your mouth and close your eyes and you will get a big surprise
use the link to find out what

Anonymous on :

rofl, thats a classic. bet he was pissed.

Jagadeishan on :

wtf thats totally retarded....quite funny tho

Ransomer on :

No wonder most people don't pay ransoms anymore

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