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Nexa Gets Grilled, Part Two

Ok we got the interview over with and I have it hosted for your listening pleasure.

It's in two parts.

Part One

Part Two

If you want more, maybe we can do another interview answering audience submitted questions. I got a few emails already with people asking things they were curious about that wasn't touched on in the interview.

Thanks for stopping by and listening.


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Seditious Spyke on :

Nexa sounds like Marilyn Manson, any body hearing that in his tone but me? xD

DJLilin on :

I'd happily do another interview with fan-submitted questions.

morby on :

how far away is the next story nexa?

Za'afiel on :

Nice interview, it was fun to hear the voice ;-) looking forward to more stuff like that :-)

flashfresh on :

Good interview, Nexa is quite an eloquent chap. Keep up the writing as well!


M'ing Pai on :

I didn't hear you tell them about your favorite wingman, me!

In all seriousness, the interview was awesome. Thanks for posting it!

gabriel84 on :

id love to have my corp team up with yours from time to time,when my corp left Frege after its leadership began to fall apart i wanted The Knighthawks to to emulate TRAPS since you always seem to have so much fun punishing noobie smacktalkers

night nexa


Syringe on :

You totally don't sound like your portrait! Unless your portrait is a cross-dresser!

Seriously though, good info in this. Especially for newer players and people getting wardec'd. Looking forward to the next write-up.

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