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It's time for an infusion of new blood into our corporation. We have had some of our players move on to new adventures in Eve and since many of our players are in the military, several of them are out on deployment or in boot camp, so we have some extra room in our little world for the right people.

First off, I will fill you in about our corp. We are primarily an Empire war corporation. We dec all sorts of corps and alliances, sometimes for fun, sometimes to harass and sometimes it's just a completely random choice.

We are a small corp with maybe 10 active members, spread out across all over the world. We just your average bunch of fairly casual players who like to have a good time in everything we do.

I highly recommend reading some of my stories here.

We are somewhat well known for what we do. Some call it harassment, some call it lame, some call it griefing, but we call it fun. Have you ever seen someone smack talking in local and wanted to pop them? Ever see a miner with a full can of ore and were dying to steal it? Ever see someone flying a ship that you thought would look really cool all blown up? Well this might be the corp for you.

We have very few rules.

1. No smack talk
2. No lying, cheating, or scamming
3. Honor (y)our word
4. See rule #1

Participation in gangs is not mandatory, we're quite casual actually. Of course occasional participation is required, I mean, otherwise, why join if you're not going to hang with your corp, right?

We base out of the Tash/Amarr region but follow our war targets near and far to wherever they try and hide.

We have only a few requirements applicants need to meet before consideration for membership.

1. Characters must be 1 year old. Exceptions can be made, though rarely
2. Must be able to fly battleships
3. Must be self sufficient
4. Must be able to follow simple directions in game
5. Don't be an asshat

We keep things pretty simple. Before you can apply you would need to email or convo with me first, then I will send you a simple 4 question application with 1 additional task to complete. Alts are welcome too. Again, we are fairly causal and value quality over quantity.

We do low sec and 0.0 as well, but we're predominantly in Empire and we generally have 3 wars active at all times. When you're not hunting war targets you're free to mission or whatever else you like. Some folks mission, some work the market, some harass miners via can flipping or probe out mission runners or just sit in corp and chat it up.

If you're tired of the same old thing, give us a try. It's not for everyone, but a lot of people have given us a try and most remain good friends even to this day. Some people return over and over or put in alts to take their place just so they can enjoy the fun we have.

Keep in mind, we don't win every fight, we are usually outnumbered, we work for every kill. We get camped and die like anyone else. We don't profess to be the best at what we do, but we do claim to have the best time doing it.

We don't offer labs, ISK, free ships or mods, insurance, or any real benefits in that sense. I don't even think we have a corp hangar to be honest. All loots are distrubuted amongst op attendees, and is given out according to need before greed. Any uneeded loot is sold and split among op atendees. If you score loot on your own, it's all yours to do with what you like.

What we do offer is a constant supply of wars along with being a part of a corp that has a great group of people who are friendly, helpful and always willing to have some fun. There are no cliques, there are no non-existant CEO issues, and there are no real politics to deal with. It's really simple and simply really fun.

If you think you'd like to give us a try, be sure to re-read the requirements. Be sure you can handle very basic instructions. Drop me a line in game and we will get the ball rolling.


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piktaskatinas on :

I think I'll try this one :-)

Ki An on :

This is worth a try for anyone, experienced or not in PvP. You'll get the experience you require pretty fast. Just listen to your corp mates and CEO, and be a bit open minded. It's all good fun, and you'll make friends for your entire Eve career.

samirol on :

This corp was hassle-free and good fun, filled with quality people that I hope to get back in touch with next summer when I have time for it.
Give it a go if you think you have what it takes.

Infinitynexus on :

I can recommend TRAPS with all my heart!

Some of those ridiculously outnumbered fights were fun like hell cause we won in the end, hehe.

LordPAK on :

Speaking as a member of TRAPS might be a bit biased... but it's a helluva lot of fun, and the people in the corp are great ;-)

The PVP you get is also most entertaining; no other profession in Eve gets you so much smacktalk at once :-D

vult on :

as an ex-member/director i can 100% recomend traps, they are great fun and a sound bunch of peeps, the only reason i left was to start a corp(doin the exact same thing but on a euro TZ) and if my corp was to go tits up i'd be straight back onto nexa to let me back in. so if you want plenty of pew pew get down to tash murkon-prime and drop them an app

vultureian o7

Krysta Gemme on :

Traps was to me what the Eve-Online experience is all about. It's what you make of it, you won't find a chance to shine, get reputation, kill or be killed, like you do in Traps.

Space is vast in Eve, and in Traps I wore colors I could feel proud of. Even alone, I felt this enveloping pride that went with me like a gang of HAC's at my side. I have had such a blast with these guys.

Join Traps, and make your own way alongside some of the coolest people in Eve. They don't always stay, some come and go. but we share a kinship, can you say the same about where you come from?

See you on the other side of the gate.

Kali Asheni on :

Ive been a member of TRAPS and I must say theses guys rocks. They deserve every single kill they made since as they are dedicated and professional on everything they do. And you'll get the chance to be part of exciting nexa's story ! Give them a try you won't be disapointed.

Oh and hello nexa ;o

VonDrugman on :

Surely Nexa you should have to kick yourself out of your own xorp. You after all violate your own rule 5


Zane on :

I am guessing this is a by gone thing, but very good stories. I very much enjoyed them. It makes me yern for the early days of EVE, when pirating was exciting and very so much fun.

Nexa, I hope you keep up the killing.


ProjectX592 on :

Still two more months until I can join :-(... oh well, a solo pirate's life for me until that time then!

EllieIp on :

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Kaek Xin on :

Sounds like fun.

Email sent.

Alahu'akbar on :

I sent an evemail but received no response. :-(
Too late?

Te tapunui on :

I've been at war with traps twice now. Most of my fellow Corp mates in the past didn't see the experience for what it was. I had a blast, and would gladly go to war again.
I'm annoyed that both occasions the CEO paid the ransom. Where are you nexa, that I may smack talk you in local and get another fight out of you ?

Or failing that, where do I sign up? :p

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