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Re-birth - A new dawn -- CH.II


As I watched the cursor blinking mindlessly, I found myself wanting yet another nap. I can't believe this system is so dead. That's the last time I bother with the 'Murphy Boys'. They're useless. Always have been. I think it's about time I did what I always threaten them with.
I make a mental note to shoot them dead on the spot.

But in the meantime, I've got to find a new contact. This unreliable shit has got to go. I feel as usefull as a damn corporate miner. Everytime they...
The overview lights up. Adrenaline courses through my veins...

Concord? A single concord ship out here? ...

Cleared for publication by: Ander
Surely this has to be a roust. Damn those Murphy Boys! They are as good as dead... later. For now I have bigger fish to fry.

Why isn't this jackhole moving? A million questions race through my brain. Toughts passing so quicly. Like the stars zipping by during warp.
He still isn't moving.

"Fuck it"
I flip the switch and my micro-warp drive lurches to life. A wicked grin slowly comes over me. Those 'Snakes' were definitly worth the wait. At over 16km/s I should be able to buzz this asshole several times before he figures out whats going on. Time to see what he's up to.

The distance closes so rapidly it's almost overwhelming. Throttling back as I reach my optimal orbital pattern, I feather the micro-warp drive to spin me around. Quick bursts is all I need to keep me within range. Too much, and I'm backtracking. This would be a bit easier if he would at least try to run. I hate stationary targets. No fun.

The comms crackle to life...
"Don't bother..." came the sublte and disturbingly calm voice. Either this guy was a complete idiot, or he's faced a worse fate that what I plan on dishing out on him.
Targeting engaged.. locked. I chuckle. This really isn't going to be any fun.
...Target Lost... reports my NavComp. Tracking disruptors. Let's see what else he has that I might want to relieve him of.
"I told you not to bother" came the calm voice again. I can't lock him. I see my speed die off slowly. Webbed.
"Fuck" I haven't been webbed since I ambushed that stack of barges over 16 months ago. I kill the micro-warp and let my ship coast in a slow orbital pattern around him. Time to find out what this is all about.

"Ok fuckwit. What in the 9-hells are you doing out here?" I'm abrupt. I mean business.
"It should be quite obvious why I'm here. How else would I know exactly how & where to find you? How else would I know exactly what faction mods to bring to shut you down completely?"
"Murphy Boys..." I grumbled. "They are definitely dead men now."
"Relax. And shut the fuck up. We've business to discuss, and this is not the place to do it." His voice still droning on in that calm & collective manner.
"Business you say? Does this business include you dying or me?"
"Neither. Unless you choose not to do business." Sublte. Real sublte.
"Ok. I'm listening..."
"You've not much else choice in the matter. I'm sending you the coordinates of a station. Be there. Tomorrow."
"And I'm supposed to trust you? Fly blindly into some deadspace structure? Most likely full of your Concord filth?"
"If I wanted you dead, it would be so. And I didn't need to come alone."
He makes a good point... obviously. And I don't have much choice in the matter. The coordinates stream into my NavComp.
"That's a bit remote don't you think?"
"No better way to ensure neither of us are foolish to screw this up. Tomorrow. Be there."

His ship zips around and aligns. Gone. Just like that.
Of all my years, I've never seen anything like this. What in the 9-hells is a Concord pilot flying solo out here for? This is too insane. I'm so anxious to find out I almost didn't notice my overview light up.

Gate runners. Scouts. Most likely for a small mining crew. I guess the Murphy Boys actually delivered as promised. Doesn't matter. They are still dead men.
I quickly burn to the Stargate. As their ships materialize, I lock. I can hear their reaction as my first volley goes off.
"SHIT! Ambush! Abort! ABORT!!!"
Too late. My first volley struck home. Right through their communications capabilities. No way for them to warn their friends. The Stargate lights up as a 2 haulers blink into existence. Looks like this will be a good payoff after all.
My second volley goes off. Structure. I love this part. I can imagine their anticipation and anxiety of the upcoming few seconds of the remainder of their pathetic existence.
Third volley. What a lovely explosion.
I make quick work of the two haulers. Easily done when they have no support. No need to waste my ammo. I rip a few small holes in precise places through their hull and watch as the ship spills it's contents into the darkness around.

I approach the haulers, and set my ship bow-to-bow. I wave at them from the distance. It's pretty evident they are terrified. Wondering if all I plan on doing is stealing. I honestly hadn't decided yet what I wanted to do with the crew. They are as good as dead anyway. Their ships are torn asunder, life support systems most definitly failing. If I don't finish them off, they will be dead within the hour.
I think I'll be generous, and let them suffer. Give them their last hour to die slowly. Besides, I've a task at hand. Time to get what I came for.

I search the spilled contents. Junk. The whole lot of it. What the fuck is going on here? Time for some answers.
"Listen up people and you may live. Answer the questions, and save your breath. You need all the air you can manage..." I let them stew for a moment. I can see them staring at me with wide eyes. "Where is it?"
"Where is what?" Came the frantic reply. I hate playing games.
"I told you answer.. answering does not entail 'Asking'. Last warning before I open your cockpit and record your miserable deaths and send it to your families."
"It's still here. In the hold. It didn't make it out of the hull. Please don't leave us like this!"
Well, only one way to get what I came for. I spin my ship around to their breached smoking entrails. Damnit I hate ore haulers. Fucking ores burn forever. Can't see shit in this. I place a well aimed shot just below the ruptured cargo hold and sure enough the container pops out within seconds. Paydirt! All the promised faction mods are here. And a bonus! A full set of Crystal implants. Good day after all. Doesn't matter, the Murphy Boys are still dead men.
I whip around and begin my alignment.

"Wait! Please!!!"
Good grief. I pop their airlock on their cockpit and watch as they are spat out into the sub-freezing harshness of space. I've never been so nice.
The other ship is still sitting there quiet. They all must have died in the initial volley. Might as well.
I begin my burn towards my preset waypoints even as the second ship starts to sparkle into a radient explosion.

Time to call it in.
"Murph here."
"Hello 'Murph'. Task completed." A short silence.
"Well well. Nicely done. As usual. When can we expect delivery?"
"You can't expect much in this day and age. Especially from a double-crossing lot like yourslelves."
"Now wait a minute. There is nothing..."
"Shut it! Just shut the fuck up! I've decided after pillaging those haulers that I don't like the way you boys do business. Haven't for some time now. So I believe I'll be putting this little payload up for grabs on my brethren's markets. It should pull in at least an extra 30%." Silence again.
"Look, we gave you all the needed information. We don't understand what's wrong here..."
"You gave me all of the information except the part about Concord showing up!"
"Concord?" He laughed. A genuine laugh. "What the fuck would Concord be doing out there? Much less why would they bother with us and vice versa?" For some reason I believe him. That pilot knew what the hell he was doing. Too well.
"None-the-less. Consider our business agreements Null & Void from here on out. You are hereby officially on my shitlist!""Wait!"... I disconnect. This loot will easily sell for a hell of alot more than they would have ever been able to pay.

17 jumps to go...


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Ant on :

Interesting. Please do continue...

Seben on :

...good one

keep em comming

Stray Bullet on :

Glad you like the stories. I'm working on CH.III
Hope I can keep it sustainable.

Thanks for the replies.

Nevelainen on :

nice one :-)

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