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My start as a pvp'er

First of all, i'll introduce myself, i'm a pvp noob, with countless loses and 3 kills by now, but i think i'm learning really fast :-). Besides that, i tried to be a pirate and i just couldn't destroy ppls ships, so i ended up refunding every isk i was destroying because i felt sorry for doing a bad thing. So i figured i'd rather become an antipirate, that protects innocent carebears from the bloody pirates :-). But because there’s no antipirate forum I could find, I figured I could as well post my stories here, since we r somehow linked :-P.

So, said-done, i created this char and started to train my learning skills from the start, with a nice set of +3's, my other char is a trader so i had more than enough isk to invest in my pvp char :), dreaming of how i will become a great pvper.

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Rest of story in extended body.
After i finished my learning skills and i started to train up my pvp skills, i installed a jc in lowsec and started to read the forums, to inform myself as much as i can. I decided to stick with a frigate untill i have great support skills to be able to fly efectivelly any ship. But because of being an antipirate, i hard a very hard time finding targets, i couldn't engage miners, i had to engage only pirates, but u don't usually find a pirate who is flying a ship that i can destroy in my little incursus, so i started to work with my alliance members, but i never really enjoyed big fleet battles, so i wasn't happy. In time i trained a lot of usefull skills, tech 2 small blasters, tech 2 small and medium drones, so i fit my incursus with t2 ion blasters and put a hobgoblin 2 there too and go out hunting and what do i find, 2 members of a pirate corp, red to us roaming in otou, i scan the belts a little and i figure out that 1 is in a crow and the second is in a rifter, i ask few friends to join in a little fleet, coz i knew i can't blow that crow by myself. So we have a 3 man gang formed, my incursus, 1 rapier and 1 cruiser. They left to safespot and i was the bait, i scanned the rifter in a belt, warp to him tell my friends to come too and engage, he tries to get some distance from me, using the ac biggest falloff while my hobgoblin 2 chews through his armor, i burn the mwd towards him and fire my 80+ dps from the blasters, meanwhile the crow appears and flies to me, i get in range, my friends show up too and BOOM - the rifter is poped, the crow is running and manages to warp out.

[ 21:38:42 ] Lady Destruction > gf
[ 21:38:49 ] Pirate > gf
[ 21:39:50 ] Lady Destruction > bad i didn't catch the pod though :-P
[ 21:40:01 ] Friend1 > greedy ! :-D
[ 21:40:04 ] Pirate > bad I warped into a trap :-P
[ 21:40:04 ] Lady Destruction > lol
[ 21:40:30 ] Lady Destruction > well, i saw u in that belt and i thought u would jump in again :-)
[ 21:40:39 ] Lady Destruction > anyway, it was a fair fight
[ 21:40:42 ] Lady Destruction > 1vs1
[ 21:40:51 ] Pirate > fair fight when a rapier owned my balls in about 5 seconds?
[ 21:40:51 ] Friend2 > almost
[ 21:40:52 ] Pirate > sure
[ 21:40:59 ] Lady Destruction > well
[ 21:41:12 ] Lady Destruction > u would have died anyway :-)
[ 21:41:39 ] Friend2 > Sorry Lady did I stop you fun?
[ 21:41:44 ] Lady Destruction > yes :-)
[ 21:41:46 ] Friend1 > lol
[ 21:41:48 ] Lady Destruction > np m8
[ 21:42:00 ] Lady Destruction > i would have killed him anyway
[ 21:42:23 ] Lady Destruction > i was just sure his friend is on his way, that's why i called u :-)

After this chat, i post the killmail and what i see? I did 100% damage, my friend only managed to lock him, nothing more :-).
So, i see that i can kill pirates even in a frig, but no more targets that day :-(.

The next day after the first kill, I was passing by the same system and see a corpm8 of my first victim. After some scanning I see a jaguar in the system, identified as my enemy instantly. I figured that I can’t take it on my own and I haven’t the cruiser skill yet, so I ask in my corp chat if some1 is nearby, willing to help. Ofc there is some1 willing to help, my corpm8’s onyx undockes and comes to same system in 2 minutes. I figure that the jag wouldn’t engage the onyx and the onyx won’t catch the jaguar, so I need to be the bait/tackler now, I scan him down in a belt and I warp to him, my friend was at a safespot, initiating warp just after me. I entered the belt and went straight to the jaguar, locking him, scrambling and webbing, hoping that my friend comes before I die, I managed to get him into 20-30 shields (he was shield tanked), when I poped, but fortunately, my corpm8 managed to get a lock and a point on him, destroying his ship, so, I say we won, losing 1-2mil isk and destroying 10x more and getting the loot too :-).

So, after itrained up few other skills, I started to train the cruiser skill, when I had it at lvl3, I bought a nice shiny vexor and fitted it with best modules I could afford. After few days of searching pirates, without any results, today I found few reds in otou system, again, the same corp as my first victims. While flying around and scanning for them, I read in local:
[ 2008.03.05 06:24:45 ] Good pirate 1> anyone want to fight?
[ 2008.03.05 06:24:50 ] Good pirate 1> lol
[ 2008.03.05 06:25:58 ] Good pirate 1> 1vs. 1
[ 2008.03.05 06:26:23 ] Good pirate 1> i am in a cruiser
[ 2008.03.05 06:27:53 ] Good pirate 1> cmon people
[ 2008.03.05 06:28:18 ] Good pirate 1> booo
[ 2008.03.05 06:30:06 ] Bad pirate2> sorry not fighting a hac ina rifter
[ 2008.03.05 06:30:13 ] Good pirate 1> lol
[ 2008.03.05 06:30:16 ] Good pirate 1> i am in a rupture
[ 2008.03.05 06:30:39 ] Bad pirate2> plus you got a corpie in system
[ 2008.03.05 06:30:46 ] Good pirate 1> yes?
[ 2008.03.05 06:30:52 ] Good pirate 1> afk
[ 2008.03.05 06:30:56 ] Bad pirate2> ah i c
[ 2008.03.05 06:31:06 ] Good pirate 1> also i need some insurance
[ 2008.03.05 06:31:27 ] Bad pirate2> true i guess but still not 1v1 ing you
[ 2008.03.05 06:31:29 ] Bad pirate2> sorry
[ 2008.03.05 06:31:30 ] Bad pirate2> : )
[ 2008.03.05 06:31:39 ] Good pirate 1> lol
[ 2008.03.05 06:31:40 ] Good pirate 1> kk
[ 2008.03.05 06:32:04 ] Bad pirate 3> u wont have to jaco... hes afk remember?
[ 2008.03.05 06:32:05 ] Good pirate 1> well this system
[ 2008.03.05 06:32:21 ] Bad pirate2> : )
[ 2008.03.05 06:32:22 ] Good pirate 1> lol anyone want to fight
[ 2008.03.05 06:32:49 ] Lady Destruction > not at these odds :-)
[ 2008.03.05 06:33:03 ] Good pirate 1> these odds?
[ 2008.03.05 06:33:15 ] Lady Destruction > alone against many :-)
[ 2008.03.05 06:33:31 ] Good pirate 1> how many?
[ 2008.03.05 06:33:41 ] Good pirate 1> il vs. 2 of you at the most
[ 2008.03.05 06:33:48 ] Good pirate 1> my rup isnt to uber
[ 2008.03.05 06:33:52 ] Good pirate 1> :-)
[ 2008.03.05 06:33:54 ] Lady Destruction > i'm saying about u
[ 2008.03.05 06:34:00 ] Lady Destruction > i'm alone
[ 2008.03.05 06:34:00 ] Good pirate 1> ogh
[ 2008.03.05 06:34:06 ] Good pirate 1> what are you flying
[ 2008.03.05 06:34:22 ] Bad pirate 3> y dont u scan him out?
[ 2008.03.05 06:34:23 ] Lady Destruction > hehe, top secret
[ 2008.03.05 06:34:33 ] Good pirate 1> lol
[ 2008.03.05 06:34:51 ] Good pirate 1> well
[ 2008.03.05 06:34:55 ] Good pirate 1> you guys are freakin out
[ 2008.03.05 06:35:00 ] Good pirate 1> i am in a cruiser
[ 2008.03.05 06:35:07 ] Lady Destruction > this is an interesting bunch of ppl we have here :-)
[ 2008.03.05 06:35:12 ] Good pirate 1> really
[ 2008.03.05 06:35:20 ] Lady Destruction > and what about ur corpm8?
[ 2008.03.05 06:35:27 ] Good pirate 1> once again afk
[ 2008.03.05 06:35:31 ] Bad pirate 3> yeah.... we are all totally freaking out
[ 2008.03.05 06:35:59 ] Good pirate 1> well
[ 2008.03.05 06:36:05 ] Good pirate 1> you guys are very afraid
[ 2008.03.05 06:36:09 ] Good pirate 1> all i can say
[ 2008.03.05 06:36:27 ] Lady Destruction > we r, because we get blobed sometimes here :-)
[ 2008.03.05 06:36:40 ] Bad pirate 3> ok he is
[ 2008.03.05 06:36:42 ] Good pirate 1> lol everybody does
[ 2008.03.05 06:40:31 ] Good pirate 1> lol
[ 2008.03.05 06:40:36 ] Good pirate 1> i lost connection
[ 2008.03.05 06:40:47 ] Bad pirate 1 > no
[ 2008.03.05 06:40:49 ] Bad pirate 1 > i stole it
While having this nice chat in local, I continued scanning for the bad pirates, but I was thinking about killing the good pirates too, since they were asking, hehe, so I get the rupture on a belt, warp to him but he wasn’t there, I decide to wait a bit and here he comes, the same moment I saw him, I got my drones out and started to mwd towards him, than set an 15 k orbit, scraming him, while my drones were chewing his shields, when I saw him going into armor, I see his buddy warping in in a manticore, I thought I’m dead:
[ 2008.03.05 06:42:19 ] Lady Destruction > this is not fair guys :-)
[ 2008.03.05 06:43:03 ] Bad pirate 1 > ?
[ 2008.03.05 06:43:24 ] Good pirate 1> lol
[ 2008.03.05 06:43:29 ] Good pirate 1> kind of
So, I think, I’m toast anyway, I should take at least the rupture with me, activate my mwd and go straight to him, when I get in range, I fire my weapons, web him, nos him and start some repping, he dropes really fast, but I have only 15-20 % of armor left, but I decide to go for the manticore, it was 35k away, I hit approach and activate my mwd, when I got in 20k, I started my warp disruptor , then webber, then nos, then all my 4 neutron blasters II, receiving meanwhile another cruise missiles volley, that left me deep in structure, but that was his last volley, coz his paperthin frigate poped extremely fast under the pressure of tech2 drones and guns. I thanked god I chosed that DC II over the EANM :-). After destroying those 2 guys, I clicked scan and I saw some ships in scan range, so I decide not to take the chance and left the field unlooted :(, I figured that I better remain alive without the loot :-).
[ 2008.03.05 06:43:31 ] Good pirate 1> i had a bad tank
[ 2008.03.05 06:44:16 ] Good pirate 1> well gf
[ 2008.03.05 06:44:48 ] Lady Destruction > gf
[ 2008.03.05 06:45:09 ] Emma Lu > gf
[ 2008.03.05 06:45:12 ] Emma Lu > how much you got left
[ 2008.03.05 06:45:19 ] Lady Destruction > 30%
[ 2008.03.05 06:45:37 ] Lady Destruction > omg, i'm all shaking lol
[ 2008.03.05 06:46:00 ] Bad pirate 1 > some get that after an adrenalen letdown XD]
I can’t describe the excitement and the emotions I had after this battle, and I can’t wait for the next 1 ;-).
Because of big emotions, I forget to take screenshots of my fights, I guess after some more pvp experience I won’t have such emotions and I’ll manage to take some screenshots :-).


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Litair on :

Must be a brave antipirate to show yourself here ;-) but yeah antipirate, pirate or just PvP'er of some sort it's always a surprisingly heart pounding experience when fighting other players.. won't believe it until you're in the middle of it =P

Za'afiel on :

Nice :-) you just reminded me about my first win ;-) and this heartbeat after ;-) Me and my corpm8, two, one month old greenhorns in Tristans vs. 1,5 year old pirate sec.s -7,5 in a Rifter in Old Man Star ;-) great feeling :-)

Terraform on :

Even though you state you're just a newbie in the PvP part of the game, I still think you did very well considering the odds.

Keep up the good work, Anti-pirates are pirates too :-)

inner child87 on :

lol emma lu is in my corp, or was i can't remember atm. She's not bad with that manti, but they do have some pretty thin armor. Good job anyway, and good story as well. Keep it up.

Firkragg on :

Sounds like a good fight. Fighting outnumbered is the most fun in eve (especially when you win)

Anonymous on :

Thanks for the reply's guys, i posted this story a month ago and it didn't show up till now. I was upset and i told myself that i would never again post any stories here, but i guess i'll have to write something new again, coz i have some things to write :-). Thanks again.

Meat Missle on :

Nice to see the other side of the coin every now and then. Having your stories punblished will give us pirates a look at the "antipirate" thought process during battle.

i look forward to reading more.

P1R4T4G3 on :

A good story well told, re-enforces my desire to become the most ruthless pirate.

'I fly alone.' - P1R4T4G3

phoenixflames on :

damn ld you sure can kick some ass when you need too anyways i look forward to reaind more about the adventures of lady desturction good luck in club bear

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