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Little bees - Pretty awesome YouTube movie

Take a look, this is pretty awesome! :-)


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Firkragg on :

epic :-D

TJ17 on :

pretty awsome

Lady Destruction on :

Yeah, it's just...GREAT!!!

Goeatadick on :

Goons destroyed eve.


Ki An on :

That's gotta be the awesomest Eve-related thing I've seen.

TheHunter123 on :

hehe leave a comment my thread on the eve forums if you like it ^^

Setana Manoro on :

I don't like goons, and i'm looking for a way to auto-repeat it for 3d now. :-)

Gabriel Lornadonis[TOTG]-[IAC] on :

gotta love the goons many may not like them but when it comes to making fun little things like this they come first

well as far as i know the bobbits dont have a sense of humour or any real creativeness at all

Deleted link due to spam

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