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Winners of the Tyrannis competition

I'm happy to be able to announce the winners of the / CCP Games Tyrannis competition!

Winner: To gank, or not to gank - that is the question
Author: Arden

Second prize: Abandon ship
Author: Firehaven314

Third prize: Mistakes and lessons learned
Author: Seligas

Winners will recieve the following from CCP (applied soon, contact Ander if you dont recieve any plex):
1st place 4 PLEX
2nd place 3 PLEX
3rd place 2 PLEX

Runner up: war and peace
Author: Lord Abako
Runner up will recieve 1 Plex from me personally (or equivilent ISK) :-)

(Remember, PLEXES can now be dropped ;-) don't get ganked while carrying these in your ship!)

Spring author competition - Tyrannis edition

Announcing this springs author competition in celebration of the new upcoming free expansion named "Tyrannis" to EVE Online!
Any submissions submitted and published from 23rd of April until the release of Tyrannis (or until a minimum of 10 submissions have been entered) will be entered into the competition.

A number of criterias will be weighted in to the ranking (winner), such criterias are the amount of reads, comments and quality of the submission. EVE-Pirate staff reserves the right to make the final decision and judge the competition entries.
To make it fare - the period we will look at will be 14 days from the day of the publishing of the entry.

Awards will range from isk prizes (supplied by myself) to CCP sponsored prizes.
So grab your pens and start writing about your experiences in EVE!
(More information to be added shortly!)

Posting more stories in the upcoming days.
5 scheduled to be posted!

Also - waiting for CCP to give some information regarding the prize update.

EON Issue #019 – Published 2nd April 2010

Like it or loathe it, spying in games has been around since dice were invented. It will likely be around until computers attain god-like sentience and do away with humans and their videogames altogether. But why do we sneak and snoop on each other in order to have fun, and why especially are such practises so endemic in EVE? Trapping three of New Eden's most renowned users of intelligence in an elaborate web of probing questions, we ask to what extent does espionage pervade our beloved universe and try to ascertain what acts of spiteful vengeance are committed. Finally, as they shriek for mercy under the heat of an Ikea desk lamp, we draw from our captive trio a few ideas about how spies and saboteurs might be kept locked out.

In part two of our look at Sovereignty, we turn from the distant past to the recent, looking at how Dominion has changed the way alliances look at and utilize their territory. In GoonSwarm's dramatic self-immolation, and CVA’s overly ambitious urge to expand, two of New Eden’s most robust alliances have withered in Dominion’s shadow. Is EVE’s most recent expansion to blame, or was it just another day in the universe we call New Eden? Between Nyphur’s examination and our all-new-and-improved 0.0 Report, we try to find out.

Planetary Interaction is coming and with it will be a lot of stuff. We brave Singularity to look at how EVE’s summer expansion is shaping up (round, mostly) and ask CCP Manifest and CCP Hammerhead to reveal what kind of stuff we can expect to see in Tyrannis and beyond.

More than just a repository for some of EVE’s most useful tools, Battleclinic has proved itself to be one of the most respected and trusted gaming websites. It’s been around for longer than most games; we chart its rise from the early days of paper play to its new-found status of must-have bookmark.

200M ISK Celebrity Testflight Challenge
Serenity Steele remembers the ISS
CCP Ginger on being CCP Ginger
CCP Dr.EyjoG gets economical
New Chronicle: 'Breathless'
Guides to targeting and the overview
The Community Team choses its favourite websites
All the latest news, and more...

I've been reading EON since the start. It's entertaining and a nice way to keep up with what is happening in the EVE universe. This is also why we at EVE-Pirate are supporting the EON project, so if you think this is interesting - click the EON ad on our left side.
Thanks! // Ander

EVE-Pirate community services!

We've resumed our community services!
Yes that's right, EVE-Pirate activity is picking up and my will to play eve has returned :-)

We'll start out by offering teamspeak services .
ISK proceedings will be used for competitions and to award active authors.

Currently we host Teamspeak servers at 10Mill ISK per slot.
Contact "Ander" ingame for more information. authors competition!

Now - and until the end of an era (well, that's until Dominion launch)
we want YOUR best stories and battlereports!
That gives you only 10 days so you better get crankin'.

Depending on what type of story, submit your best work to (stories) or (battlereports).
Link it on your favourite social networks, post nudes (just kidding) or what ever trick you have in your book to get people to read your story and comment.

In cooperation with and BattleDB, and CCP Games we'll select a winner in the following three categories:
Best story - overall highest quality
Serious propaganda - the story with the most and serious propaganda
Most read - yes, that's right the story with most amount of views

CCP has been kind enough to provide us with the following loot bag, from this we'll draw prizes to award the winners:
1x Guristas Red T-shirt XXL size
1x Guristas Keychain
1x EVE Keychain Bottle Opener
1x EVE Patch Amarr
1x EVE Patch Caldari
1x EVE Patch Gallente
1x EVE Patch Minmatar
1x EVE Magnet - Minmatar Fighter Asgeirs Toy
1x EVE Roxor Hooded Sweatshirt XXL size
1x EVE Mug Minmatar Tempest Star Storm
1x EVE Firebyrd knife by Spyderco summer makeover has been a bit slow for a while Not only the amount of updates but also the server speed.
First of all, the reason for the slow updates has been my real life schedule and my involvement in a new EVE project has taken lots of my time.

It's possible that EVE-Pirate one day will be incorporated in this project as a sister site, if it succeeds.
To remedy the speed issues of the site I'll be working on migrating the site over to a new server.

Meanwhile, EVE-Pirate may be in a transition state while changing.

Guest story from hisgoatness: THE ADVENTURES OF DOX ROX

Disclaimer: The following is a fictional narrative loosely based on some actual game events(extremely loose). Faggots in said narrative are also loosely based on actual game faggots and personalities. Yes it is long, no there is no cliff notes.

Disclaimer Disclaimer: Yes I was very bored when I wrote this.

Part 1: Bomber Down

The time was 2000 hours, fresh off a day of lectures about his poor CAOD posting habits, Captain Dox Rox walked into the doorway of his personal hangar at the G-TT5V outpost with a bit of gleeful anticipation in his step. After being heckled by the Illuminati Corporation for the configuration of the Chimera class carrier he had custom ordered, he was eager to redeem himself at the next possible military operation. Dox plopped into his desk chair as it creaked at the daunting task of supporting his bulbous mass. Repeatedly missed exercise sessions and a daily lunch of chili covered Delve Dogs was starting to reap rewards towards the blobby figure that was so popular on his home world. He fired up his teamspeak server and logged on to the Pathetic Legion facebook nation to check for news across the alliance. Dox skimmed through the most recent news articles while keeping an open ear for any coms traffic on alliance teamspeak channels. He had barely gotten through the latest xxAngelxx fat jokes and worthless USTZ supcom stories when his headset began to crackle with activity. “Important Fleet Mission, all available pilots stop counting your jew gold and form up at the POS on Gaia Jane. Long range heavy assault cruisers and interdictors requested.” It was no other than the sensual baritone of the Italian Stallion himself, Admiral Goberius. Dox began to sweat in excitement. His microscopic genitals were still a light shade of blue from the last Gobbins lead operation, but he had faith the Italian man pleaser would not fail them again.

Dox Rox surveyed his hangar inventory for a suitable combat vessel for the fleet mission. He dismissed the thought of using his Zealot class cruiser, its too overpowered and everyone flies them anyway. His indecision was quickly washed away when he laid eyes on the next ship in his hangar, a Caldari made Raven class battleship. Sure Admiral Goberius had called for cruiser sized ships, but just yesterday Dox had dispatched six battleships from the Serpentis faction in his Raven, surely it would be the mainstay force in Admiral Goberius’ fleet. With its full rack of cruise missile launchers and thick tungsten armor plating, it would be able to strike from as far as 249km, perfect for sniping an enemy POS. And you never know when your fleet mission will end in attacking a POS when you are a member of Pathetic Legion! Dox smiled proudly as his captain’s capsule was loaded into the Raven. This will show those Illuminati smackers how a combat ship should be fitted.

Dox pulsed the massive ion engines to ease the Raven out of the docking bay while performing the final checks on his systems. As the twinkling brightness of the heavens lit up his front viewport, Dox aligned his navigation system for the coordinates of the alliance form up POS and engaged the warp drives. His captain’s chair jerked slightly, not from the strain of supporting his ass for once, but from the force as his Raven battleship lurched into hyperspace towards the alliance POS. His destination was not far from the outpost he was stationed at so it was a short trip, nevertheless Dox managed to delight on two chili covered Delve Dogs while reviewing the status of his weapons systems. Dox licked the last bit of chili from his chin as his Raven slowed from warp speed and re entered normal space at the form up POS shield barrier. Dox sized up the fleet his alliance had gathered, countless Zealot class cruisers, Muninns, and even some Caldari Cerberus cruisers. Excellent Dox thought to himself, no one has shown up in anything as fantastic as my Raven. He set his navi computer to approach Gaia Jane’s Avatar class titan at zero. “Who is this faggot who brought a Raven”, squawked from the joint coms link. His Heads Up Display was filled with spam lines from the other pilots that simply read, :bos:. Dox ignored their jeers; he knew he would have the last laugh. As he neared Gaia Jane’s titan, Dox heard Admiral Goberius begin to bark out orders, “Jump bridge active, jump bridge active, all pilots jump to destination.” Dox Rox synced his navi computer with the massive titan and watched in awe as the jump vortex opened in front of his Raven and swirled around his viewport.

As the vortex dissipated, Dox sat stunned for a moment. He blinked his eyes twice and begun to gather his bearings. His navi computer chirped alerting him that his current location was the 49-U6U system. He looked up at his viewport and saw the silhouette of a Rapier class recon cruiser with what military experts call a cynosural field pulsing off his starboard bow. Dox only took in the beautiful sight for a split second before watching the Rapier recon erupt in a ball of fire and the vacuum of space swallow up the death cries of the crew. Dox glanced around to the other side of his viewport to see the looming figure of a Deathstar POS with 15 smoking guns pointed where the Rapier used to be. His HUD chirped and went a shade of red, identifying the Deathstar as an enemy combatant. Dox’s chili soaked brain had barely begun to process all that was happening when the Italian Stallion barked over his com unit snapping Dox to attention. “Worthless faggots, stop sitting there and set ship alignment for the star, activate micro warp drive evasive systems, go faggots, go.” The Raven hummed as Dox activated the MWD propulsion system and set his navi computer in line with the system’s single star. Dox looked up as his HUD chirped and a green tactical overlay of the Pathetic Legion fleet displayed over the grid. Damn those cruisers are fast, Dox thought to himself. The tactical overlay agreed, and Dox watched as the fleet moved towards the star and Dox’s Raven quickly fell to the back of the formation.

Dox murmured a silent curse under his breath, but was suddenly interrupted when the Raven violently shook to the starboard side. “Shield impact, integrity holding at 95%,” the report from his bridge crew came through his shipside com unit. It seems the enemy had noticed his slower moving Raven as well. Dox checked his tactical overlay, and sure enough two dozen enemy battleship class ships were moving out from the bottom of the Deathstar shield barrier and bringing their weapons systems online. This was going to get ugly fast, Dox though to himself. Admiral Goberius was quick to respond, “Go weapons hot, primary fire target is AJ Regard, secondary target is Lady Scarlet.” Dox’s HUD chirped yet again as ship designator intelligence was added to the tactical overlay by the admiral. The enemy formation was a mix of Kenzoku Federation and Triple A warships. Dox recognized the primaried enemy captain well, he was well regarded for his accurate unbiased battle debriefings on Scope TV. Dox thumbed the shipside com unit, “Weapons Officer, bring the aft launchers online and set target painting systems for ship id #157. Engage when you have a firing solution”. The mighty Raven shook again as more enemy fire impacted the shield matrix. Dox checked the HUD again, he was falling dangerously behind the allied formation. He diverted more power to the MWD systems sending them into overload mode hoping to coax a little more speed out of the heavy battleship. The heavens from his viewport lit up like the sunrise of a red giant as dozens of laser beams from the Zealot class cruisers raced towards the enemy fleet. Dox wouldn’t be able to enjoy the fireworks though as his Raven was rocked repeatedly by violent collisions that activated the emergency lighting. “Shields are down Captain, multiple armor impacts, integrity at 45%”, his bridge commander’s panicked voice announced over the shipside com. Dox began to sweat. He would not last long under focused enemy fire and the engines just couldn’t move the heavy ship out of range in time. As if personally answering his prayers, a cynosural field lit up his viewport and instantly jumped in a guardian angel. And he brought friends. The enormous Leviathan listed towards the enemy POS flanked by two Avatar class titans. “Good job being bait you useless failure, why don’t you go reevaluate your options”, raged over Dox’s com unit. Dox recognized the friendly voice of Admiral Shadoo, the Pathetic Legion back up Fleet Commander. Before Dox could swallow the lump in his throat, his bridge commander broke through the shipside com, “Fleet warp orders issued from central command sir, following fleet into hyperspace.” As the warp envelope enclosed his Raven, Dox looked back at the Deathstar just as the stars went dark and a massive blackhole opened on the horizon. “Warp Drive Active” his navi computer informed him.

Dox barely had time to gather his thoughts and get a damage report from the crew when his Raven dropped out of hyperspace. The fleet was assembling near a small gas giant a few AU from the enemy POS they had just left. As he set approach vectors with the position of the fleet, Admiral Goberius came over the com, “Re align to planet 9, maximum sublight speed, go, go.” Dox groaned. He wished he had time to order repairs to the deep scars on the Raven’s armor plating, but he could tell from the urgency in the admiral’s voice that something pressing was underway. “Fleet warp coordinates coming in now Captain”, his bridge commander informed him over the shipside. “Warp Drive Active”, blurted the navi computer, and once again Dox was off.

As Dox’s Raven dropped out of hyperspace the cockpit of his capsule lit up with pulsating light. Dox looked out the viewport and was astonished at what his implanted eyes showed him. Silhouetted inside the haze of countless warp disruption spheres was an alliance Avatar class titan. The ship designator beeped on his HUD and Dox was saddened to see it was Gaia Jane, the same captain who had bridged him into this hell storm. As the tactical overlay came up on the HUD, Dox could see hundreds of enemy warships orbiting in formation outside of the warp disruption spheres raining in weapons fire on the hapless titan as it sat dark with its main power offline, as if someone had simply turned off a light switch and went to sleep. Dox watched in awe as the hull of the great ship buckled and gave way in a massive explosion that sent a shockwave outward for hundreds of kilometers. The captain’s capsule ejected from the rubble and auto warped off into the distance. A much more somber Admiral Goberius came over the com unit, “Fleet fall back to the stargate, regroup in the 8QT-H4 system.”

As Dox set the coordinates into his navi computer, he couldn’t help but think about Captain Gaia Jane after today’s events. As the warp drives spun up to enter hyperspace, Dox typed out a quick note to Gaia Jane on the pilot to pilot line. Dox smiled proudly as he finished. “Warp Drive Active”, the navi computer announced. Dox clicked ‘transmit’.

“My condolences on the loss of your Avatar, sir. Perhaps you will consider the triple rep fitting design I have attached to this note in your next ship purchase.


Titan kill in h-adoc 4th jan 2009

While I cant take credit for either the kill or this video I'd still like to share it with you.
It was the first titan I actually made it on the "killmail" although I've been there to take down other titans before.

Titan kill video from H-ADOC 4th Jan 2009

Its been a very long time since I personally told anything of my own "part takings", but I think I can allow myself this once.

Edit: comments now allowed

[Fanfestblogging-08] 9/11 - Last day on Iceland , it's been a blast!

Alright, first of all I'd like to apologize by not having updated the blogging as often as I should have during this week.
I've been having a load of fun and today is my final day on Iceland (aka hangover day).

I'll be trying to fill out the blanks during this week when I've cleaned up the photos and videos. Edited out the stuff that probably shouldn't go online (drunk devs and gms and even more drunk players). I'm not going to be uploading that many presentations since most of these have been covered by eve-tv. What I will be uploading are the things happening behind the scenes.

I can just say that I would recommend that all of you who get the chance to take a few days off, go to the fanfest next year!

All three fanfest days have been fun.
Participated in cough mining tournament and failed miserably (lost in our first round in a ragtag mix team). I dont know how to mine gawd dammit!
Seen a lot of presentations on fancy shiney new things that CCP are working on. (walking in stations, yes I have some videos from THAT presentation).
Lots of partying and making friends with those who you would be shooting at in-game (Hello BoB guys, ex-UNAT and CCP devs!).
Getting some goodies and collectables from CCP. Oh yes, there wasn't just men attending. There were actually some eve girl players (they do exist!). If you didnt get enough of those you could just party with the icelandic girls too :-)

But as you might've guessed, the fanfest is more of a party (with lots of drinking involved) gathering than informational meeting. Truly a great convention!
I would suggest that if you go here alone, make sure you get to know people. You will have a great time with your new friends :-)

Now, for my final day we'll actually be doing a bit of the more tourist kind of stuff. Taking a car trip around iceland and seeing the tourist attractions (golden circle, look it up).

When Im back in sweden Ill start the mind-numbing work of cleaning videos and updating a more into depth report of what went down in Iceland
I would love to finish by saying that due to the currency price drop, partying at the top of the world has never been cheaper and more fun. :-)

[Fanfestblogging-08] 4/11 - little sober, little less sober but mostly sober

Woke up around noon. The bed was one of the best I've slept in on any hotel. Who would've known that the budget room would have a bed that was more comfortable than the expensive luxury rooms at other hotels I've been to?

Beastoria (corpmate from Sniggerdly) picked me up to show me around town. We saw a lot of places before we ended up at a shopping mall (hey I'm a tourist dammit!) to get some food and souvernires. I also managed to pickup a 500GB portable disk for all the video material I'm shooting. Most of the clips are pretty crap but Im going to go by quantity to get at least some interesting shots :-)
Beastoria is a nice bloke to hang out with and I got to see Reykjavik from both a tourists perspective and a citizens.

It's a very laid back town, and lo and behold. Rush hour in Reykjavik is usually not as bad as in Stockholm. The traffic is very light compared to most capital cities in Europe.
Anyway - after the trip around town we headed to Beastorias place.
It's still just tuesday so there wasnt too much to do and it was way too rainy to go out hiking somewhere. So we used this good excuse to just hang out and do other stuff :-). Played some guitarr hero and fallout 3. Plus I also got to borrow his internet connectivity which isnt as capped as the one by the hotel. I could finally download my video editing software and get things done. So while Im writing this blog update Im also compiling some of the video captures from my trip from Sweden to Iceland (very condensed form).

A few hours later Masta Killa (another corpmate of mine) got of work. We picked him up at his place and set off to Nordica hotel where we had heard other Eve players had gathered.
While Beastoria had the unfortunate fate to be assigned driver of the evening me and Masta opened a few bottles of beer. Once at the hotel we went inside and spotted a few laid back types sitting in the sofas by a warm fire.
We suspected they were BOB members (just kidding, none of us were men enough to confirm if they were really EVE players) so we grabbed a few guiness at the bar and went to a table of our own and chatted for a while.
A bit later we went back to the car and drove downtown to the official fanfest bar.

At arrival we spotted both CCP employees and players. Some notable people like EVETV's StevieSG (certainly a person who would have a hangover the next day). We chatted for a few hours and then called it a day.
Remember folks, it's still only tuesday and we're warming up slowly :-) even for icelandic people it's not that common to get hammered (drunk) as early as a tuesday.

[Fanfestblogging-08] 3/11 - Arrived at Iceland

I landed around 15.40 icelandic time at Keflavik airport where my alliancemates Ohne and Beastoria picked me up. Thanks guys!
No flybus for me :-)

Got a quick tour around town before I headed for the hotel (Im staying at Hotel Cabin btw - nearest hotel to the fanfest event).
I'm downloading some video editing tools so I should be able to edit the video photage that Im taking. Hopefully this post will be updated tonight with the video photage.
Sadly I only have access to the hotel wireless here. It's only 1mbit up and down and the access isn't free (2000ISK/24hours - roughly 11EUR/24hours). I guess that's the downside to staying at a hotel which rooms are nice and cheap. Everything else will cost money :-)

The general feel that I've gotten so far is that that all colors in the landscape go from black to brown.
It's very rocky outside the city and not a tree to be seen anywhere.
Only place where there are trees is inside the city.

More updates to come! I'll be going to meet with some Pandemic Legion buddies in a few minutes.

Wohoo on my way to Iceland!

Okay, Im getting ready to get to the airport now. Hopefully I'll survive the flight but more important. Hopefully Icelandair doesnt file for bankruptcy before I arrive on Iceland!
More updates to come!

Fanfest, here I come :-)

Ander going to fanfest

Yes that's right. I'm going to fanfest!
I'll be leaving on monday and staying on Iceland for a week. Hanging out with brosefs and blogging from the fanfests :-) Look out for blogs and vlogs (video logs) updates!

Fun things heard on an alt ;)

Some carebear/noobs talking of the golem would be the greatest battleship for fleet battles ;-)

I quote:

Lord Indomitus > + AB + target painter or something else instead of the painter. + big cargo bay + salvaging on the move... all these scream one thing... and this thing is not missions

On other hand, Ill be publishing a whole lot of stories this october. More activity on EVE-Pirate is on the agenda for this month!