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Station Games

Lady Ariness smashed her Incursus into the side of the Arcana Imperii Raven again, in an attempt to push it outside the docking range of the station. The pilot inside must've been laughing at the few meters it was pushed before deciding enough was enough and docking.

Speeding as fast as her Microwarpdrive would carry her, she approached the Megathron 50km away, who was also playing these docking games. It was boring work but maybe she'd get lucky. After a couple of bumps she noticed something. The Megathron was 5000m from the station's docking perimeter. Shouting for backup on voice comms, her Sniggerdly corpmates jumped into system. Sensing danger, the Megathron pilot tried to makie it to the station, but he was already webbed and near-stationary.

Due to his attempts to play games and thoroughly annoy us, and of mlore consequence his lack of concentration, he lost a fully fitted T2 Blasterthron including T2 Neutron Blaster Cannons, T2 ammo, T2 Armour Repairers and a T2 cap recharger.

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