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Mission Jinxed and also looking for a place to settle

Hi, me again :-) this time losing ship after ship.

So it's thursday evening and I am bored. Corp chat is quiet.. well I think to myself maybe I should run a mission or two, there is an agent available so why the heck not. So I run some missions and get even more bored.
So than I run into lwo sec with a light neutron blaster setup and 1600 rolled tungsten plate setup thorax and a friend in an incursus class frigate. We roam a bit starting from Dastryns to Pelille and than start moving north. We jump a few systems and I manage to scan icredibly quick a drake. We warp on top of him and start pounding and releasing drones and hitting him withh everythign we got. So far so good.

Than all of a sudden I am webbed and his drake has nos fitted so I'm out of cap and some light t2 drones eat at my armor between the missile hits. I realise there is no thign we could do and this was clearly how I am losing my ship and crew. I engage emergency gang warp and my friend lands in safety while I watch helplesly my hull vanishing. This is the begining to disaster (also know as a really nasty series of loses).

Ok, no point geting discouraged, that was one hell of a battlecruiser but surely better times will come.

So I use another cruiser and find another drake and I do not learn my lesson. I jump on it with the nec kdry and itchy fingers and while this battle is not going in my way it would be premature to worry and just keep hoping as the enemy shields also go down slowly. So perhaps I lack in skills and proper sized guns would be different but I just have to try and get this one. Besides I am not webed and not warp scrambled. And than my early days in eve acquaintance Zero Threat coes along in a megathron and blows me into peaces.

Still, nice fight and no point to lose hope. Many good battles will come. Yeah my ass.

So I go into empire and fit an incursus and start ore flipping when I land on an hiperion. Cool. I has drones out and just stays and guards teh can. No point to challange this guy, he is obviously there for the show and by his age he may very well be knowing what he is doing. I just innocently select all in his can and than order by type. Which mind you is a flaging act and iend up dead. Lesson in game mechanics :-)

Soon after this I engage a guy in a drake in some Caldari system and I get obliterated again, this time in my vexor. I had a gravietric ecm fitted and it had no effect what so ever through the entire fight. I mean not once did he lose target on me. Must have missed the threads about the ecm nerf.

By now it is already weekend and we chat in corp and make a raid or two but with not much success, seems working as team can get hard with people not knwoing each other.

We decide ore flipping is getting quite old and we should move into low sec space for good. And so we do. We each pick a place to scout and get an idea about. I am going to Passari :-)
Destination reached and scanner is online. Belt checks turn out a 14 day old newbie corp vexor. Than a kessy jumps in. Than I decide to jump in. And all seems fine untill my early scans in mid warp of the belt start showing other ships. This is what happened:
1. newbie vexor warps to belt. 2. kessy pirate jumps in afetr him 3. I warp towards them 4. in the meantime other pirates warp in
So we end up with: vexor - kessy - me(vexor) - maller - thorax - crow - crusader and by the time I warp out in a pod I think an ishkur was there also. Now wtf ?!

I equip an incursus quickly and give it another go. I manage to find a merlin rattgin and quickly kill him but by the time I grab some loot a deimos warps in. I run but leae stuff behind. As soon as I get out of warp so doeas he. I warp again and again he is after me adn than I try and pull a trick and wap into a cluster of things but when I warp out he is right behind me. I try grab some stuff and warp but he has me locked down quite good. So I die again.

Yeah, I guess a pirates life can be more than exicting at times, keeping you alert and blessing you with thrills. But for a newby pirate in a newby pirate corp it can be very frustrating. High sec empire is making us nice isk while low sec empire is drying our wallets.

So where is a newie pirate going to settle ?

I think I was junxed by running that mission and with one tiny little kill I feel better but I'm still looking a loss > win situation. The number of vet pirates is very high. So is the number of good vet anti pirates. Somehow I need to get back to getting kills and not losings ships state.


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My pirate days - from excitement to dispair

Heya, some time since I posted my doings, so here I am:

It's Saturday, my first weekend in teh city after a longtme, so it's best time to try and recuperate the lost eve weekends. I log on and decide to go to low sec for real fun and better fights. Done, incursus is ready and away we go, a few jumps and I hit Ostingele. I don;t really like this system because it has only 1 belt btu still. I search and nothing (going to get those scan skills and probes, then you'll see filthy mission runners). A few jumps here and there I find a megathron mining with 5 ogre Is out and I decide to give my incursus the chance to prove it's worth.
So I BM near the mega, warp out acting 'scared' and then land back right on him. And I start to pound at the ogres, but to my surprise they hit me better than I thought and before I manage to kill one ogre I feel the sudden need to warp out, and so I do. I even had a nice chat with the guy in local, proved he was a nice pilot. So I decide to go get my vexor and give it another shot, because my ligh drones should shred those ogres to pieces and I go to pelille and get a vexor. Start moving back but by the time I get back he is no longer there :-(

I roam some more and jumping through a gate I see a blinking jaguar being not so close to teh gate. I start aproaching and taregting and to my surprise he does the same, OK we have a fight ready. So I get into eb range and hit the module, also scrambler, 2 medium nos and release the drones. His shield starts going down but he is gettign his web on my droens and starts killing them. I keep retracting to done bay adn the releasing and so on but still with the web on he manages to slowly kill my drones.
At this point I could call for some help as a couple of guys in the corp just loged on, but decide this is to fun to be spoiled even if I miss the kill.
So we keep hittign each other, reapairing, hitting droens, retracting drones, releasing drones untill I am left with 3 drones. At this point I realise my mistakes:
1) I have tech 1 hobgoblins which give hav thermal damage and tech 1 hammerheads :-(
2) I have a full nos setup, if I had some guns he would have been dead long ago
So this is a stalemate and dowtown shutdown counts to 1 minute. We have a nice talk and I'm givem soe good points on how to kill a Jaguar next time I meet one. I dock and servers are off.

Later in the day, servers are up for a couple of hours at least. Log on, Start moving again and I find a newby in a thorax ratting. I warp in, close the gap, nos, this time I have some small rails on 125s, web , scram, hit him with drones. He is going down and fast, half of the spawn starts hittign me, my npc advantage is not valid anymore. Convo comes up, mm, I intended to kill, oh well, guess what, I know the guy :-) not know in rl but I know the guy and this is how I do another mistake for the day: I stop my modules, to let the guy warp, he does not warp for whatever reason, I think it's a good time to warp, but nah.. so the NPCS KILL HIM ! I will never, ever, again let a target go no matter what. Well I still got the loot, the named rep and ion blasters.

The rest of the day goes without many inteersting things , I kill an incursus in my incursus, but he's a coupe of days old newby so nothign interesting there.

Corp chat starts to get more and mor alert, we got 5 peopel online ready for some action, plus a new recruit whos application has just been accepted. So we form up a 6 man gang and decide to roam high sec space, flipping ore cans and gettgin people agroed. We got a gang of: 2* incrusus, 1 minnie destroyer, 1 maulus, a merlin I think and maybe another incursus. Wine if flowing and gang is moving. We keep going and make maybe 10-11 jumps all over the verge vendor region and than back. Not many feel liek fighting back for their ore adn the night seems dull. But then from one of the belt the signal comes out to the rest of the gang: WARP IN! a quick inspection shows a VAGABOND is our enemy. The guy goes for the nearest target as 5 other pilots land a few meters fro mhim and soon 3-4 web are on the vaga. A little group of drones hits him from all the parts and little guns pound at his shields. MY remote sensor dampners mu make a nice show also and by the time any of us is in any real danger he is dead. HELL YEAH, 5 frigates adn 1 destroyer with all t1 gear and more lack of skills than skills manage to kill a vagabond by good use of tactics (and blobing). We lost one frigate to concord as one of our guys targeted the wrong pilot and shot during the fight, while the same guy targeted me and shot and met teh same fate under concord guns. Seems he was trying to aid the vaga but did not realise the vaga took from our bait can and he can not help. Oh well, nice loot for us, neting at a quick look over 15 mil. Plenty of frigates I'd say.

Sunday goes well but with no real interesting fights for me, some kills for my corp mates and one guy comes out with a new tactic from empire: 'free mining drones'. Yeah, he talks to people in local about the weather, than asks subtle about drones and then offers the drones for free. Well, not quite free...
Drones are ejected outside station or belt. You can guess the rest.

So monday starts and we're about 9-10 people working in a gang, now without me who's recruiting and too tired to respond in proper manner to coordination of any sort. So I roam lone wolf through low sec seeking targets while talking to people and spaming the recruitment channel and pising some people off.
Not much is on scanner but a caracal, oh wait, two caracals. Nice target I think and decide to scan a bit more and try out my luck. But I have no luck at all adn decide to risk it: go to belt, see nice 175k battlecruisers, start killing them, keep scaning. I kill one bc, than killing the other bc adn a caracal is on scanner. A caracal apears on overview. He is well at 25km from me but I act newby and wait while killing the npc battlecruiser. The distance between us starts to shrink and when he is almost 10 km I hit apraoch and turn on the afterburner. He targets and we're on. Warp disruptor is on and I call back my light scouts and release the hammerheads but this time I do not target the npc but the caracal. He hits me with heavy missile and I get him in web range and nos all his cap away. Shields gong down and I still got armor while tanking both him and the npc. I hit his armor well and soon enter hull. I now realise he has a damage control on because his hull is gong down slower than normal. I'm almost in hull myself and by the time I kill him my hull is 80%.
Emergency warp initiated and while aligning I call back the drones which manged to back in due to the small distance between his wreck and me. Once the drones in I warp to safety only repair my armor and assess the loot: nice 2.5 mil named heavy missile launcher and some normal stuff but in all close to the prioce of my ship, including the npc reward :-)

I move on and get rid of the loot and keep roaming for about an hour and a hlf withtu geting any more atention and then I get a guy in an ishkur in the same system I roam. He is much older, skilled and -7 or something. I keep seeing him in local and I keep realising why the number of tarets is low , especialy when I get this in local "xxxxx please don;t kill me, please man". Competition. Now I land on a gate about 30 minutes later and I see this guy landing there also so I jump into Ostingele. Stay claoked, he jumps also. I hit afterburner and target and nos but he quicly runs out of nos range and web, he has better speed in the ishkur than me in my vexor.
Five tech 2 hobgoblins come out and I web one, kill it, nos the other drones hehe and so on but this guy is at like 58-59 km from me. I could easely warp out a my armor repairer does not keep up with the damage I get but I still have hope and I keep shooting the drones. I kill another drone and see the ishkur close to me as my armor hits 40%. I can stil lwarp but I don;t.
Noses are on the ishkur, web is on drone and guns are on drone. Scrambler is on ishkur. Drone is retracted despite web and then soon released. So it's that retarct and release game... And it's gettign clear I am dead but I still do not try and warp away. Oh well, I almost reach hull and I start spaming the warp button. But I die before I manage to warp and then see the message: I was scrambled in the last part of the fight.
1) plenty of time to warp, but I do not
2) I have 5 lights and 4 meds in dronebay but use none
This is more or less what the guy wrote in local after the gf and normal stuff: "you should probably ge tsome sleep mate" Yeah he was right, I am using a drone boat and do not release the drones during about 5 minutes fight. I deserve to die !

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Path to covetors

So I find myself bored with mission running. I check the long path of learning and skilling in front and decide it's time for something more exciting.
Vaere has a nice sky and a familiar layout, best place to start on my way. The trusty old incursus is renamed: 'stinkursus'. old Dihania's Vexor is renamed: 'vexocraptor'. Than stinkurusus leaves the ship hangars of the station and flaots silently in the space through the undock.

Not much point for scannin I reckon and there is no one else to argue with that, alone. Belt one, empty,belt 2 empty, belt 3 empty.. by now I'm asking is this is the right thing to do, but than, vexor mining in a can. I get closer , jetisson 1 piece of antimatter and than switch the minerals in the can.
The 'victim' stops mining and I stay and watch, will it agress? will it obliterate me ? will it just start mining again ? DRONES COME OUT! I try and scramble and target the drones, I soon realise I have no chance and run. Yes, run. No point in loosing a ship and the crew when you can fight another day. But it's not just that....

Soon the vexociraptor leaves the station towards the belt. I can't wait so I start scanning this time and yes, he is there. I slowly move towards the enemy hsip blinking red. I check info, he is in a much much large corp (mine has only me :-D). I try quickly to asess local and find he has 2 mates in the area. Still, no time to back off, time to see some action, much needed action.

1, 2, 3 small nosferatus engage the enemy, 1, 2 small neuts soon follow. web is in full effect and the scrambler makes it's second cycle. nothing can change my course now. I target his dornes and start killing them with my trusted wave of warriors. A couple minutes later he has no drones and has enagged the self destruct sequence. I check local again, he has no more mates in local.. some corp, I'd rather be alone... The timer counts down but just as I'm about to lose hope, he reached hull and soon becomes cosmic dust.

Not much was gained fomr the wreak, but it has sealed my path. The vexociraptor docks and Vaere goes silent yet again.

A new day begins and the excitement of the kill is still echoing. Time to roame the belts again and find more, much more targets. But Vaere is silent, 20 in local, missin running, passing by, reading the news..
So the stinkursus makes it's way to the nreby system of alentene, a better populated system but with only 3 belts.
This proved to be fruitfull, as in the second belt a huge gang is mining in a can. I stick around and observe as in slow motion the cycles of the covetor reaping teh asteroid of it precious ores and miner drones serving their master. As time goes by I notice the iteron III coming out of warp and aproaching the can, then moving away, and warping off. Time to check those contents before the beast gets it all.
I make haste and burn the ships afterburners to full speed on a colision course with the covetor near the can, and bang, direct hit. The huge ship moves a bit and I have to reaproach the can. 1 peace of antimatter goes in space and a new can apears on the overview. Soon after the old can explodes in cosmic dust.

And than I wait. The modules are on, prepared to be fired, the blood fills the veins and the pulse goes like a crazed drumer on votka. And than the gang moves, the miner drones are called back in and soon new drones come out of some of the bays. And sooner than I think I'm in armor, and the repper is barely cycling when I'm reaching hull... phew, emergency wapr iniated and I'm safe at a planet. The stinkursus docks and I go stare at the alentene sun and figure this out.. yes, must get the vexociraptor here asap. Shuttle, undock, warp, jump... time slips away and the vexociraptor reaches alentene local.

As I search the bookmarks I realise I have none. This is not good. I make haste and soon the out of warp land me 10 km away form my taget. I can't believe the covetors is still there, but not only that, it is mining peacefully like nothing has happened. Timer is in full check and I can pound the ignorant fool for the next 4 minutes. Plenty of time to travel the 10km and destroy him.
Nos is active, neutralizers are active, scrambler and web are go and 5 hammerheads exit the drone bay.
But wait, the iteron beast has returned and has just taken the contents of my can. AND I just got myself two targets :-)

In no time I hit afterburner and hit the industrial, switch the scrambler fomr the covetor to the iteron and the covetor explodes leaving a wreack just for me. And in no time the iteron follows. I've sent tthem to ship heaven.

And yes "'strips' come from a can, they were put there by a man" :-)

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Sunday evening and I'm back home, eager to log on. 30k people online which means there are lots of people in empire so for me thats a good thing bringing more possible targets.
I chat a little in corp with the other guy in Oyst and then soon after I get another application, we are now 3 pilots which sets me in a good mood. A quick tour of the Cistuavert area shows that there not so many mining ops with a can and I end up back to Scolluzer. Belt 1 empty, bet 2 has a retriever can mining. I check the pilot (Norwegian| or something) and his corp and I figure he must be alone because the description of the corp says they are a small miner corp based in Metropolis. I chekc the attributes and they are under 10 people.

My vexor warp in, closes the gap, takes the can and all the ore becomes mine. 'My peanut' is how I call my cans :-). I see no reaction at first and decide to move on not feeling like hauling. Than local chat starts flashing. Norwegian| is ranting about me stealing his ore, the guys in local encourgae him for whatever reason and he starts threatening my life. All the other belts are empty and I set standings to his corp to better see if any are in local. He is alone.

I warp back in and he gets out 3 scout drones and gets himself flagged. I get closer, release hobgoblins, kill his drones, he is still threatening in local and calling me names. I start nosing him too and hitting him with my drones and blasters. He goes down, reaches hull and than he goes like: "No, not my ship !!!" I say nothing but call in the drones. Check local, still quiet. He goes: "Not my SHIP you Dick head" and I blow him up. Why the hell did he have to call me a dick head ? I get 2*strips and cargo expander 1. Dock and leave my loot and move on.

Local is flashing again and he is going nuts, he will kill me, he will obliterate me, so on and so forth. I'm apparently a TWAT besides being obviously a dick head. Local guys start telling him o cald the heck down and leave it be and soon they change sides being obviously anoyed.
I warp back to the belt and find him there in a Celestis (the tech 1 gallente ew cruiser). My peanut is gone and he took back all the ore. I get closer and he gets out 3 drones again, this time meds. I use nos, web, scram, blasters, kill his med drones with my hobgoblins and procede to kill him. Than I think I should try and randsom. Convo him, he accepts, I say 'Hi', it's a randsom and he has '30 secs to pay up 2 mil'. He says nothing. I ask again,he doesn;t even say 'hi' back. I blow him up.

It turns out form local chat with other people and him (I never said a word in local after the dick head and twat calling because I didn;t feel it was worth it) that he was so sure he would kill me that he did not insure his celestis and he had no more isk for a mining cruiser, he was back at frigs.

I scored 3.5 mil isk from the barge and cruiser loot. I had a laugh being first time called names in local. Too bad he was so sure I was gonna die.

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The ones that fought back

After looking for new setups for my trusted incursus class frigate I neded with the following desired: 3*ions, 1mn mwd, sram, web, mapc, 200 rolled tungsten plate. Unfortunately this is not possible for the time being so the compromise gods made my setups be this:
3*electrons with antimatter
1mn ab, 7.5km warp scrambler, web
sar, 200 reinforced steel plates

Quite a bit toned down and I am nervous about it but must give it a go. So as a new day begins the incursus class frigate undock from vaere station I call home and belts are being checked top to bottom. "This system is too quiet, again"
After the search is complete it's soon obvious there will not be a fight here so the best action is to move to the nearby alentene system. rinse and repeat but this time luck hits me and in the last belt a retriever is working hard, drones are out, and the can is FULL.
A new jet can apears in the emotyness of space and I think of naming it "My Peanut". Soon after "my peanut" is full of plagyoclase (if the name was memorised correctly). A cargo of 426 units of plag makes me 15k isk. So I figure out that the full can must be very valuable. Unfotunately, after many bumps and warp offs the retriever moves away.
I decide to leave the can in it's place and hope someone will bite. But to no avail.
Than out of boredom I decide to convo the original owner of the miners and try ransom, but as he put it: "I WILL NOT PAY FOR MY ORES!". And I blow up the can.

As time passes , warps after warps, waiting and waiting, no one is willing to fight for the ore and I'm frustrated: "should I move to low sec for good ?! maybe it's the incursus; this area is borring.."

I move to the nearby system of Scolluzer. Belts are in my overview and I start chekcing them fast. Another retriever mining full speed and yet again the can is full. I move quick and all the ores become mine, "my peanut". But as before the retriever moves. I check his name, his info, his corp, a 17 man corporation (if memory doesn't play tricks on me). And I wait again, waiting for boredom to set back in.

A npc corp iteron mark III apraoches "my peanut". Overview shows him flashing red and the pulse fills my ears, eyes focus, modukes are go and soon he has no more shields, blasters are hiting point blank in the armor and I remember releasing the hobgoblin.
Overview shows another ship, a caracal class cruiser aproaching the battle at full speed. I soon realise it is a trap as the owner of the vessel is teh one the ore belonged to just a couple of minutes earlier.
Gatling Afocal Maser I starts firing on my ship from the iteron mark III.
Heavy missile fomr the Caracal hits my armor but it's not as bad as I was imagining. Than two Hornet IIs start orbiting me and I realise it's a fight I will not live through.

Without blinking or hesitation I cycle the repaiere once. Than all power goes to weapons and make sure again the hobgoblin is shooting the iteron. It is going down and I still got armor to spare, but for how long ? Hull is reached and I pound it as hard as I can. Web goes offline as the enemy stoped trying to move. Cap is good for another cycle of the repairer and as the cycle ends the iteron mark III vessel explodes blanking out my screen.

And soon after the hornets start hitting my structure as I desperately try to warpout. Warping is not possible as I am warp scrambled. Insurance pays in.

Nice trap was laid down but the loss of the enemy is greater than mine. They sure got a - standing so I can spot them in local now :-) A GF was said in local and I moved back to station.

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