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Teaching miners to steal ore

I've been a reader of Eve Pirate for a while now and decided it was time to post one of my own.

Pirate stories don't exactly come thick and fast for me because I'm not a full-time evil criminal. I do however want to get as much as possible from my monthly subscription so I try to get involved in everything the game has to offer. This means that it's great for me to have two characters and a dual identity.

One character is trained for PvP, has been in a merc corp and has no worries about losing his sec status for a little bit of fun. I respect piracy and PvP in general as being the most creative and challenging gamestyle available and I couldn't do without my fix once in a while. My other character is a member of a mission running/mining/industrial corp. The idea being to provide a safe environment, away from all the bad guys for new players to get into the game. My excuse is that we're trying to do something for the community but OK... I'll say it - we're carebears.

It will come as no surprise to the readers of this site that we cannot keep our rookies safe from the nasty PvP all the time. We practice flying in a gang, do some low-sec stuff and frigate tournaments. All the normal things to help people to be able to defend themselves, but at the end of the day some people get it and others would rather avoid it.

What happened the other night gave me hope for the new generation.

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