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What a day this was! I had a fight like none I've fought before--and emerged victorious and with the modules of mine enemies in the hold.

It didn't start off so good. While prowling systems in my Incursus, I came across a whole party of juicy targets, a mining op: 2 Mackinaws, 2 Thoraxes, a Brutix, a Myrmidon, one or two other ships. Obviously way beyond me in anything I can fly, and I'm sort of between corps at the moment; my old one is inactive, and I (and a half-dozen others) have been waiting for a director of the new one to interview us to get us into that corp. I spied a blue in local a few systems away, but even though he had a Hyperion, he didn't think the two of us could take on the ships I'd described. Half an hour later, we found another possible ally who could bring a Dominix, so the fight was on. Most of my experience has been solo fighting in an Incursus, so I felt a bit out of my element as I tagged along in a Vexor.

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A Tale of Three Killmails

I started playing Eve-online about four months ago, and enjoyed the game with my trader. But as I played I grew frustrated with how much time I had to divert from my trading skills to basic ship command skills and combat skills. Feeling a nagging thirst for violence (I'd never actually been in PvP, even with a gang), and wanting to focus on just one skillset, I started over from the beginning and set out for a life of piracy.

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