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Re-birth - A new dawn -- CH.IV

As the light faded, the space before me materialized slowly.
"Wooooooo! I love that shit!" There was nothing like the adrenaline rush of jumping through unstable space. No gates. No regulations. No idea if this time is it. Pure blindness and hopes that you don't warp into the center of a star.
I punched the warp drive into action and my Claw lurched forward once again. It was all manual on this side. Stupid cosmic anomalies always screwed up the NAV systems so a series of short hops were the only way to go. Quite the pain in the ass, but quite a secured system as well. Nobody would be able to navigate such a place without months of extensive research and resources at their disposal.
Communications weren't even an option until you get within earshot. Another 'precautionary' measure I'd assume.

My last warp was fairly long. Always was. To the point of making your brain think it's too long. Just when you think something has gone wrong...
"Finally." My comms break the silence. It was him. Still that calm and collective voice. Never rattled. Still amazes me how he does it.
"Yeah yeah. Can't say that it was an enjoyable trip, but here I am none-the-less."
"Fair enough. Same bay. Make it snappy. We have a fair bit to discuss before things start to happen."
"Happen? What's happening?" Silence... he wasn't going to indulge me over the comms and I knew it. But I still liked asking just to annoy him anyway.
"Make it quick will you?"
"Yup. I'm on it." I swung around the small asteroid belt and made straight for the hidden base.
"Hey hotshot, you wanna slow it down a bit before you sink the entire east wing?" The comms burst alive again. It was Harry. Always good to hear Harry.
"Harry-Monster! Still around are ya?" He hated that name. Almost as much as he hated my heated approaches. Timid. He'd never last.
"Can the shit. You wreck, and I'll not wash your smudge off the deck for a month just as a reminder to all the others."
"Ahh.. Hairy-Monster. Angry as ever. Right then.. Incoming!" I punched straight in and dropped to the deck as always. It's always a delight to see people scampering away when I come in this hot. Light as a feather. Perfect as always.
"Touchdown. Have the guys start unloading the hold will ya Hairy-Monster?" I chuckled as I switched off the comms and dropped the cargo-bay doors. The crew was already approaching with their normal eagerness.
"Full one boys. And don't be too hasty eh? Don't want any fresh marks on my baby."
The crew stood a moment and surveyed the ship. She'd obviously seen quite a bit of action in her day. It was no secret that Concord would probably give their right nut to catch this one. The ship alone had been involved in more pirate activities than could be counted. The scars on her hull were wounds of survival and pride. Notches in her belt.

I made my way through the corridors to the main lobby. Might as well have a drink before getting into it with him again.

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Re-birth - A new dawn -- CH.III

Captain Rhicker began his final approach to the station. It was a long journey, and all he wanted to do was get out of his ship.
The comms crackled to life...

"Standby for authentication."
"Roger that. Standing by."

He sat back and looked around, taking it all in. There were squads flying everywhere. Something was up, and something big. The old man didn't go out of his way like this for any amount of pomp.

"Authentication verified. Welcome Captain Rhicker. The Commander is expecting you. He wishes you to report immediately after docking."
"Roger that. Bay?"
"Bay #9 sir. You may proceed."
"Thank you." He flicked off the comms and drifted towards the hangar.

Walking through the corridors, he couldn't help but notice the atmosphere. Everyone was tense... tight-lipped. And there was no shortage of strange stares as he navigated his way through the familiar walkways. The occasional greeting from a passing clerk were the only noises piercing the silence. As he rounded the last corner and approached the commander's office, the security detail sharply saluted awaiting his acknowledgment. He returned the gesture, and glided past them.
He didn't knock. He never did. He simply pushed the door open and walked in.

Across the room sat the commander and a horde of other officers. The low muttle of voices trailed off as he entered and stared across the room.
The commander looked up, and smiled.

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Re-birth - A new dawn -- CH.II


As I watched the cursor blinking mindlessly, I found myself wanting yet another nap. I can't believe this system is so dead. That's the last time I bother with the 'Murphy Boys'. They're useless. Always have been. I think it's about time I did what I always threaten them with.
I make a mental note to shoot them dead on the spot.

But in the meantime, I've got to find a new contact. This unreliable shit has got to go. I feel as usefull as a damn corporate miner. Everytime they...
The overview lights up. Adrenaline courses through my veins...

Concord? A single concord ship out here? ...

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Re-birth - A new dawn

Space. That's just what it is. Open. Nothing. Cold. Dark. Unforgiving in every way imaginable. I can remember a time as a child, hearing the story of some of the deep-space pilots that would eventually come stragling into our home sector.
Fabulous stories. Stories of grand adventures, and hair raising experiences that would keep you on the edge of your seat for it's entirety.

After joining the academy, I realised being a pilot was exactly what my life was missing...

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