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The way of a pirate-hunter

I decided to write my stories further as a diary. This way I can add new things everytime they happen and post them after I get enough volume :-).


I log in just after downtime and start searching local for possible targets. I can’t leave without poping at least 1 ship/day anymore. It became like narcotics, I’m addicted to pvp. Of course no targets after downtime, so I go to a dead-end system to rat a little. As I enter the system I notice no one being there, so I get to the belt to do the job. After 5 minutes, I see a neutral appearing in local, I scan the system few times, but no one appears on scan, hmm, docked I think. I go to the next belt, what do I see, 3 cruiser rats, nice I say, don’t want to waste ammo on those, so I put my valkyries 2’s on them and approach the first rat, to loot the wreck after it will pop (yeah, I am greedy :-)). My drones destroy the first rat, I send’em to the second (those little things just love to split and attack different targets), looting the wreck meanwhile. When the second rat pops, an arazu decloaks 30-40 km from me (the guy that appeared in local), locks me, dampens me and starts shooting at me, the rat is 20 km away, shooting me too, I recall my drones, as I notice them to get damage and burn my way to the rat. Meanwhile, I lock the arazu pilot’s drones and start killing them, after killing his drones, I am still in 50% armor, but It melts not so fast now. I get to 16 km away from the rat (still not being able to lock it), out of cap, hitting structure now. When I get in 5% structure, he stops shooting and convo’s me:

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Antipirate's life

Ok, since it’s downtime and I have nothing to do, I decided to continue my antipirate biography. After my first story, nothing really entertaining has happened, or maybe it’s because I have more experience now and I don’t have those emotions already :(, but I don’t remember my fights anymore, I have to look in the killboard to see them, I remember more my losses, I don’t know why though. I still fly thoraxes and vexors btw, but my first myrmidon is on the way. So I remember a lost a thorax to a dominix, he just killed all my cap and I couldn’t do anything, just sat there and waited to pop, this is a horrible feeling. I’ve got killed by 2 crows too, it took them a long time, but they did it, and my backup arrived just as I got poped, and my warrior 2’s only took 60% of 1 of the crow’s shields.

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My start as a pvp'er

First of all, i'll introduce myself, i'm a pvp noob, with countless loses and 3 kills by now, but i think i'm learning really fast :-). Besides that, i tried to be a pirate and i just couldn't destroy ppls ships, so i ended up refunding every isk i was destroying because i felt sorry for doing a bad thing. So i figured i'd rather become an antipirate, that protects innocent carebears from the bloody pirates :-). But because there’s no antipirate forum I could find, I figured I could as well post my stories here, since we r somehow linked :-P.

So, said-done, i created this char and started to train my learning skills from the start, with a nice set of +3's, my other char is a trader so i had more than enough isk to invest in my pvp char :), dreaming of how i will become a great pvper.

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Rest of story in extended body.
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