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I'm new, cut me some slack.

"Undocking" i heard as i raced to my controls.

Only a couple weeks out of the academy and i had already landed a few good agent missions and scored a decent frigate. My trusty Rifter. Decent might be an understatement; it is probably the best friagte i've seen in the minmatar fleet. I had been training several skills to use shield and armor appliances, as well as the skills to use a nos, web, and scram.

I had just turned in another mission in Rens when my friend warped into the system. He opened up a com and started talking about this nice little low sec system called Olfiem. It was what i like to call a Cul-De-Sac system. it only had one way in and out. The Gate was in dammalin, a 0.5 sec mining system where i stored most of my assets.

It sounded like a good idea. Very good idea...

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