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Into the breach, once more!

War targets were all docked up, logged off and we were secure in the fact that they were spending their $15/mo to spin ships. Now what to do. There was nothing to shoot and my crew had already begun shooting each other out of boredom. We were flying with TRAPS in this war. I don't remember if it was to help 'em out or leech off of their popularity or both, I didn't set up the deal, I'm just the point-and-shoot guy in this scenario. Regardless of the scenario, I love flying with TRAPS. Fantastic pilots. A couple of them were in our gang for the moment.

What does one do when one has nothing to shoot? Grab some expendable ships and start heading towards CVA space, of course! With a rifter, arazu, thorax, huginn, sacrilege, caracal and a last-minute ares, we began our trek into lowsec.

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To intel or not to intel...

I'm a first time writer here on eve-pirate, and while I don't fancy myself a pirate, the rest of EVE probably would. I run a small band of PvPers that isn't really interested in the pirate/anti-pirate politics - instead, we're all just a pack of ADD kids that like to see pretty explosions, indiscriminate of who they belong to. We take a lot of our inspiration from TRAPS and REPO.

This story has a little background to it, so if you don't care and want to skip down a bit, it's marked.

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