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Quiet. That's the way it is in space. That's the way he likes it. It was peaceful, drifting through the heavens with the stars. He enjoyed being in a ship that needed no crew, so he chose to use a frigate. It was his frigate of choice, the Incursus. He enjoyed using it for hunting because it could catch almost anything. Although, it wasn't always this way.

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Nooby Surprise

It started off as a normal day. I was just cruising along in my Rifter through the belts of Uitra, looking for unsuspecting miners to can flip. I usually don't canflip noobs, so I looked in to their corporate history to check their age before doing anything. A couple of minutes in, I run in to someone mining in to a can from a Retriever. I check his corporate history and find that in fact, he is almost 2 years old. I decide to throw caution to the wind, being a carebear delving in to piracy with a roughly fit frigate that could easily be destroyed by a 2 year old combat pilot. Instead of taking the bait, I see him warp away and dock at the station. I go to the station and set up camp outside, patiently waiting for him to undock. With about 5 minutes left on the aggression timer, he undocks. I check his ship to find that he's flying a Crow-class interceptor. Continue reading "Nooby Surprise"

Merc Work is Always Rewarding

I was casually sitting outside the Uitra VI Moon 4 station in my Drake when I watch a Hurricane undock from the station. I haven't had any action in a while, and I'm always up for a friendly duel so I strike up a conversation with the Hurricane pilot to try and get one together. He agrees but he tells me that he has corporation members in need of assisance 5 jumps over and so he won't duel me until he gets back. Continue reading "Merc Work is Always Rewarding"

Orca Go BOOOM!

While moving between corps on my alt, I stumbled upon an Orca pilot and his alt who was running a Covetor. I thought it was an interesting prospect so he let me in to his corporation pretty easily. I just chilled for a while, laying low until I could get the firepower to destroy the scourge of the carebears. Continue reading "Orca Go BOOOM!"


As the overview in the cockpit of my Myrmidon began scanning nearby ships and reporting their classes, I noticed something strange. There was a Caldari Navy Hookbill on my scanner. This is unusual because I was in Uitra, a noob system in Caldari space. I requested a pilot background from CONCORD to find that he was in an NPC corporation and was a little over a year old. That's when an idea popped in to my head. I was going to try and get the pilot to give me his Hookbill. A closer look at the background revealed that this pilot had been in the NPC corporation since his date of birth, making it tough to judge how long he had actually been active in the game. I decided to throw caution to the wind and try it anyway. Continue reading "Eject!"