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The truer side of the story :P

Well its been a hectic last month for us and a hell of a new year activity. We have had a vivid introduction to the world of pvp. Prior to all of this action we were a peacable mission running corp under the name of HelpMyMissioners, led by Borishotch, founder of HMM channel. Due to an unfortunate circumstance in the channel, we were war-decced by The Really Awesome Players(TRAPS). It was a rude awakening to many of us of the harsher side of Eve. But all of us to a man have risen to the occasion and have quickly grasped the basics of organised fleet warfare. We didnt have a choice on the matter! It has been a very positive experience for all of us and we have all learned a vast amount in the last month. We have all had a truly enjoyable time of it and full details of our campaign with TRAPS can be found at
Because of circumstances in the corp (CEO taking sabbatical), we decided to leave corp and set up on our own rather than bring the good name of HelpMyMissioners and Borishotch into disrepute. They are after all, mission orientated premises. The bulk of our 14 active members joined a corp called KrayZ Dams Inc. No sooner had we settled in we were paid the enormous compliment of being war-decced by R.E.P.O. , one of the biggest merc alliances in the game. Whether they were hired or not, somebody deemed it worth it to have our small band of players under attack by a 150 member strong alliance. (Details of this war can be found at, or at R.E.P.O.'s griefwatch site) . We are not complaining though. We are long past the pain of losing ships in battle and have become better players for it. We hope to continue gaining much needed PvP experience and hope to meet our worthy opponents on the battlefield, regardless of these seemingly overwhelming odds!
On behalf of myself and the corp, thanks are due to both TRAPS and R.E.P.O. for giving us this oppurtunity to learn the pvp side of Eve. We salute you!
(On a side note, we have also been re-wardecced by TRAPS recently, we hope to continue the good fight against these respected adversaries! Again, details of this war can be found on the above mentioned TRAPS killboard)