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Twas the night before christmas....

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the system,

Not a ship was warping, if they did he wouldnt miss them.

Nuggan sat scanning the belts with care,

In hopes that miners soon would be there.

In the pod in his ship he sat and waited,

To pop or to ransom in his head he debated.

And so Nuggan waited, not a soul around,

in a good hunting spot safe and sound.

Not a target in sight, Nuggan thought it was bleak,

When into his system someone decided to sneak.

Seeing targets in local Nuggan scanned a slasher,

a couple of shuttles, a thorax and thrasher.

They warped to a moon and he followed in suit,

With these targets vs his ship their defenses were moot.

When, what to Nuggan's eyes should appear,

A deactivated POS, but why'd they come here?

Without hesitating he targetted them quick,

But he kept thinking "this must be a trick".

More rapid than eagles his lasers they came,

And they whistled, and shouted, and the victims called him by name;

"Its Nuggan! Its Nuggan! We shall all die!

Its Nuggan! Its Nuggan! Flee you fools, fly!"

Nuggan popped one, Nuggan popped them all,

But he wondered what sort of help they would call.

Answering their distress a hurricane warped in,

To not help his friends would be mortal sin,

Outmatched, nonetheless towards Nuggan he flew,

And spinning his ship Nuggan approached too.

And then, lasers twinkling, the battle began

But as quick as it started the hurricane ran.

Determined to not let him get away,

Nuggan chased, knowing this time he'd stay.

And now, warp jammer holding him in place,

The hurricanes explosion threw shards into space.

Nuggan heard him exclaim, ere his pod warped out of sight,

"You popped us all" And Nuggan answered "Merry Christmas and goodnight!"

Recruiting again...

Yes, thats right. Dragons of the Twilight Sun is once again starting up and we are ready to begin taking applications for new members. Due to some tweaking of my laptop I have been able to get combat to an acceptable level. I would like to stress this part :begin taking applications. The corporation probably will not get back into full swing untill the new year. Veteran pirates and new players are both welcome, but you may not be on a trial account. Training will be provided by myself and I will help you find what role you like to play in combat, and the corp will help with getting you a good pirating ship for your style of play. Corp members will share in all profits of the corporation which come from piracy and ship building. Ventrilo is required, though a microphone is not you must be able to at least listen. If you plan on being of any high rank in the corp however you will need a microphone.

To apply come down to Bosena and submit an application at our corporate headquarters or contact me in game via mail or convo.

And since we are again recruiting I feel obligated to post the:

Dragons of the Twilight Sun Recruiting video/Nuggan's Pirate Compilation volume 4

Edit/Update: You can now join channel Drotsrecruiting to get information about our corporation!

Sometimes Real Life gets a bit to real...

Well, its certainly been a while since I posted here. Everything in this story is true. It is a tale of Eve, as well as real events in my life, and how Eve can effect a person.

I've heard it said that it is the decisions you make when you have no time to make them that prove who you really are. If thats true then as of two days ago I can honestly say I am proud of who I am.


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So cold....

The blue gel.....

A soft glow eminates from the bridge of the drifting hulk.

Nuggan's pod begins to hum with activity as he slowly awakens from cryo-sleep. Senses return one at a time.... touch.... followed by sight.... He slowly begins to realize what is happening.... where he is.... who he is... he remembers....

The cryo-sleep. Yes, thats right... he put himself in cryo-sleep to better learn what?... well it doesnt matter right now...

After drifting for days....weeks.... in low power mode, the sensors on his Zealot have alerted him to activity in the surrounding area and have woken him. And when Nuggan wakes.... death follows.

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Pirate Compilation 5

In celebration of Eve-Pirates server coming back up I think its now time to release:

Nuggan's Pirate Compilation 5!

About 50 megs this time and 10 minutes long. The rules for the duel were the first to get the other to half structure wins.

To those who asked: Yes, the caracal being blow up in the video is Pax Sex(from my previous post)

You know the drill guys... let me know what you think!

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Some people just dont get it....

[ 2006.06.21 21:49:31 ] Pax Sex > i hate you

Now I hear that a lot. Usually right after I kill someone. It doesnt really bother me anymore, and its more than balanced by the fan mail (thanks! I love hearing from you guys! I try to answer all of it that I can), but every now and then you meet some people who just dont get it. This is a GAME. It is played for fun. People in the game will do what it takes to make the game fun for them. Sometimes what is fun for one person conflicts with what is fun for another person. This is part of the game. Welcome to Piracy!

This is an examination of certain events from last evening and today. Perhaps in this way, and with comments from you, my readers, we can shed some light on why these people think the way they do. Continue reading "Some people just dont get it...."

First Hunt with the new corp

Well today I started accepting people into the corp. So far 8 have joined, and I'm not looking for many more so dont wait to apply! Most of the people who joined are noobs when it comes to PVP so I had to give them a little training before we started fighting. Lucky for us though they are very fast learners! They picked up the basics of scanning, fighting, pvp setups and more with amazing speed. There is still a lot of work to be done, but I couldnt be happier with the way things are going so far.

We had two absolutely flawless kills tonight: a Ferox and a Rupture. For the ferox I warped the gang in from our safespot and there it was, sitting just 18km from our warp in point. I quickly lock it down and scramble, but like a lion teaching its cubs to hunt I make sure my new corpmates are targetting and attacking before I tear into the ship. Did I mention I love the 8.2 damage bonus on my lasers? Seconds later the Ferox goes boom and the pod goes squish! We collect our loot and head back to the safespot only to be convoed by the ferox pilot. Evidenly he thinks we should have ransomed him and now hes quitting Eve... Hey Mr.Ferox pilot..can I have your stuff?

Soon we are joined by a few more new corp members and we use the scanner to see the rupture is sitting in a belt. We gang warp in only to find it already gone. A quick scan shows hes already moved to the next belt. Gang warp again, and rupture gone again.... this is starting to get annoying. Ok, without even a third scan I warp us immediately to the next belt to finally find him there....30km away and out of scramble range. Hitting the afterburners we swiftly close the distance to him and hes scrambled and locked in no time. Seconds later he is nothing but a cargo container and a pod.

All in all I couldnt be happier with how the corp is going so far. I'm looking forward to a great future of pirating, and eve-pirate readers should look forward to many more stories from me and even bigger fights in my pirate videos!

Dragons of the Twilight Sun

Wow, so much has been going on lately, but now I think I'm finally ready to make this announcement. I have left the Killer Kitty Kats from Kent due to differences in playtimes and style. I have now formed my own pirate corporation called Dragons of the Twilight Sun with some real life friends of mine. We are recruiting! Combat experience is a big plus but not neccessary and I will personally train new recruits. I am currently not setting a minimum of skillpoints to apply as it is my belief that people of any skill levels have their effective place in combat, but you must at least be off of your free trial. Also, you must be able to at least log in to Ventrilo to listen, even if you dont have a microphone. To apply, contact me in game for further details or join channel Drotsrecruiting. And now I bring you:

Nuggan's Pirate Compilation 4/ Dragons of the Twilight Sun recruitment video

As always, comments on the video are more than welcome, but please try to keep it civil.

See you all in game!

Pwning Noobs

Well my 4th pirate compilation is just about done, and its going to be a special one, but for now I just couldnt resist remixing my original three using the song "I feel like pwning noobs" from Its a great show about people who play video games and I highly suggest you check it out.

I Feel Like Pwning Noobs!

Hook em while they're young...

So I've been trying to convince a few real life friends of mine to start playing Eve. Yesterday one of them decided to give it a shot. I talked about his character with him for a while, he's gonna be a pirate like me :p, so I helped him create a character where he could get started with piracy fairly quickly. I gave him a little money to help him get going and helped him purchase and fit a rifter. So he finishes the tutorials, gets his rifter, fits it as well as he can with his current skills, and then heads down to where I am. He and I meet up and I show him how to make instas and safespots, how to use the scanner, figure out his weapon ranges, all the basics. Then we decide its time to hunt.

We head out to a safespot and start scanning the belts. Ah hah! a Stabber! We warp into the belt, I in my vengeance and he in his rifter, and find the stabber sitting not 7km from us. I quickly lock it and warp scramble and then encourage him to start attacking it. When I see his autocannons begin pounding down the cruisers shield I instantly let loose with a barrage of rockets and laser fire. Seconds later the stabber is in pieces and the pod makes that ever so satisfying "squish" noise. Heading back to the safespot I teach him how I have an anchored cargo container there to drop off loot in between kills.

Emptying our holds we immediatly begin scanning only to find a probe in the belt we just left. Warping in we see he is 35km+ away from us... but maybe he doesnt notice we're there. As our afterburners quietly light and we slink in closer we see the probe is happily mining away with its lasers and drones.... We continue our approach, praying he doesnt see us, 34km.......32.......28........24...............then finally.....20km. Insta locked and warp scrambled, the probe has no choice but to just sit there for the volley and a half of rocket, turrent, and laser fire it takes for us to put him into his pod, then once again we hear that wonderful squish!

Collecting our loot and dumping it we once again resume scanning only to find a Blackbird happily ratting his life away in a belt. We warp in and end up just 3km away. Locking it we proceed to unleash hell onto the cruiser we're orbiting. He had an impressive shield tank, but it simply wasnt enough and once again the cruiser goes boom and the pod goes SQUISH!

2 cruisers and a frig with pods in under 15 minutes of pirating action, on his first night none the less, is not half bad imo. Later I found out how much actually he helped the fights when he asked a simple noob question: "how many of your weapons should you turn on in a fight cause I've only been turning on one gun?"

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Whew.... what a day...its good to be back.

::edit:: Wow... I've really been getting a lot of mail about this one. THanks everyone! Glad you enjoyed the story! ::/edit::

Well since I've returned to Eve my corp, Korky, has moved out to 0.0. Now I never really liked 0.0, but I figured that my corp is here and they are most of my current friends in the game, so I guess I'll come back out. So its late in the day(Eve time) when I decide to ask my corpmate Kelron if he would like to join me for a hunt. He agrees and we head out, him in an incursus set up to tackle and me in a Retribution set up for pure carnage. So we take a look around in our home system.... no real targets, so we head one system over. 1 person in local:

Nuggan > hmm... talona here
Kelron Queldine > I'll go scan at p7
Nuggan > ok
Kelron Queldine > in a claw
Kelron Queldine > somewhere
Nuggan > ooh
Kelron Queldine > come to p5
Kelron Queldine > she's here
Nuggan > omw

As I warp to Kelron local flares up to about 10-11 people. Kelron gets attacked by them all as I'm still in warp to him and warps away with most of them following them. I arrive at planet 5 to see Talona sitting there all by herself in a claw. Well, I figure maybe I could possibly dish out enough damage to get her before she can get away, so I attack. Looking pretty good... I get her through shield instantly, through armor pretty quick, and right when I get into structure she warps away... damn, ah well thats what I get for attacking without tackling. Time to warp to a safespaaaaoohcrap, her friends are warping in as she warps out. Damn it...warp scrambled... ok attack them... yay ones in structure, he leaves.... yes! got another to structure...they leave....working on a third and then more warp in and my little retribution goes pop

Well my egg made it out at least. I insta back to the gate and warp back to my home system and station. Then I pull out the big guns...

Undocking in my Sacrilege I warp to the gate where I had just come from to find talona sitting there... her friends HAVE to be around here somewhere.... ah well, I can take them. I attack talona. Her little claw starts taking a good deal of damage... right before she goes pop she manages to use the gate since she didnt attack me back. Then all her friends decloak/warp in. Ok, a bunch of frigs, intys, and AFs. I can take crap what do you mean those modules arent active... stupid "fit to active ship" not turning my stuff on... ok, sit here and tank them a second then jump through the gate when I can. I get through, they follow, I get to a safespot and turn on my modules, and then I warp back to the gate. Two are sitting there. I wait untill they target me and the others start to warp back just to make sure they are gonna follow and then jump through the gate.

On the otherside I decloak and release my drones. They all jump through and immediately begin attacking me. I'm assuming there was 8-10 of them, I didnt get an exact count at the time. As I'm targetting all of them I suddenly realize my ship has been jammed, I cant fight back! Hm... I decided to stick it out... I'm betting they cant keep me jammed longer than my tank.... Soon after the jam breaks and I feverishly target all of them and begin drones are gone, my caps getting kinda low by now and I'm starting to get worried, and then all of a sudden BOOM. One of their ships blows up!... seconds after BOOM another one!... the sit there trying to break my tank as I whittle them down one by one. Eventually they realize they cant win and try to run away, but I catch one last one.

As I'm fighting I'm narrating whats happening in the KillerKatsBar:

specr > where are nuggan
Nuggan > klmt
Nuggan > gonna be back in hlw in a sec tho
specr > gl
Nuggan > sigh....jammed
specr > they get you
Nuggan > got 1
Nuggan > I can take them
specr > kill em all
Nuggan > got 2
specr > :-)
Nuggan > got 3
Kelron Queldine > go nuggan!
Nuggan > 4
specr > go nuggan go nuggan
Nuggan > 5
specr > cool
Nuggan > got em all!
Kelron Queldine > \o/
specr > o//
Kelron Queldine > the same lot of af's and inties again?
Nuggan > yep
Kelron Queldine > hope the loot makes up for your retri
specr > well done

I got 6 of them in all, and I figure that more than makes up for the one AF I lost.

What happens after this? Like many a pirate I get greedy and when I head back to collect the loot a BS is sitting at the gate. I desprately try to warp out, but I get targetted, scrambled and Nossed. Ok mr.BS, you win this round, I'll pay. Its better than trying to haul another one of these down here.

Update- ChatLogs from local after the fight:

Tatsue Nuko > well played
Nuggan > good fight guys!
Talona > Damn ... that was a hard layer of armour
Nuggan > 86% resists
chris lares > talona shoot him
chris lares > stop tal
Talona > Ok
Talona > Are you having a one on one ?
Talona > Chris?
chris lares > he paid me
chris lares > for his ship
chris lares > i aint gona pop him
Chrome Tsunami > :-)
Talona > Gah ... I wanted to see him pop
Talona > He shot down half our corp :-p
chris lares > :o
Nuggan > all at once :p

All in all though, this was some of the most fun I've had in Eve. Made me remember why I love this game! And I caught the tail end of the fight on fraps so look for it in Nuggan's Pirate Compilation Volume 4!

Nuggan's Pirate Compilation 3!

I couldnt be happier coming back to Eve and getting to pirate again. I didnt realize how much I missed the rush untill I found a lone mining barge and tore it and the pilots pod to pieces in seconds. Doing so reminded me that I used to Fraps as many of my fights as I could... so now I bring you:

Nuggan's Pirate Compilation 3
(for some reason the blog software on this site will not accept the URL link to the video. You will have to manually copy this into your browers to download the video properly.'s_Pirate_Compilation_3.wmv )

Its mainly composed of old fights that didnt didnt make it into my first videos. Theres a good 1v1 with a stabber, another stabber that catches me off guard, a couple rifters I attacked and lots more. The only part of the video that I made since I've come back is the fight with the blackbird. (There seems to be a small bit of confusion about this so let me clarify. I'm not flying a stabber in this, I'm flying a vengeance)

As always comments on the video are more than welcome, but I ask that comments about my pirating ability, my ship setups, what you would have done better, why you hate me, etc be confined to either my other articles on the site, Eve-mail, or my E-mail ( yes, I know I made a few small errors in spelling and with video editing, but I kinda just did this one quick as a refresher for myself on how to make these.

I'm back!

Thats right everyone, Nuggan, the pirate you love to hate, has returned to Eve! Look for more articles and videos from me in the near future!


Well Everyone, I've hit -10! Well... very close to it. I'm about -9.999995 or so right now. Anyway, to celebrate I created this little compilation video of some of my recent kills.

Click For Video

Comments are more than welcome, but this is my first attempt ever at video editing so please be gentle.

2nd Video
Just made a 2nd video.
Again, comments are more than welcome!

Traitorous scum

We at KORKY recently discovered one of our members made an attempt to join an anti-pirate corp.
[ 2006.01.17 19:10:37 ] Oggjy > ok tell u wat u gimme the 3 mil i need to replace my rupture then ill go anti without killing you
[2006.01.17 19:12:43 ] Oggjy > wat r the requirement to join neo
[ 2006.01.17 19:12:56 ] Gladius Bear > neo?
[ 2006.01.17 19:13:08 ] Oggjy > ur corp
[ 2006.01.17 19:13:12 ] Oggjy > ned
[ 2006.01.17 19:13:25 ] Oggjy > dunno wat...

We at KORKY do not tolerate such actions.
[ 2006.01.18 16:39:50 ] Nuggan > bah, I'm killing him
[ 2006.01.18 16:40:09 ] Ayanami Nova > sounds good to me :-)
[ 2006.01.18 16:40:21 ] Ontan > was afk
[ 2006.01.18 16:40:30 ] Nuggan > hey ontan
[ 2006.01.18 16:40:35 ] Nuggan > just talking about killing ogg
[ 2006.01.18 16:41:00 ] Ontan > figured was something like that ;-)
[ 2006.01.18 16:41:12 ] Ontan > kill him till he quits
[ 2006.01.18 16:42:16 ] Nuggan > heh I intend to
[ 2006.01.18 16:43:25 ] Ontan > works for me, traitors can't be tolerated
[ 2006.01.18 16:44:03 ] Ayanami Nova > yup
[ 2006.01.18 16:45:27 ] Ontan > I fear he wont last long with our top two killers on his ass
[ 2006.01.18 16:46:42 ] Nuggan > hes about to die

I quickly gained the traitor's trust.
[ 2006.01.18 16:31:16 ] Nuggan > be straight up with me about this.... were you seriously trying to join an AP corp?
[ 2006.01.18 16:31:34 ] Oggjy > nah
[ 2006.01.18 16:31:57 ] Nuggan > now I havent seen the chatlogs, so I'm gonna take your word on this.....
[ 2006.01.18 16:32:08 ] Nuggan > I'll try to get the other corp members off your back about it
[ 2006.01.18 16:32:31 ] Oggjy > thx im gonna try and beat gladius in a frig on frig fight hehe didnt take very long. It shows you how smart the people who do this kind of thing are. After finding out that he is setting up a 1v1 with GB, presumably to prove to us that he is still a pirate, I set it up so that myself and Ayanami Nova would be his "backup" in system just incase GB trys anything funny. She and I wait at a safespot while Ogg goes to buy equipment to fit his rifter. I have convinced him that this safespot is of vital importance to the corp and he definately needs to warp to us and bookmark it before he goes on his 1v1. We wait and wait, eventually finding he had to borrow from GB to fit his ship, then suddenly:
[ 2006.01.18 16:59:22 ] Oggjy > ok im comin to u
[ 2006.01.18 16:59:27 ] Nuggan > ok

Ogg warps in. Ayanami and myself quickly lock him down and scramble him. We revel in his terror as we hear his blood-curdling scream:
[ 2006.01.18 17:00:18 ] Oggjy > noooooooooooo
[ 2006.01.18 17:00:29 ] Ayanami Nova > this is gonna be sweet
[ 2006.01.18 17:00:52 ] Oggjy > omg
[ 2006.01.18 17:01:25 ] Oggjy > u cud have let me kill him first
[ 2006.01.18 17:01:45 ] Oggjy > wouldnt that have been proof im not AP
[ 2006.01.18 17:01:50 ] Nuggan > not really
[ 2006.01.18 17:01:59 ] Oggjy > omg
[ 2006.01.18 17:02:15 ] Oggjy > wat am i gonna do now
[ 2006.01.18 17:03:12 ] Ayanami Nova > dunno, but try not to s***t on your own doorstep

We summarily explain to the poor fool that he will be hunted untill the end of Eve due to his actions.
[ 2006.01.18 17:10:34 ] Oggjy > ok well if u dont trust me i cant be bothered to change ur mind so ill jus have to scrap this character and get new one
[ 2006.01.18 17:10:45 ] Ayanami Nova > yup
[ 2006.01.18 17:11:10 ] Nuggan > yep

Some good did come of this though. For a brief moment the Pirates and the Anti-Pirates had a pleasant exchange:
[ 2006.01.18 17:30:06 ] Nuggan > hiya gb
[ 2006.01.18 17:30:14 ] Nuggan > sorry we messed up your 1v1 with ogg
[ 2006.01.18 17:30:25 ] Gladius Bear > :-)))
[ 2006.01.18 17:30:31 ] Gladius Bear > looked forward to the podkill
[ 2006.01.18 17:30:46 ] Nuggan > yeah... i got that killmail
[ 2006.01.18 17:30:51 ] Gladius Bear > :-D
[ 2006.01.18 17:31:17 ] Nuggan > dont know what the fool thought he was doing
[ 2006.01.18 17:31:36 ] Gladius Bear > dont know if the fool thought lol
[ 2006.01.18 17:32:00 ] Nuggan > haha
[ 2006.01.18 17:33:13 ] Nuggan > so hes decided he wants to be a solo pirate, not in our corp anymore, so now both you APs and us rats will be hunting him
[ 2006.01.18 17:34:47 ] Gladius Bear > ah your not rats
[ 2006.01.18 17:34:51 ] Gladius Bear > you have honnor
[ 2006.01.18 17:35:02 ] Nuggan > thank you sir
[ 2006.01.18 17:35:04 ] Gladius Bear > he says im a prick lol
[ 2006.01.18 17:35:07 ] Nuggan > haha
[ 2006.01.18 17:35:08 ] Gladius Bear > honor
[ 2006.01.18 17:35:22 ] Gladius Bear > you see now AP's are not that bad
[ 2006.01.18 17:36:23 ] Nuggan > indeed, many of you have honor as well

As far as We at KORKY know he has already started recycling his character and begun to make a new one.

The beatings will continue untill morale improves.

2006.01.18 17:01
Victim: Oggjy
Alliance: None
Corp: The Krazed KIller Kitty Kats From Kent
Destroyed: Rifter
System: Bosena
Security: 0.4

Involved parties:

Name: Nuggan (laid the final blow)
Security: -9.7
Alliance: None
Corp: The Krazed KIller Kitty Kats From Kent
Ship: Vengeance
Weapon: Medium Pulse Laser II

Name: Ayanami Nova
Security: -9.4
Alliance: None
Corp: The Krazed KIller Kitty Kats From Kent
Ship: Taranis
Weapon: Taranis

Destroyed items:
250mm Light Artillery Cannon I
1MN Afterburner I
EMP S, Qty: 20
EMP S, Qty: 20

2006.01.18 17:01
Victim: Oggjy
Alliance: None
Corp: The Krazed KIller Kitty Kats From Kent
Destroyed: Capsule
System: Bosena
Security: 0.4

Involved parties:

Name: Nuggan (laid the final blow)
Security: -9.7
Alliance: None
Corp: The Krazed KIller Kitty Kats From Kent
Ship: Vengeance
Weapon: Medium Pulse Laser II

Name: Ayanami Nova
Security: -9.4
Alliance: None
Corp: The Krazed KIller Kitty Kats From Kent
Ship: Taranis
Weapon: J5 Prototype Warp Inhibitor I


Update on the Ogg situation:
He has not yet deleted this character. He has returned to claim that he was attempting to scam the AP. Frankly I dont believe him. He is an admitted scammer and even though he claims he would never scam our corp I believe he is already attempting to. We arent falling for his tricks.

My recomendation: if Oggjy decides to keep this character he will definately be hunted constantly. Do not allow him to join your corp. Do not lend him money. Do not accept any deals with him.