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Dr. Bastard; Or, how I learned to piss ninja ratters off and love the pain

    As I was finishing up my last story I remembered this incident. I decided to not try and cram it in and write a short novel so I'm writing it as a new story in case my first one gets published. If you're reading this, it obviously has ^^

    This story is set some time before my first one. There are no missiles and no fireballs in this one but you may find it a fun read none the less.

    I was flying around in my Buzzard, just shuttling from a station system to a POS where I keep some of my stuff a few jumps away. I was moving some faction stuff I got in a plex from the POS to the station so I didn't really feel like busting out something that's easily ganked (knowing my luck there was a hostile blob just around the corner). On my way back I met a suspected ninja ratter in system. Hitting the scanner, I see a Drake with his name in system. Even though I wasn't in a strictly combat ship I had a warp disruptor and a light missile launcher fitted. My mind starts working. If he's slow or not afraid of a Buzzard I could warp on top of him, get a point and hopefully speed tank his missiles and fend off his drones with my single launcher long enough to call in some backup with DPS. As I start narrowing down on his position with my scanner he goes off scan. Damn, went to a safe. Ok, I'm in a covops, rigged and fitted for probing. Finding a BC won't be a problem at all if he was stupid enough not to fit a cloak. I warped to the other end of the system hitting my scanner all the time to try and make my probing easier by finding his approximate position since there were a lot of ships stashed near towers on scan (seriously people, ship maintenance arrays are your friend!) and also to make sure he didn't cloak. As I'm doing that he logs off. Oh well... Hold on, there's still a Badger on scan, and once again, it has his name on it, just like the Drake. First thing they teach you in 0.0 (and any PvP corp for that matter I'm sure) is to always rename your ship. He either skipped that lesson or no one bothered to tell him that :-) Continue reading "Dr. Bastard; Or, how I learned to piss ninja ratters off and love the pain"

Ratting license – Revoked

    This story is not set within Empire space so it may not find it's place on this website but with my Internet connection not working I find myself with little to do at this time so I thought why not write a story? I guess I'll post it in short intervals of it deciding to work or when it gets fixed...

    Little background – I have spent more than half of my EVE life in 0.0. If you didn't venture there yourselves I can tell you that most of the stories about 0.0 being mostly “blobs” are true. Well, you will find a small gang of 2-3 people here and there but they will usually be a group of people in T2 ships with a very specific setup. Going solo against those will either get you killed or scoring you no kills since they will run and hide if they can't take you. Combine that with a fact my character is a Caldari missile user and you see how my chances of scoring a nice 1v1 kill (or, in lots of cases, even a fight of any kind) is hard. Missing out on highsec or lowsec pirating in my early days has left me itching for such a fight though. All I got up until this point was one close escape from a solo Damnation or people running in fear from my Drake due to it being a popular bait ship. So I turned my attention to only form of 1v1 I can easily find, hunting ninja ratters.

    If you are unfamiliar with the concept, ninja ratters are people usually from small corps or even NPC corps without access to 0.0 who still want a piece of bounties you get from rats in 0.0. Thought of a single BS kill bringing you up to 1.85mil ISK is a tempting one for sure. So they crawl their way into someone else's 0.0 space in a ratting ship, find a quiet system where there's not much traffic and rat away. Of course, anyone entering local means they will warp to a safe and cloak up until whoever is pursuing them just gets bored and moves on. They don't offer a challenge in combat but none the less they are a sort of people who you could do without in your space you bled for to conquer.
  Continue reading "Ratting license – Revoked"