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It's time for an infusion of new blood into our corporation. We have had some of our players move on to new adventures in Eve and since many of our players are in the military, several of them are out on deployment or in boot camp, so we have some extra room in our little world for the right people.

First off, I will fill you in about our corp. We are primarily an Empire war corporation. We dec all sorts of corps and alliances, sometimes for fun, sometimes to harass and sometimes it's just a completely random choice.

We are a small corp with maybe 10 active members, spread out across all over the world. We just your average bunch of fairly casual players who like to have a good time in everything we do.

I highly recommend reading some of my stories here.

We are somewhat well known for what we do. Some call it harassment, some call it lame, some call it griefing, but we call it fun. Have you ever seen someone smack talking in local and wanted to pop them? Ever see a miner with a full can of ore and were dying to steal it? Ever see someone flying a ship that you thought would look really cool all blown up? Well this might be the corp for you.

We have very few rules.

1. No smack talk
2. No lying, cheating, or scamming
3. Honor (y)our word
4. See rule #1

Participation in gangs is not mandatory, we're quite casual actually. Of course occasional participation is required, I mean, otherwise, why join if you're not going to hang with your corp, right?

We base out of the Tash/Amarr region but follow our war targets near and far to wherever they try and hide.

We have only a few requirements applicants need to meet before consideration for membership.

1. Characters must be 1 year old. Exceptions can be made, though rarely
2. Must be able to fly battleships
3. Must be self sufficient
4. Must be able to follow simple directions in game
5. Don't be an asshat

We keep things pretty simple. Before you can apply you would need to email or convo with me first, then I will send you a simple 4 question application with 1 additional task to complete. Alts are welcome too. Again, we are fairly causal and value quality over quantity.

We do low sec and 0.0 as well, but we're predominantly in Empire and we generally have 3 wars active at all times. When you're not hunting war targets you're free to mission or whatever else you like. Some folks mission, some work the market, some harass miners via can flipping or probe out mission runners or just sit in corp and chat it up.

If you're tired of the same old thing, give us a try. It's not for everyone, but a lot of people have given us a try and most remain good friends even to this day. Some people return over and over or put in alts to take their place just so they can enjoy the fun we have.

Keep in mind, we don't win every fight, we are usually outnumbered, we work for every kill. We get camped and die like anyone else. We don't profess to be the best at what we do, but we do claim to have the best time doing it.

We don't offer labs, ISK, free ships or mods, insurance, or any real benefits in that sense. I don't even think we have a corp hangar to be honest. All loots are distrubuted amongst op attendees, and is given out according to need before greed. Any uneeded loot is sold and split among op atendees. If you score loot on your own, it's all yours to do with what you like.

What we do offer is a constant supply of wars along with being a part of a corp that has a great group of people who are friendly, helpful and always willing to have some fun. There are no cliques, there are no non-existant CEO issues, and there are no real politics to deal with. It's really simple and simply really fun.

If you think you'd like to give us a try, be sure to re-read the requirements. Be sure you can handle very basic instructions. Drop me a line in game and we will get the ball rolling.

Saturday night chaos

It was typical Saturday night. I had enjoyed few amarrian brewed goods and was looking for something to do. As usuall, most of our wartargets were enjoying their time at stations with cheap booze and exotic dancers.

I decided to make little trip around my current home system in my favorite Hurricane, Tähtimajava, to seek possible ways to kill some time. I traveled through Pimebeka just to be annoyed by dozens of cargo rigged hulks. I was thinking about fitting a suicide battleship to have something goes boom, but at that time it felt too much troubled to get ship ready for that kinda things.

After few moments I jumped into Anjendin system. First thing I noticed was an unusual amount people in local channel. "This might have potential..." I thought, as there is an ice belt and no station in that system. A quick scan detected several hulks, macks, cans and drones at ice belt. "Jackpot!" slipped from my mouth behind my widening grin.

I made a quick check that I had hauler close to system to score some isk from icy loot if no one wanted to engage me. (Which i was pretty sure wouldn't happen as I was still sitting in a battlecruiser.)

"Cap boosters? Check! Ammo? Check. Drones? Check..." I also made system checks, turned the music up little bit louder and took my last sip of dark ale and jumped into a belt.

When I reached the belt I first checked all possible target cans. Suddenly a hauler jumped into the belt and rushed to collect a can bit further away from my position. "That one!" I decided and hit my afterburner. I passed by the slow hauler and managed to jettison my own can wondering at the same time "Why in the hell I had a Gallente mining laser module in my cargo. I quickly flipped those icy blocks into my own can. Those surely would provide enough cooling for my drinks for months to come.

Seconds passed and nothing happened. "Oh well i still got a nice pile of ice" I thought, feeling bit disappointed. What happened next was something I couldn't imagine even in my wildest pod-fluid filled dreams.

Something decided to lock me! "Righto, here we go..." I mumbled and and saw my ship's systems screaming a message about something trying warp scramble me.

What I noticed next hit me like jackhammer. "What a he... Tengu?!?". A quick situation analysis provided me with the sad fact that as I was sitting in buffercane and I probably would be toast. There is no way I would even imagine being able to break that thing before it would eat me for a late supper. I let out little curse when Caldari navy heavy thunderbolts begun to hammer my shields.

"It's only isk..." I thought and locked all my offensive systems at the Tengu. Then all I had to do was to pray to every single Amarr god and their sisters. However, those suckers failed to respond so I decided to call out to the next best thing, my corp, TRAPS.

Me > "RR needed fast at Adjentin"
Corpmate > "There is no such system"
Me > "Anjendin please hurry if you can"
Corpmate > "Fitting reps and omw. what you got there?"
Me> "I have one scrammed Tengu"

Several members > OOW! (On Our Way)

While talking with corpmates and waiting for the cavalry to arrive, some of the Exhumers decided to join fight but I ignored them. I was so focused on the Tengu, I didn't want to mess it up. Afterward, I did feel silly for not killing them. I got excited. So sue me.

The Tengu pilot switched his targeting to my drones and got few before I had even realized they were dropping like flies. My autocannons tried hard to push through his heavy shields, but the progress was lackluster. My armor was being chewed bit by bit by missiles and drones. There was no escape for me from this one, so me going down with guns blazing seemed only possible thing to do. I yelled into comms, "I'm melting!" I got the reply, "Warping!" from my new best friend.

The last pieces of armor vanished when our Dominix landed next to me. "Whoah, that was close one!" I thought as I watched my ship's armor get put back together piece by piece.

Meanwhile, a group of corpmates set their course to the system as well. I had to ask some of them to bring me more ammo as my supply was getting low. I kept hitting my target as hard as I could, pumping tons of projectiles at it. It was a hopeless stalemate. I couldn't break my target's tank and he couldn't get away. My corpies kept my cap filled to the brim and armor didn't lower single bit.

We decided to ransom him as he probably was getting low on missiles at this point. I opened up a convo and tried to contact him. No answer..... I switched to local channel and proposed a ransom negotiation. As i tried to figure out how much ransom should be and talking with the rest of corp, he finally decided to answer my call. I wanted to know how much he thought ship was worth to him and asked him to make an offer.

He told me to he would pay me fifty million when he was out of system. Right! I let him know that i thought he was joking and he raised it to one hundred million. That was more like insult. I told him that what I had in mind was something like one billion. That was followed by the typical complaint from people like this, that 100 million was everything he had. Sure...
The last thing I told him was that I was in a good mood and that five hundred million would be enough to save his shiny new ship. He rejected offer one last time and the fight continued.

In middle of ransom negotiation, another corp mate was kind enough to get me fully fitted Tempest. As ransoming was pointless now we decided to switch ships. Other corp members kept bumping the Tengu as I boarded that death-dealing Tempest. The only thing that worried us was the possibility that the Tengu would get away before I could lock him again.

"All systems online... except sensorbooster..." I ignored the smart ass computer and locked on target once again. I hit warp jammers and growled, "Bite this!", as I turned on those huge energy neutralizers. 650mm Dualies started their salvos with drones giving little bit more buzz to the doomsday symphony. Soon I heard someone saying, "Armor!". After my guns punctured through his heavy shields that covered the oh so gentle armor plates, the fight was over in seconds.

After the fight I ran a battle analysis and was shocked about amount of damage I pumped into that T3 cruiser. The only thing that disappointed me was the quality of the loot in the wreckage. Well, a killmail was worth the effort of the fight and I went to bed smiling like an idiot and doing some happy dance moves.

I think at some point some one of my "friend's" corpmates came to the belt to harass some of my support fleet, but I am not too sure about that.

I didn't mention any names in this story because I don't know if they want to be publicly embarrassed. You can always check our killboard though if you really want the specifics. :-)

To my truly awesome corp, I love you :-)

Thank you very much! I hope I can return the favor someday.

Special thanks goes for my corporation that gave me a place to stay and nice people to hunt with.

My apologies about my bad English but I hope you still enjoy my little story :-)

- Kissa

PS. almost forgot to add the killmail for the lazy folks. tengu killmail

In war, resolution; in defeat, defiance; in victory, magnanimity. Part One

A great man once uttered those words. They ring true today as they did 50 years ago. Granted they were referring to WW2 and I am referring to a spaceship video game. There is quite a distinction between real-life and video-game-life. At least for some of us there is a distinction. For others, the lines are blurred which is fine by me because it makes for some really entertaining stories.

Our next story will pick up right where the other left off. We were hard at work killing corp-jumpers, lamers who hide in alliances as well as some hardened PvP outfits. As usual, it's a little bit of everything. Though, to be honest, I miss the days where we had epic wars against one major corp or alliance. Sort of like the Crimson Alliance story or like with the Beck Altarr story.

Unfortunately it seems that the quick fix to remedy a war dec is to immediately join an alliance. Fortunately it provides us with additional targets but with a substantial increase in war dec costs. It's ok though, because the "people to kill" folder in my address book is still full of friends we have yet to pay a visit to.

Well, on to the new story. You may or may not remember, we left off being at war with a corp called Vengeance Ascendant who dec'd a friend of my corpmates. VA then had their sister corp, Vengeance Imperium dec us in return. After losing quite a bit, VI and VA had members leaving left and right. VA's CEO tried to negotiate a surrender which failed so he threatened to petition, and VI dropped their dec against us, so we dec'd them right back. So it left them with the only logical option, join an alliance and commence with an insane amount of smack talk. Gobs and gobs of completely unsolicited smack.

Of course, that type of behavior makes us laugh. It also makes for a great story. Let's take a look at what the Federal Republic alliance is all about.

Their alliance bio has this...

Federal Republic

We are dedicated to the destruction of anyone who would make themselves our enemies.

Pretty intimidating, no? They fail to live up to it. I will explain why later in the story. It appears they're recruiting corps with 20+ members interested in PvP. Say you don't have a whole corp to join the alliance and you want to join Vengeance Imperium. What is needed? According to the bio in that pic,

Requirements are...

you have a pair
5 million sp
the love of blowing war targets up over and over

We have come to discover you really only need 1 of those 5 requirements. Read on to find out why....

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TRAPS-3 years later, still cashing checks and breaking necks!

Can you believe how quickly time flies when you're having fun? It's been 8 months since my last story and things are just as fun as ever! We've had some long time members leave us to explore the rest of the Eve universe and we've had some fresh blood inducted who are right at home creating havoc along with us. We've been dec'd by corps and alliances and of course have also done our fair share of decing corps and alliances and showing them exactly what a fun-loving small group of players can do.

I am still amazed that it's been three years and we are all having a blast still. We've made a ton of friends over the years and even more enemies and we're nowhere close to stopping anytime soon. I used to play EQ1 and EQ2 for ages and never made such good friends as I have in this game. While we are miles apart, leading different lives and going in opposite directions, we still chat it up every night and share in each others adventures that happen in game as well as out of game.

I would love to write a massive tale about all our exploits over the last 8 months but alas, I am a bit lazy and don't have the stamina to piece it all together. Instead I will show a few bits and pieces to tide you over until I can fully get back in the saddle and knock out another whopper of a story. Another reason I am being lazy is because I did a fresh OS install and I forgot to transfer the folder with my story in it. But I did save my original Eve folder so I still have all my chat logs and pics, but I am not in the mood to deal with re-writing and retrieving all the pics and logs. It turns out I think it will be a long story, but I won't have as many chat logs since it's hard for me to get it all in order, so I will try to peace it all together via pics and my own sweet words.

So where to begin? Well you might remember in our last story we had dec'd a corp called Butterfly Effect. They were so laughable because their corp recruiting bio said they don't do stuff that's against the rules and they aren't immature 12 year olds who haven't taken their Ritalin and in actuality, that's exactly what most of them were. They swore up and down that we would do nothing to them because they showed up with a ton of players right off the bat. Sure enough, as time goes on, their clot of players dissipated and we put the hurt on them. Even though they swore they would never pay and they would dec our supposed industrial wing, they got tired of losing and paid up.

I love that kind of ending. People unload a massive amount of smack and you end up getting them to pay you 500 million ISK. Good times! As you know we tend to run into a lot of retards in this game. It's always fun when these morons threaten you and end up being a no-show and give you all sorts of excuses why. One day I log in to see a typical death threat to me and our corp.

2009.01.17 19:54
OK, im gonna be very Blunt and when replying to this mail be aware that i hold your corp fully accountable. Chae Csee is a little fuck tard, who needs to learn some respect. Unless he is Kicked from your corp in the next 48 hours we will war deck and perma camp you until you quit. and with an active member count at any given time of 120 people thats not that hard. (shift works easy)
I want an apology on behalf of your corp for his outragous insults. Oh BTW? dis i memntion we are part of a Coalition with Chain of chaos alliance and Huzzah Federation? so with 600 online member count @ any given time... ok well i think you get my drift.

I begged him to follow through but said I know he wont and I will bet anything he will never, ever dec us. No way in hell I would ever boot a member over a threat. If one of my guys got us an endless war dec, I'd thank em, not boot em. Guess what happened?

NOTHING! So typical. It was around this time we noticed a disturbing trend in Eve. Over 60% of our opponents were/are doing it. What is it you ask? Loggoffski? Neutral alts remote repping? Corp jumping? Nope. Well yes, they all do that cause they suck, but you want to know what the most recent addendum to the Carebear Playbook is? Read on!
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The True Cost of Ore Part I

Hello friends and foes! I am back again with another installment detailing the adventures of our swarthy band of players. I think you will enjoy this one quite a bit. It has everything everyone seems to enjoy. Smack talk, corp hopping, idle threats, double standards and a fair bit of pew pew. So stick around, grab something to nibble on and feast your eyes on this......

So to start it off, I ran into a quaint group of ISK pharmers. They had a corp set up and were running missions 24/7. All logging in at once and logging out at once. All of them fitting their CNRs with billions of ISK worth of mods. I was hoping that they might be silly enough to keep missioning after the war goes active. I was wrong! Once the war went out they immediately closed up the sweat shop and hoped into an NPC corp. Fair enough, at least they're not corp hopping endlessly, right? Notice they all quit at almost the exact same time? Silly pharmers, corps are for real players!

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The True Cost of Ore Part II

Now I will move on to the Article 14 Section 31 people. My guys stole a little ore from them and one of their members Worbird proceeded to have a meltdown in local and decided to talk about how he banged my guys sister and all sorts of idiotic stuff like that. Naturally a war dec followed. These guys decided to follow the Carebear Playbook as well. I love how these corps never live up to their advertised corp bios.....

It says they don't tolerate jackasses but they sure recruit them. It makes no sense, but it makes for a really funny story. Keep reading to see what happens with this one. I also got another corp that is absolutely crazy. Super smackers and complete whackjobs. Keep reading!

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Can you hear them?

They talk about us, telling lies, well that's no surprise. Can you see them? See right through them, they have no shield, no secrets to reveal. It doesn't matter what they say in the jealous games people play. There's a weapon that we must use in our defense, Silence. When you look at them, look right through them. That's when they'll disappear. That's when we'll be feared.

Going old school with a 80's retro-flashback a la Go-Go's.

Wow, it's been forever and a day since I last wrote a story. I just got so wrapped up playing the game, I couldn't drag myself away long enough to pen another tale. Now I think I am ready.

This one will be a long one and probably broken up into two parts. Just a little info on what we've been doing over the last 6 months or so. We're still decing corps, alliances, griefing people and getting smack-talked out of the galaxy by lots of players. No surprise there, right?

I will post some of the funnier things I've ran into the last few months. Anti-pirates who smack talk, then complain and give every excuse in the book as to why they lose a fight. Anti-pirates who get caught trying to pull off login traps then deny it. Of course, don't forget all the crazy smacktalkers out there. There is no end to their litany of whining and excuses.

I always feel like my stories are repetitive. Yet I get a fair amount of fan mail in game with people saying how much they enjoyed them and such. I was debating if I should write more or not. As I said, how many times can you tell a similar stories with only the names changing? Then I thought about it a bit and realized, all of Eve is repetitive to some degree. You grind ISK, you fight, you mine, you mission, you chat, you kill, and you die. You have a pattern of sorts. You might even read the forums. How many posts have you seen titled, "Best Raven setup?", "Best Amarr BS for PvP?" and "Macroer Solution Ideas"? You still click and read them don't you? You still laugh at things even though you've seen it a hundred times before, right?

In the next two stories, I will take you through high sec to low sec and see what we find out there. Lots of smack talkers, lots of crybabies, and lots of fun. We held our own against long time pvp'ers and even took it to Eve University for a month. 2 weeks of that all on our own. We did pretty darn good all things considered.

It's the same reason I still play Eve. I love to hear people complain. I love to get their threats. I love to hear them try to rationalize their actions while pointing out TRAP's actions are unjustified and dishonorable. I love getting emails from people complaining about my corpmates killing them or stealing their ore. I love hearing my guys get excited about decing someone or scoring a kill and them posting the smack that follows. Call me crazy, call me a loser I guess. I like it. It's what keeps me playing.

I mean, when you log in to see stuff like this, it would keep you playing too!

2008.05.29 23:21
hey i was pod killed last night in this war lost everything. i have been playing this game as just a plane jane minner nothing less nothing more. kept to my self most of the time and because of some idiots i had to pay a price. NOT FARE! i just want to play this game and not be looking over my sholder. i have spent a lot of time just so i can mine and ship goods i never asked for this. so please let me out of this hell. just go after the ones the are to blame.

Read on!

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Can you hear them? Part 2

I hope you're enjoying the story so far. We still have a bit to cover. There's still the ever branching war decs from the BMC corp, through OCCS to their new alliance. Don't forget about the corps that jumped from the alliance that we dec too.

Oh and I also will be putting in a story or two about my alts griefing their way through Eve. You can have so much fun with alts!

We will also deal with our fight against Eve University as well as our fun we had joining Privateers for a bit. I'll also touch on the completely lame tactic Eve Uni pulled to escape the shit they brought down upon themselves.

So get comfortable and here we go! Continue reading "Can you hear them? Part 2"

If you dec the alts, they will come

Well, Eve is down again. Of course CCP claims it's everyone's personal anti-virus programs or people's routers going bonkers. Yeah lord knows that when you're playing a game, you often get booted and are not able to log in because your anti-virus or router magically stopped allowing connections via the needed ports. Yeah. Ok. Sure.

So that gives me some time to get started on our latest story. You know how in our previous stories, people always say, "Nexa takes stuff out of context" or "Nexa creatively edits chatlogs to make herself and TRAPS look better"? Sometimes they just call me a liar outright. I've always said I cannot make this crap up if I tried.

This story will illustrate a prime example of both ends of the spectrum. We will go from wacked out smack talking corps who are in their own little world to an alliance who show what good sportsmanship is all about.

I stumbled across a POS in high sec with a ton of labs and like 2 small guns on it owned by an alt corp. The alt corp had a main in a small to mid-sized alliance. I waited a few days and noticed the alt hasn't been on, at least not during my play times.

So I put in a war dec. I figured maybe we might score an easy POS kill, or maybe the alliance would absorb the alt corp and let us try our hand in some alliance action. As the title states, if you dec the alts, they will come.....

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Nexa Gets Grilled, Part Two

Ok we got the interview over with and I have it hosted for your listening pleasure.

It's in two parts.

Part One

Part Two

If you want more, maybe we can do another interview answering audience submitted questions. I got a few emails already with people asking things they were curious about that wasn't touched on in the interview.

Thanks for stopping by and listening.

Nexa Gets Grilled

Hey everyone, I just wanted to take a second and do a bit of cross-promotion here. I was recently approached by Eve Radio and asked if I would like to be interviewed. Apparently one of their DJ's stumbled on to Ander's site here and really enjoyed the stories I post about our corp and our antics.

So I agreed to the interview and it will air this Thursday January 31th at 5pm through 8pm Pacific Standard time. That's 01:00 through 04:00 Eve time.

I wanted to thank DJ Lilin for the opportunity to be interviewed, and also thank Ander for providing a forum for all of us here.

Also, DJ Lilin runs a contest during every show, where you have to track him down and kill him and you will get the bounty on his head. Generally he does it somewhere out in Metropolis. He usually flies a Rifter, and the only real rule to the contest is, don't pod him please. He said the bounty he pays out runs anywhere from 50mil to 200mil and sometimes more than that even. Not bad considering the hardest part would be tracking him down.

If you miss the interview, I will be getting a copy of it from him and I will link it up so you can hear it.

I am also going to be working on a new story in the coming week or so. It won't be a major saga like the Crimson affair was, this one will be a bunch of small instances, some of which are quite amusing as usual. I will also touch on the love we get when we dec a CVA friendly corp and how these corps leave CVA just to dec us and how they promise to shut us down, but then hire mercs to help kill us. Huh? Gotta love those anti-pirates, right?

So just hang in there and pop this game into your Atari system and have fun!


Greetings people! It has come time for me to regale you with more stories from the Eve Universe we all enjoy playing in oh so much.

A lot of people seemed to enjoy the last story I wrote about our 2 month affair with The Crimson Federation. People email me and convo me to ask me whatever happened with all that bullshit with Crimson. I will fill you in on it. True to form though, they were complete shitheads right up to the very end, continuously pulling lame tactics and getting caught in lies.

After Crimson we kind of bounced around a bit. War dec'ing various corps along the way and even managing to piss enough people off that we had 4 other corps dec us, so we had a total of 7 active wars at once. Good times to say the least.

We ran into all kinds of people and corps. We fought against large corps, small corps, alliances, PvP corps, carebear corps, and one of the most idiotic "anti-pirate" corps I've seen. We saw it all. Good, bad and just plain ugly.

We also broached a new arena for TRAPS, high sec POS takedown action. The action itself was tedious as can be expected with POS sieges, but there was some real fun to be had in between the events that unfolded.

I'll start it off with the Crimson people and just what a bunch of asshats they are.

So the war with them was slowly drawing to and end for us. They went from 18 corps or something like that, down to 4 small corps. Even the corps that remained lost quite a few members. Of course we dec'd a few more corps that left/got booted from Crimson and scored some good surrender fees, but Crimson proper basically stopped doing much of anything when it came to TRAPS. Continue reading "Carebears+Whining+Excuses+Smacktalk+PvP=Anti-Pirates"

Dirty Work----Part One

Greetings friends and foes! I'm back and boy do I have a story for you this time.

You better get real comfortable for this one. It's practically a novel I tell you!

This has been the most difficult story to write for me so far. I struggled hard on this one because I really wanted to keep everything in chronological order. It really adds to the flavor to see how the whole thing progresses from one point to another.

In some of my past stories people have commented that they think me and my corp are a bunch of "holier-than-thou" types who think we're better than everyone else, who's shit don't stink and who are just the most kickass people ever. They feel I am a braggart, a boaster, and a show-off among other things.

Believe me, that is not my intent. I try to show the contrasts between people, their words and their actions. I've said countless times many of our wars are just for fun. No reason, no rhyme to them. Just random acts of violence. Sometimes we have reasons behind the war. Sometimes we're hired, though rarely. Sometimes it's a favor to a friend. Sometimes people open their mouth when they shouldn't or do something I don't like.

I admit, we "grief" corps by war decing them for ransoms. We will follow them through corps if they jump ship and kill everyone in our wake. We will have our alts and friends war dec them. We steal ore, we kill people, we instigate, we harass and we have fun doing it. We make no bones about it.

Some people label us the bad guys. I label us the fun guys. What you see is what you get.

Now you can say, "Who the fuck are you to judge people and act against them!?" or "What makes you so damn special that you think you can do no wrong?". It's not like that at all.

For example, if I steal your ore or pop your ship or do something you don't like, you have every right to come after me. You can come after my whole corp. We don't mind. That's our play style. We expect it. We welcome it. We do things we know can get us into trouble with corps or alliances. We understand there are consequences of our actions.

There are a lot of people out there though who feel that they should suffer no consequences. They feel that because they may not be as good in PvP as we are or that they have fewer people, younger players, or smaller ships that we should not fight them. That they should be able to do whatever they want and not have to face the music.

If you're in a industry type corp and someone kills you, steals from you or gives you a hard time, then you should think about your actions. Think about what might happen when you tell them to "Go fuck your mother!" after they steal 10k worth of Veldspar. I mean if you're really not up for a fight, or not able to maintain a fight or handle a month long war dec, you should just move on and live and learn. Lots of systems out there, lots of room to roam.

If you do decide to open your mouth, you should understand this is what could happen........

Continue reading "Dirty Work----Part One"