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Armoral surprise!

Ship-type: Caracal
Role: Frigate baiter/killer
Last revision: Red Moon Rising
Caldari Cruiser lvl 2
Electronics lvl 3
Navigation lvl 2
Caldari Frigate lvl 4
Spaceship Command lvl 3
Hull Upgrades lvl 3
Mechanic lvl 1
Propulsion Jamming lvl 1
Missile Launcher Operation lvl 1
Electronic Warfare lvl 1

High-slots: 2x Assault Missile Launcher I, 3x Standard Missile Launcher I
Med-slots: 1x Stasis Webifier I, 1x Warp Scrambler I, 1x ECM - Multispectral Jammer I, 1x ECM - Phase Inverter I, 1x ECM - White Noise Generator I
Low-slots: 1x 1600mm Reinforced Crystalline Carbonide Plates I, 1x Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I

Cost: 5.2 million isk
This ship is meant for low-sp characters like myself to use in baiting pirate frigates into attacking. The strength of this setup is its deceptiveness. They'll be grinning as they watch your unhardened shields drop so fast... and then you'll be the one laughing as they vainly chip away at your massive armor layer.

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My first kill as a pirate hunter.

Hello all, I'm pretty new to EVE (~1 month) but I've come to visit this site pretty regularly since discovering it. I pretty much owe my PvP bloodthirst to you guys! Now, I'm not a pirate - actually my corp is rather anti-pirate & bounty hunters (among that, targeting pirates with bounties) - so keep this in mind as I tell you the story of my first kill as a pirate hunter. As you'll see, it involves desperation, subterfuge, and liberal cajoling. Enjoy.

I'm hanging out in my local .4, looking for trouble. I have a few safespots set up, and I've been shuttling between them in my blackbird for an hour or so, scanning the belts for likely targets while keeping an eye on local. The crowd is all positive or 0 sec status, so my pickings seem pretty slim as far as bad guys to fight. I decide to head to a station to dock and call it a day, so I warp on over.

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