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Fun Fun Fun.

It's been a while since I've pirated but i got started again in the last couple of days.

Wednesday night (UK Time) Pliskkenn and I were hunting around one of our normal systems. when we noticed a Brutix on the scanner. We narrowed it down to a single asteroid belt. At this time I was flying a maller and Pliskk was flying a Rifter. I warped in and told pliskk to warp to X-7 belt. I landed 26KM away from the brutix and immediately started AB'ing towards him. he had plenty of time to warp but he didnt, I scrambled him and started firing. Within a few seconds his shields had evaporated and mine were still at 75% his armor went just as quick and just as my shields were finishing his structure started. I convo'ed him and demanded 10 million or his ship.

He abruptly payed. Unfortunately when Pliskk had warped in he had landed 50km away and decided to rewarp. so he didnt get much of the Action. Pliskk and i left the belt and split the ransom 50:50.

The next day a group of our Corp were out hunting and entered a system we use a lot and as usual local was full of targets.

I opened my scanner to maximum after someone had said there were mining barges on scanner. We managed to narrow it down to one belt but had hit a snag. Not only were there 2x Covetors and a retriever in the belt but also 2x Dominix and a prophecy. Our gang currently consisted of 2x Frigates 1x Destroyer and a Cruiser (me).

After about 5 minutes of pondering we decided that we would try to Kill at least one of the barges and escape. so we warped in. I scrambled the closest barge which was 18km away and proceeded to engage. Unfortunately the whole mining OP + fleet warped off. The barges had stabs, only one dominix remained from the defense force and we decided it wasnt worth engaging and warped to a SS.

So all in all a fun past few days.

Oh yah and wednesday also a corp member reported being under attack by a vengeance in a belt. Veng V Jaguar. So i suited up in my Prophecy and made haste to the system where i warped to my corp mate. By this time the vengeance' friend turned up in a cyclone. I saw it and decided bigger target first. I engaged the cyclone only to be jammed by it. at this point i was worried as my tank was based on my power to Nos my target.

The jaguar was easily holding up against the vengeance while the cyclone hammered me. The jaguar pilot from my corp managed to warp off but i was not so lucky. scrambled in a giant fat pidgeon sized coffin. about 2 minutes later my prophecy went pop and i warped off in my pod. Wansnt an entirely successful run but we got the jag pilot out and i wasnt bothered by my loss, i would not have been flying it if i could not afford to lose it.

Hopefully more to come soon.

Im back =]

Hey all!

Its been a long time since i posted anything and to be honest A) i had my exams and B) i had nothing to write about... but im back on the pirate front so expect a lot of cool stories and maybe even a few RP posts from me.

Got 3 months before college so some hardcore eve is about to begin! Piracy - All day - Every day. Coming to a system near you ;-)



So me and some friends from Sanguine Legion decide to hop up and down the pipe a bit, after encountering a thorax with stabs :-( we moved ona bit but got bored and started to head back.

We got to the system where the thorax was and noticed the dude who was in a raven still there in local so i opened up scanner and hit 360degree and sure enough Colonel Colon's Procurer showed up on scanner, i got excited and started informing my gang members over ts, there were 3 of us, me in a Crusader, my friends in an omen and a kestrel.

After much hopping around (only 3 belts in system) i came across the procurer AFK outside the dock at the station i docked and undocked and began bumping it.. after about 10-20 minutes of bumping i had moved it quite a bit away from the station. just then 2 new locals appeared in the system and they seemed to be fellow pirates from a different corp. now neither were outlaw. one was in a taranis and one was in an ishkur they both warped to the station and i thought hmm ill warp if they get within 40km. one of them docked and i lost tabs on the other the taranis warped in on me and engaged, i fought back i managed to get it to structure while still being on half armor but then the ishkur undocked and engaged also. Needless to say, i never got to finish bumping that barge.

2006.04.12 19:19

Victim: Xenios Alfar
Alliance: None
Corp: Sanguine Legion
Destroyed: Crusader
System: Eszur
Security: 0.2

Involved parties:

Name: Toppar Wear
Security: 1.5
Alliance: None
Corp: Ghosts Of Stealth
Ship: Taranis
Weapon: Taranis

Name: Polloux (laid the final blow)
Security: -3.3
Alliance: None
Corp: Ghosts Of Stealth
Ship: Ishkur
Weapon: Hobgoblin II

Destroyed items:

1MN Afterburner II
Microwave S (Cargo)
N-Type Adaptive Nano Membrane I
Dual Light Pulse Laser II
Warp Scrambler I
Microwave S (Cargo)
Multifrequency S

2006.04.12 19:19

Victim: Xenios Alfar
Alliance: None
Corp: Sanguine Legion
Destroyed: Capsule
System: Eszur
Security: 0.2

Involved parties:

Name: Toppar Wear (laid the final blow)
Security: 1.5
Alliance: None
Corp: Ghosts Of Stealth
Ship: Taranis
Weapon: Light Ion Blaster II

My friends could not help as i was outlaw and this was at a station and the to attackers were both non outlaws.

Sucky EVE

Edited to prevent flaming -,-

If people cant be mature about things then they shouldnt comment.

-Xenios Alfar

Brtuix Kill

Ok, im flying around looking for some targets in my Crusader when a friend enters local i convo him and get into a nice little chat when he says he's going because someone keeps chasing him. I asked him who and he replied White Steel, i look in local and sure enough White steel is there. so i decide to help my friend (in a rupture) kill the brutix or try to.

I fake chasing my mate around the system and i convo the dude and ask him to help me get him. He agrees and i fake attack my friend at a planet. the brutix warps in lands 6k from me and i start scrambling and shooting my mate opens up in his rupture and soon enough the brutix goes pop.

I lock his pod down and podkill him too. i thought this was a nice kill for my maiden voyage/kill in my inty. It was a poorly fitted brutix so i dont expect to be solo'ing them any time soon but that should teach people to chase my friends around :-D

-Xenios Alfar

At War.

It's been a while since I posted here so i thought I should.

Recently i joined a new corporation called Arcana Imperii Ltd. and they are a great bunch and i love flying with them, and in the past few days things have been very interesting.

On Friday and saturday, the CEO of Sniggerdly a very respected pirate corporation as you probably all know, Shamis was near our home system now I wasn't in the fight myself all i know is Shamis' tempest went down and we got a 100mil domi 30km scrambler from it.

I logged later and when i logged on i heard that a group of snigg had come down, a total of 9 Battleships if im not mistaken, a sort-of revenge fleet if you will. From what i've been told 3 of their battleships were destroyed and the rest retreated, once again Shamis died according to my info ( no pod kills as of yet ) and another 30km scrambler dropped.

Now. yesterday Shamis, Seth rock, and amos came down near us again in Interceptors, a Claw, a Crow and a Ares.

they engaged a fellow corpmate at a gate and we were called in to help. i was testing setups on tech one frigates before so i rushed off in this frigate John and i arrived at the scene and engaged the Snigg pilots.. John had not fired on Amos yet, i targetted seth who was attacking Commaner Nikolas and seth probably thinking i had a web kept out of my range, and he was right i did. I turned to amos and he was out of range so i tried getting into range of shamis but the speed of the inty was just too fast.

Amos decided he was going to shoot john but as john wasnt outlaw amos succumbed to the gates sentry guns.

1 snigg downed 2 to go. now shamis and seth then popped our inty pilot and john and i retreated through the gate.

i warped away thinking one of them had not aggroed and i had to warp back at 15km to the gate. my friends had jumped back through when shamis aggressed again. I made a run for the gate and i mistook info for thinking there was backup on other side so when shamis entered my web range i enaged and began attacking.. when no help was forthcoming i was subsequently destroyed but my pod escaped.. i then SS'ed in the system.

It led on from here that a fleet was formed from our side to try and kill and podkill the ceo. A group of inty + af pilots of ours formed up with some battleships with Tech II precision cruise missiles. and shamis and seth were camped in.

We didnt get them but they didnt get any of us as far as i know. Subsequently i was logged off by now and i logged on in the mornin gto find a nice war dec from Snigg.

I think he next couple of weeks are going to be interesting!

Good luck to Snigg as well and i hope we get lots of action!!!

-Xenios Alfar

New Computer

Well. It finally happened. I upgraded my comp xD

-256 RAM
etc etc etc

-1gb RAM

Soon be back on eve xD i had to stop playing because eve client would freeze due to low memory. i lost 3 battleships and a load of inties and af's to that :-(

Looking for a new corp

Hi, not many of you know me im not a frequent poster anymore as i cant play eve but i will be returning soon. Im currently looking for a nice corp whatever size, A pirate corp i mean. In game i am Xenios Alfar i have been playing quite a while and have been nothing but pvp since start unde. I met up with ander when i first started and he aggreed to 'take me undr his wing' and he taught me alli know at the moment. I mainly fly frigates t2 or t1 it doesnt matter i have about 6 million SP and am looking for a new corp liek i said. Anyone have suggestions or is willing to take me eve-mail me and when i get back into game (few weeks) ill contact you. I have been in many fleet situations and i know how things work dispite my low SP.

-Xenios Alfar

The finger of blame

Yes you've all seen it. People pointing blame at others etc... I had a funny incident the other day, i had been missioning all day and had not been hunting yet i might add as i was quite low on cash and couldnt afford to lose a ship. So here i am finishing my mission and i warp to a gate and see a relatively new characters ship go pop. also at the gate is a pirate and a dude called CODE RED in a cerb. i immediately hit the warp back to complex button and then sit there when i get this in local...

CODE RED> Xenious....... i'll ne right back for your ass..............
CODE RED> Biatch.

Im sitting there like mm? what was that about. a couple of minutes later he enters local again.

CODE RED> ok fucker, lets go where the fucka re you
CODE RED> coem on your fucking pussy
CODE RED> 1 on 1 you POS
Xenios Alfar> Punisher V cerb?
Xenios Alfar> Lol.
Xenios Alfar> Maybe i should petition you for harassment?
CODE RED> come on
CODE RED> go ahead
CODE RED> bring it
CODE RED> your the rat how
CODE RED> come on
CODE RED> coem on
CODE RED> 1 vs 1
CODE RED> well?
CODE RED> u wack frigs
CODE RED> u da man>
CODE RED> I can'r beleive your gona try to petition over kikllin a frig
CODE RED> yea thats what i thought
Xenios Alfar> i didnt kill anyone
CODE RED> .....................................
Xenios Alfar> And i petitioned for abuse
Xenios Alfar> I dont know you
CODE RED> ...............................................
CODE RED> i think my friend is an asshole
CODE RED> not u
Xenios Alfar> Dont start smacktalking to me in local again
CODE RED> one sec
Xenios Alfar> I havent killed anyone for 3 days
CODE RED> ...................................
CODE RED> heheh
CODE RED> one sec...........gona wack my roomie with a baseball bat
CODE RED> ..........................................
Xenios Alfar> I havent killed anyone for 3 days but.. i could always call my friends and start with you.
Xenios Alfar> If you want i can start a whole lot of trouble i assure you.
CODE RED> I dont doubt that............
CODE RED> i cn to but thats not th point
CODE RED> ...........................right now my roomie who got wacked thoguht it was u
Xenios Alfar> Who is your roomie
CODE RED> ........................and now im gona beat the crap out of him
CODE RED> He's a n3wb
Xenios Alfar> Oh.. i warped to the gate when he got shot down.
Xenios Alfar> either way i have reported you for abuse and i dont tolerate smacktalk. have a nice day.
EVE System> Channel changed to Heild local channel

A few minutes later CODE RED convo'd me...

CODE RED> I'm an ass and i apologize
CODE RED> My friend is a bastard
CODE RED> he was all pissed and such
Xenios Alfar> hmm
CODE RED> so if ya wanna push your petition go ahead i dont blame ya
Xenios Alfar> I did see him. i dont recall the guy who killed him
Xenios Alfar> i mean i saw him but was too busy trying to warp out to check.
CODE RED> but with a -8 standing and me ingning the number 4 indy corp in all of EVE..................go ahead
CODE RED> i kniow
Xenios Alfar> Well i wont push it further, but it has been filed. i will mention if a gm responds that you apologized
CODE RED> dude i cant help it hes a azz ;-)
Xenios Alfar> how old is he in the game
CODE RED> heh he's a total newb
Xenios Alfar> I generally dont kill anyone under a month in anything less than a cruiser.. although there are exceptions..
Xenios Alfar> just no fun tbh
CODE RED> agreed
CODE RED> o ok if u can agree that im sorry for acusing you and that my friend is a azzz....................then are we kewl
CODE RED> I openly apologize
Xenios Alfar> Yeah sure i mentioned it to the GM
Xenios Alfar> I told him to just give you a warning if anything
CODE RED> ok i am a polaris GM so no worres....just a little tipsy
CODE RED> its all good i will get tossed from GM status but no worries....its my fault
Xenios Alfar> either way its cool. Fly safe. Give my regards to your friend.

Well thats what ya get for having a negative security status. someone dies and immediately its your fault ;-)

Atleast he had the decency to apologize after all. i must say the GM's response was extremely fast lol.

-Xenios Alfar

The Calm Before The Storm

I Gazed out of my viewport at the blackness of space, I sighed, this region of space was so desolate that the blackness of space had but a handful of stars dotting its gigantic face. I don't remember how long i have been out here all i know is it has been a long time. Ever since my wife died i have drifted through space contemplating, with each passing hour my anger and hate deepened and so did my Reclusiveness. I Felt nothing except Hate and Anger towards those who would destroy the things i hold dear. The only thing keeping me alive was my hate and anger and determination to strike back at the Amarrian people. I had been a slave all my life and the cost of my rebelling with my other Minmatar brothers was the amarrians executing my wife. I had begun preparation for a war for a long time now and felt it was nearing. I turned around and surveyed my station hangar and admired the hundreds of ships lining the bays with Minmatar Rebel Insignias. Soon i would have my revenge.

I Hit the Comms button, "General Larkath! When is the fleet ready for launch!"
"Within The Hour Sir."
"Excellent, You have done well. You shall be commended."
"Thankyou Sir."
"General Alfar. Out."
A Grin creeped onto my face... Yes soon i would have my revenge. Very soon in fact, and it wont be something people forget for a long time. I had planned a final insult to the amarr people. A Navy Amarr Apocalypse would be the flagship of our armada. To be destroyed by your own creations.. fitting.
I decided it was time to familiarize myself with the design of the Apocalypse aptly named MRS Vengeance. I walked out of the Hangar observation post and down the hallway do the docking area. My feet clanged loudly on the Corrugated metal flooring. The whole station was silent dispite the bustle of people. If you listened carefully you could hear the pleasant hum of the Thorium reactor. It was almost musical. I stood waiting in silence for the G-Lift to reach the level i was on, after a few minutes the lift slid into view and silently ground to a halt.
"Doors Opening" Droned the disembodied female voice. I stepped into the lift and selected Level 32 as the destination.
"Level 32. Hangar Deck. Doors Closing." There was a slight jerk as the lift began moving. it was a good 10 levels before we reached the hangar housing the MRS Vengeance. I looked out of the transparent material that allowed the lift users to see right out into the depths of space and there was a flash of light and a Mammoth class transport dropped out of warp and proceeded at full burn to the station. I Thought for a moment. Must be the Eager recruits for our Armadas troop division, they were due to arrive around now anyway.
I felt the lift jerk and grind to a halt. "Level 32. Hangar Deck. Doors Opening." I exited the lift and stepped into the open hangar and my jaw dropped. I had not yet seen the MRS Vengeance in person only read about its specs in the computer files. One thing the amarrians know how to do right is ship design. The Vengeance not only looked beautiful it was a deadly killing machine. There is one slight difference in its design compared to the standard navy issue Apocalypse, instead of its Platinum coated armor it was painted with Minmatar rebels giving it a blood red look. I Composed myself and stepped forward to the airlock of the ship. I Approached the two guards guarding this particular entrance, make no mistake we would not leave only two guards there is a whole batallion of them in a room next to this ready to rush out at the first sign of trouble, The guards stiffened to attention. "As you were. Is Lieutenant Theodrovik around?"
"Yes sir, hes on his way down this second" And right on cue the airlock opened and Lt. Theodrovik stepped out.
"Ah General Alfar, this way if you please." he said with a smile.
"Good to see you theo." I replied dropping the formalities. I hadn't known Theodrovik for a long time but we were very good friends the instant we met. "And same to you, Xen. How you holding up?" he inquired.
"Surviving Theo.. Surviving. After we get this done I'll be a happier man." I replied slowly.
"So will shall we all.. So Shall we all. Now are you ready for the grand tour. If your going to be piloting this beast you'll need to be filled in on a few modifcations, like any good ship designer the ship had self defence mechanisms incase of theft.. and those mechanisms were activated when we stole this thing. That means no warp drive without assistance from other ships." He explained
"Go on..." I replied
"Everything we need is online. Life support, weapons, propulsion, bar warp drive ofcourse." We reached the end of the corridor and stepped into the main access shaft. "This is the main gravity lift. you can reach any level in the entire ship from here. As you know Amarr ships are controlled in some ways mentally. Thats why we had to fit everyone onboard with those Cybernetic implants to allow you to interface with the ship. This gravity lift works the same way you send a mental command to where you want to go. After you Xen." I Looked into the shaft and looked down. there was a long drop down. "Dont worry xen its perfectly safe. It doesnt work like station gravity lifts. it uses a pocket of gravity to carry you with it. You wont fall." I took a deep breath and stepped into the shaft and amazingly i didnt fall. Those amarrians know how to have a good time. Perhaps i will keep a few alive for my pets. "Remember you have to WANT to go to your destination to make the lift work."
"Ok. Here goes." I Formed a mental image of the bridge and sure enough i began to move.
"Excellent. First time aboard an amarr ship?" he asked me
"Yup. I can see where they get there arrogance from. Mentally controlled ships. Bah." I was disgusted in a sense.
"Yeah. I aggree. I prefer a nice tactile interface." He said. The grav lift stopped at the bridge and once again the Amarr design was visible. The Commanders chair central surrounded by all of the other stations. Helm. Tactical. Engineering. Etc.. "have a seat commander" theo said smiling. I approached the chair and gazed at it for a good while. "What are ya waiting for it wont bite haha" Theo laughed.
"Shutup you" I said jokingly and sat down. The chair was surprisingly comfy "I could get to like this theo..!"
"Heh. Thought youd like it. Despite all of their arrogance and superiority they sure know how to make ships" he replied
"Aggreed. Now lets check progress." I hit the comms button. "General Larkath. General Katamarino. Are you fleets ready to launch and meet at the rendezvous point.?" I Enquired.
"Yes Sir" They both replied.
"Good. Meet in one standard hour. Alfar out." I hit the comms button again. "Well theo prep for launch. you better get to your ship and ill see you out there."
"Will do. Ill see you soon." Theo left through the gravity lift and as soon as he was out i gave the order to undock. "Helm contact the station manager and inform him we are undocking. Comms contact the squad leaders and tell them to undock also" I ordered
"Aye Sir" They chorused.
"Helm, status on the undocking?" I queried. The helmsman looked up.
"Recieving undocking code now general, we are cleared for undocking." He said
"Understood. Take her out." There was a large jerk as the docking clamps released and the ships engines came to life under their own power and the ship began to move to the undocking point. We reached the undocking point in a few seconds and the helmsman activated stellar drive. The engines hummed loudly and i felt a great pride in what we were about to do. "Helm set destination for Amarr. Full speed" I ordered.
"Aye Sir. Co-Ordinating efforts with the fleet. Assisted warp in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Warp!" There was a FWOOSH and the ship rocketed forward in a tight formation with the other ships. There were about 30 odd ships in this segment of the armada. We would regroup at Amarr at a pre-specified location where the final details only known to me general Katamranio and General Larkath would be informed to the fleet. It would be about an hour before we got there so i decided to catch a quick nap and headed to my bunk.

I woke. As if a biological alarm had been set. I looked at the time readout and we were approximately 5 minutes from our destination. I moved toward the grav lift in the hall and made my way to the bridge. "Helm. Status." I snapped. im usually slightly grumpy when first waking up.
"Entering the Amarr system now." He replied unfased by my snappish tones.
"Excellent. Take us to the rendezvous point as soon as we are through." I rubbed my hands together in anticipation of what was going to be happening in a few hours.
"Aye Sir. Well be at the destination in 90 seconds." He replied.
"Excellent. I can hardly wait." I was bubbling with excitement. I would finnaly have my revenge. A long 90 seconds later we arrived at the waypoint and finnaly our fleet was complete. And it was a beauty. "Comms Prepare for a fleetwide broadcast. Bring Larkath And Katamarino on the channel as well." A few moments passed.
"Channel set sir. your green across the board." She replied.
"Attention fleet. This is Fleet generals Alfar, Katamarino and larkath speaking please listen carefully to the plan. As you know we are i the Amarr system and only a few AU out from the amarrian homeworld. The plan is a corporation has been hired to start a disturbance in a nearby system to call off any defence ships that may pose a threat but be prepped for a fight. 1st Fleet Consists of Me and my men. 2nd Fleet Consists of Katamarino and her men. 3rd fleet consists of Larkaths Men and is primary a landing assualt fleet with troop transports. 1st fleet will warp in with 2nd fleet and draw fire and target any fixed defences and ships." I took a deep breath "when the signal is given 1st fleet and 2nd fleet will begin bombardment of the homeworld starting with major cities moving on to smaller inhabited areas and 3rd fleet will begin landing forces onto the planet to take care of stragglers. Under no circumstances is the Amarr Throne City to be targetted we have a special demonstration for this. Once we have started attacking it will not be long before the amarr navy arrives at that point 2nd Fleet will break off and engage. Fortunately we have aqquired shield frequencies of the current guard so you will have the advantage. I know many of you may not return but You knew what you were in for. We Live For The Minmatar. We Die For The Minmatar. No One surrenders. No One Retreats. You have your orders. Wait for our signal. Respective fleets form up on your fleets flagship. 1st Fleet! With me! Aflar out." I sighed. it was hard trying to be 'insipirational' as far as i could tell the diversion was due to kick up in around 10 minutes. The Wings Of Redemption should be moving into position as i was speaking with the men. " Helm line for warp towards Amarr and instruct 2nd fleet to do the same. Comms be on the lookout for the Wings of redemption signal. The correct code for a go is WOR-2111003e76."
"Aye sir." She replied.

A few minutes passed until the comms officer spoke "We have confirmation sir." she said tersely.
"Excellent. helm engage fleet warp. This happens now! Anyone runs. Ill shoot them myself..." I said.

End Of Part One!!!!!!

Pirate Coalition

Hi everyone, i was looking around the forums and noticed a new public channel 'Pirate coalition public' i joined and got talking to people. the pirate coalition sounds pretty cool. any opinions before i go rushing into joining em

Old Happenings

Its been a while since i posted something so i thought id post a bit of a relic :-) nothing recent just havent told anyone about it.

Back when i was wee nub (back? lol). there was a guy i met while hunting ( i barely had the skills to pirate, just the basics) i was in my trusty rifter belt hopping and came across a vexor. didnt know what the hell it was at the time just thought id attack it. so i started chattin to the guy. The guys name was alan hanwe. After a while of sitting next to him i plucked up the courage to attack him. at which point he launched his drones and abso-freaking-lutely wtfpwned my rifter. I was sitting there in a pod staring in disbelief and learned a valuable lesson. Drones hurt. Now this isnt the main bit because it was a few weeks before i saw him again and by this time i was in a prophecy and had reworked my entire ships i use. So me and a friend, katamarino, warp into a belt and lo and behold! alan hanwe sitting there in a thorax mining. now we scram him and jam him and he does what so many people do nowadays.. He logged. so we popped his cruiser and when he logged on he claimed it was of no loss to him when i convo'ed him to ask why. we were originally going to ransom him.

He lost a couple of nice true sansha armor hardeners. worth about 25m+ each on escrow but they got destroyed instead of getting canned. ;-(. Ill have more recent stuff to write soon once my subscription for eve gets processed

Caine Domini

Last Saturday caine domini, CEO of confederation navy died in a car crash. Im sure his corp mates will remember him and miss him dearly. Sympathies go towards his family and friends.

-Xenios Alfar.


Before anyone else beats me to it. As of yesterday i am not Kill On Sight for Wings Of Redemption. I'll explain why.

A month or so ago i had a dispute with a member of WOR, AshrakTheWhite, now tbh ash is an asshat. excuse the smack.
He refuses to believe that he can be wrong about stuff so i turned against WOR. now why you ask turn against the whole corporation for one person. well i believe that even if it had been just against ash wor would have tried to stop me anyway so i hit the nail on the head and began passing information to Arcane Frankologies a rival corp at war with WOR. I gave them tactical info on where people were and what they were planning so they could counter it. Most of you will probably dissagree with what i did but if i had to go back. id do it all over again. Shame is, someone beat me and arcane frankologies to Ash's Tech 2 equipped Apoc. That was my intended primary target.

-Xenios Alfar

i was a bit vague about ash. He and i had an argument and he would not give way to a compromise and refused to believe he was wrong when i had no way to prevent it. I lost my ship to a L4 mission with ash. ash did not. because of an eve freeze up i was not able to deactivate my weapons